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Independence Day Free Spins for Sharing Memories

Independence Day free spins at bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Extreme. Share your memories and get up to 100 free spins!

Celebrating the 4th of July comes with certain rituals and traditions. Parades, public fireworks displays, and large family reunions are some of the most popular. However, this year is set to look a little different because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many events will be streaming online and people can enjoy it from the safety of their home. We at Casino Extreme embraced this way of celebrating and prepared Independence Day free spins to make your stay at home more interesting.

Your Task for Independence Day Free Spins

We think that there’s no better way to celebrate this holiday than to play with us and make memories to last. Because of that, we ask you to share your favorite memory ever of the 4th of July celebration and get rewarded with up to 100 FREE SPINS! 

You should write your comment below this post until Wednesday, July 8th. Three most creative will be rewarded with 100, 50, and 25 free spins. Because we are sure that you will write many great comments, we will reward all other participating depositors with 10 free spins consolation rewards – subject to the terms that stipulate no two free promotions available between deposits.

Terms of the Promo

  • Promotion is available only for depositors
  • The promotion will end on Wednesday, July 8th.
  • Free spins will be processed in the following days.
  • No two free promotions available between deposits.
  • One person/account/household/IP Address may claim this promotion only once
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31 thoughts on “Independence Day Free Spins for Sharing Memories

  1. My favorite 4th of July took place at our local beach. I managed to invite some 100 people for the celebration. It was truly amazing. It took two weeks preparation getting everything together, for what turned out to be a Luau Themed Party/ celebration. When the party was over, we had the pleasure of just watching the large fireworks show near by. It was by far the most memorable 4th for myself.

    1. Username – jonathanchung26

      My favorite July 4th memory would have to be: lots of friends came into town to hang for July 4th weekend. We started our day going to the beach and take a hike over some trials . Our night ended up with all of us pitching in for a hotel, we ended up partying harddd with lots of liquor and some “party favors” . The party lasted for a whole like 3 days which lead to the hotel room being trashed. The end 🙂

      Username – Jonathanchung26 Casino – extreme

  2. Well my casino name is CALLMEJAMES but my favorite fourth of july is when my mom and dad had friends over a couple years ago, so me and my two brothers invited our friends over as well. With no plans to begin with we ending up having a ripper of a party for the 4th of July. Massive bonfire, tons of drinks, one friend brought his turntables and was sratching records while guys were freestyling and fighting. We ended up having a backyard barbecue with a full pig roast going on as well so shit was getting way out of hand but it was a hell of a time through all the hectic excitement and ill never forget how fun it was because there were so many people and the fire was so big as we lived on the outskirts of some suburbs in the midwest. Had to dig a pit in the backyard for the unexpected pig roast that was occuring alongside all the fireworks, freestyling, fighting, and feasting i think there were atleast 150 people there that night and i remember it being the best fourth ever because i dont think one person was sober by the end of it. Everyone was drunk it it was fantastic.

  3. When I was a kid my family would always go to my aunt and uncle’s house for the 4th of july, my uncle would always buy thousands of dollars worth of fireworks. My best memory I have is when I was 12 yrs old I went with my uncle to get the fireworks when we were leaving the fireworks shop there was a family with 2 kids about my age with a sign asking for help because there car broke down and they were trying to get home for the 4th. My uncle walk ed d over and was talking to them for a little while next thing I know he is taking them to his house with us, i asked him why and he said because that’s what the the 4th is all about being free friends and family so we went back to his house and they did fireworks with us all night long it was so much fun and to this day i still see them every year for the 4th us kids turned out to be best friends were all grown up now but I will never forget that 4th of july and my uncles kindness to a family of complete strangers. Happy 4th everybody have fun and stay safe.

  4. where are you from originally you’re not allowed to have fireworks in we had Roman candles I was probably about 10 my little cousin was probably about 6 and my grandfather and we’re lighting them off in the cops come up the street and I kicked the Roman candle over mind you I’m 10 and it starts shooting the balls at the cops and to get us out of a ticket my little cousin says when I get older I want to be a cop just like you in the cop let us go no fine no nothing it was probably the funniest one of the best times I’ve had since I’ve been a kid on Fourth of July

  5. Best 4th of July memories are watching the fireworks over the river. The smoke, sparkles and twinkle from the moon & fireworks on the water is an iconic part of my childhood.

