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Vault Breakers Tournament: Shattering Records With a $300,000 Prize Pool!

Experience Brango & Extreme’s largest tournament yet, the Vault Breakers with a $300K prize pool, featuring luxury prizes like a Tesla and Ducati!

Hello, fellow players! Hot on the heels of the legendary Money Heist success, Extreme & Brango are raising the bar yet again with the monumental Vault Breakers Tournament. This March, we’re not just breaking records; we’re shattering expectations with a colossal $300,000 prize pool! Ready to join a league of the most daring and astute players for a chance to unlock fortunes beyond imagination? The chance to drive off in a Tesla or rev up a Ducati is within reach!

Vault Breakers Tournament: A New Era of Victory

The anticipation is building as we prepare to kick off this epic adventure. With your crypto deposits, embark on a quest through a diverse array of slot games. Each game offers a unique challenge to climb the weekly leaderboard.

The Heist of the Century Awaits

This isn’t just any competition; it’s a battleground where myths come alive and dreams are forged into reality. With the immense $300,000 prize pool at stake, players stand a chance to not only secure significant cash winnings but also compete for some of the most luxurious prizes available: the sleek Tesla Model Y and the roaring Ducati Super Bike among the grand prizes, and even opulent rewards like a Rolex Watch and a $10k Gold Bar for the gold tournament winners.

Entering the Vault Breakers Tournament: Strategy Meets Fortune

Entering is straightforward, requiring just a $20 deposit through crypto or credit cards via Changelly. Open to all—from seasoned slot warriors to eager new faces—the Vault Breakers Tournament offers a fair and thrilling battleground for anyone eyeing the crown.

Beyond Cash: The Ultimate Trophies of Vault Breakers

The allure of the Vault Breakers Tournament extends well beyond its substantial cash pool. Victors can expect epic rewards: a brand-new Tesla Model Y for the gold league champion, a high-performance Ducati Super Bike for the silver league winner, and a treasure trove of weekly cash prizes and luxurious rewards for top contenders across both leagues.

Weekly Forays & Continuous Thrills

The tournament keeps the excitement alive with weekly challenges, fueling the competitive spirit. Each week unveils new opportunities to shine, ensuring the tournament’s tempo remains electrifying from start to finish, with the top 50 players in the Gold League and top 100 in the Silver League sharing in the weekly bounty.

The Quest for Glory

More than a mere competition, Vault Breakers is an odyssey into the unknown, a test of strategy, skill, and a dash of luck. Each deposit, each spin, each wager brings you closer to the ultimate prize, in a domain where daring meets reward, and only the truly determined emerge victorious.

Circle the Date

From March 1st to 31st, 2024, the tournament is not just an event—it’s a saga to be remembered. As contenders fine-tune their strategies, the stage is set for the most thrilling escapade of the year. Will you be among the elite to crack open the vault and claim your share of the riches?

Step into the fray, ascend the leaderboard, and carve your saga in the annals of Brango and Extreme’s history. The Vault Breakers Tournament is a call to arms, ready for you to unlock your legendary win.

Ready, Set, Heist!

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