Increasing Popularity of Mobile Gaming Among Adults

Recent data has suggested that mobile gaming is even more popular amongst adults these days.

Mobile gaming many use to describe an activity associated with children and teenagers, but the results of one survey could change this opinion. Recent data has suggested that mobile gaming is even more popular amongst adults these days.

Mobile Gaming as An Adult’s Fun

According to the study that has been compiled by AdColony and DISQO, almost half of US adults are now using their mobile devices to play games on a daily basis. Considering the game genre, the games they are playing the most include strategy, word, and puzzle games.

In numbers, 16% play mobile games weekly, whilst 13% play monthly. More than half, 53% of consumers that play daily are between 35 and 54. Probably the little bit surprising is the fact that 49% of those are believed to be women.

Survey in General

AdColony partnered with the consumer insights platform DISQO to make this study. They surveyed  1,200 verified mobile users about their mobile gaming behaviors, preferences, and sentiments.

The Modern Mobile Gamer Report confirms that mobile gamers come from all age groups, not just young people, and there is an almost 50/50 split in gender. Additionally, people with higher education degrees and high household incomes are playing mobile games more than others.

Interestingly, mobile gaming has become an activity that many users are doing together with other forms of entertainment as well. For example, 7 out of 10 users will either “sometimes” or “always” multitask whilst playing games on their device. Watching the TV as well as playing games is the most popular (60%) activity. Whilst listening to music (46%) and eating or cooking (38%) round out the top activities.

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