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You Tube Rewind 2018 is here!

Get in a school bus hot air balloon and watch You Tube Rewind video for 2018!

Since 2010, this platform release the video which is the recapitulation of the year’s biggest moments and memes as acted out by YouTube creators and set to hit music of the year. The 2018 video named “Everyone Controls Rewind” started when actor Will Smith announced that “It is a time for rewind!“. Online gaming mega-sensation Fortnite provides the backdrop, with content creators dropping into a jungle setting via the game’s preferred form of group transit – a school bus hot air balloon.

Also, we can see pretty little of football because 2018 was the year of World Championship.

Next to Will Smith in this video you can see other celebrity such as Trevor Noah, John Oliver, music producer Marshmello and Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon. YouTubers making the video include Markiplier, Ninja, Casey Neistat, Lilly Singh and Emma Chamberlain. The musical mashup including the songs “In my feelings”, “I like it”, “High hopes” and “Happier”.

Last year video was full of “Despacito” and fidget spinners and it has more than 200 million views. YouTube rewind 2018 until the time we wrote this post, has up to 20 millions views after only 15 hours of publishing, but it has more dislikes than likes. According to the comments below this video, some of the main mistakes is that there’s no sign of Pewdiepie, which YouTube channel has the biggest number of subscribers on Earth.

Check out You Tube rewind 2018 and think about what is your highlights of this year!

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