Zombies – Unbelievable Story About Their Origin

Since the beginning of October, various creepy beings have become a part of our everyday lives. It will be until 31st October when all of us will be put on Halloween costumes. Zombies, vampires, and other undead will be one of the most common at many parties. It isn’t surprising when we know that Halloween is a holiday dedicated to remembering the dead. While the stories about vampires existed a long time ago and they are part of many cultures, it isn’t the same with zombies. The right question is what is a zombie?

The story about the undead is actually rooted in Voodoo folklore from the Caribbean. In Martinique and Haiti, it could be a general term for spirit or ghost, any disturbing presence at night that could take myriad forms. According to one belief, a “bokor” or witch doctor can render their victim apparently dead through magic or hypnotic suggestion and then revive them as their personal slaves since their soul or will have been captured. That means these creatures are without a will, without a name, and is logical to be a slave.

There is some speculation that the word derives from West African languages – “ndzumbi” means “corpse” in the Mitsogo language of Gabon. Also, “nzambi” means the “spirit of a dead person” in the Kongo language.

What zombie looks like? It was nearly human, with a lumbering gait, mouth agape and eyes vacant. The way to destroy a zombie was clear and this is – destroy the brain.

Zombies are highly exploited in popular culture and one of their iconic appearances was in the movie classic “Night of the Living Dead” which was released in cinemas 50 years ago. While it wasn’t the original zombie movie, it helps to make undead more mainstream. This film probably had a lot of influence on nowadays one of the most popular television series “Walking Dead“. Its ninth season will debut today.

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