Claim that Cash in a Flash $20k Prize Pool

The month has just begun but the competitors are lining up. The sooner you enrol, the more time to qualify for the top rewards!

Hey, there, cash lovers. Just when you thought that this month is good as it gets, we are sliding in with a happy friendly reminder. Namely, allow us to poke you a bit and ask whether you have already joined the monthly $20k prize pool Cash in a Flash tournament. There is something special about enrolling the tourney. Although this is an online casino, and you do not get to see the other players in person, just the notion of competing is attractive in itself. Hot rewards are real and waiting for you to claim them.  So, are you ready to join the others and claim that cash in a flash?

What’s In It for You

Cash, what else? And adrenaline rush, of course. Now, seriously, so far you must have remembered that our monthly tournaments come with a big $20,000 prize pool. That’s all nice, but too many players get to share that prize – you must be thinking. Well, yes and no.

The thing is that hefty cash prizes are reserved for the three best ranking players. Will you be among them? It is up to you. The rewards are $5k, $3k, and $2k for the first three places.

But, that’s not all. The remaining competitors will also share great rewards. Big value chips will satisfy some of the thirstiest among you.

The best part of it all – you can track your ranking, as we will be updating the leader board daily. You will be able to see where you stand in total ranking and to estimate how many points you need to improve the ranking and get your hands on that cash in a flash.

How We Calculate Your Points

Speaking of points, we tried to keep it simple and standard. While playing the tournament, you gain points for playing non-progressive slots only. Well, “only” should not be seen as a restrictive factor here, because Casino Extreme hosts fabulous array of non-progressives. For example, make sure to check out some of the ever-so-popular slots such as Wild Hog Luau, Cash Bandits 3, or the latest noir one – Nine Realms.

Nine Realms slot play now

Getting back to the points, you should know that we will assign a point to your every $50 wager on non-progressive slots. Moreover, you will earn additional points for each deposit you make. The tiers start at the $20 deposit bringing additional point your way, and end with 50 points which the casino assigns to deposits of $200 and above. Everything in between can make a true winner out of you.

What About the Terms?

As usual, we advise that you check the full terms before enrolling. This is a brief overview of what to expect. Basically, the tournament will be active till the August 30th, 2022.

To qualify for the tournament, a player should make at least three deposits. You may be glad to know that cash prizes have no restrictions. One more reason to aim for the top rewards, we think.  These cash prizes come with the 40x wagering and 3x max cash out.

If you are a good strategist, you do not need us to tell you what the size of your bet should be, or whether to go for the numerous smaller bets or fewer bigger ones. Do the math. Good luck! See you at the victory podium!

Cash in a Flash enrol

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  1. I really enjoy Casino Extreme, my favorite online casino by far. The game’s are awesome and the graphics are even better. Thank you for your hard work.

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