  6. My favorite memories from when I was a kid and I was out at lake Michigan my family my uncle set the yard on fire with some pretty exciting and memorable.

  7. I grew up rodeoing so my 4th of Julys have always been spent on the rodeo trail with my closest friends and family. About 10 years ago I was roping in the practice pen a few nights before hitting the road to make about 10 rodeos that weekend and my horse fell over on me. The blow shattered my hips and pelvis. I couldn’t ride, couldn’t rodeo. I was devastated. This ended up being one of my favorite years. Because of my injuries, I was forced to slow down and actually enjoy being a spectator. I was able to watch a couple of great rodeos and fireworks. I wasn’t on the move and in a hurry. I just got to relax, enjoy, and be present.


  8. 340 N. Wrightwood Orange California. That’s where some epic childhood memories were created with my best friends. We lived on a cul-de-sac of nine houses. We all knew each other very well and there was no heavy traffic on a cul-de-sac so we had pretty much a run of the streets. Jason Hamlin and John Osby were my best friends. We rode around everywhere on our bikes with cards in the spokes to make it sound like Harley Davidson. The highlight of every summer was the coming of our fourth friend from Philadelphia, Greg Larson. He would come every summer to visit his dad and we created memories every year that we never forgot. I swear the movie Stand By Me was most likely written about our shenanigans. We had so many great memories, but one of the highlights was always Fourth of July celebration. We had boxes and boxes on hand of fireworks. The four musketeers were out on adventures all day long and as soon as it started becoming twilight we’d head back home. Our families would already be setting up a big firework show on our closed down cul-de-sac. We were close enough to Disneyland to see and hear their nightly fireworks show from the roofs of our houses. Those shows were nothing in comparison to the firework show on Wrightwood Street every Fourth of July in the late 1970’s with my best friends. It has been 30+ years since I’ve seen Jason, Jon, and Greg. What I would give to be able to have one more grand finale with the gang. I love you guys!


  9. My most memorable 4th of July was when I was 10 years old. I grew up in Louisiana and like most of my neighbors and friends my family didn’t have a great source of income but we had the essentials. My step dad got a nice bonus that week and decided to drop a large amount of funds on fireworks for the neighborhood so for once we could light up the sky like everyone. My step dad and uncle left to buy fireworks and when they returned my friends and I ran to see what they got and he had every single fireworkvyou could possibly buy! There were so many that no matter how many people were involved we could fire off enough of them. The police department sent officers through neighborhoods letting people know it’s time to shut the fireworks down. When they got to us we still had a large amount left and decided to pile them all up and ignite them all at once. Officer agreed to allow it and stayed and watched to make sure things didn’t go for the worst. Once then started going off everyone scrambled like roaches! Fireworks flew every direction possible and went on for about 5 to 8 minutes. No one got hurt and nothing got damaged but the sight of everyone going from smiles to run for yours lives and tripping over each other was priceless. The next day all of us neighbor kids had to sweep the yards and streets which took all day and that’s when we decided a few fireworks were just fine for us and can watch the main event on the news.

  10. My favorite 4th of July took place at our local park. I managed to invite some 100 people for the celebration. It was truly amazing. It took two weeks preparation getting everything together, for what turned out to be a Luau Themed Party/ celebration. When the party was over, we had the pleasure of just watching the large fireworks show near by. It was by far the most memorable 4th for myself.

  11. This is going to sound crazy but my favorite 4th memory was the first time I went to prison we had a marching competition, got to have ice cream and real beef hamburgers it was the one day that year that I actually had fun and forgot about where I was at

  12. My favorite memory is when we could light firework was many years ago. We bought so many fire works black cats Roman candles to a few really big bertha. We tried to com up with different ways to show case the fire works and ha a little show after the big show. Well everything was going really good until we realized we didnt know how the reaction was going to be for these mid size multiple wick fireworks. Well we should have saved them for last because they ignited not only did they ignite the whole setup ignited and fireworks in every direction. We ran for the hill and push wheelchair bound kids. A couple of close encounters but everyone was ok. We sat back and had a laugh.

  13. jacquline83. The coolest Fourth of July I’ve ever had was when we all went to the lake to watch the fireworks and the guy on the boat letting off the fireworks you know would let off a couple here a couple there. Then his boat caught on fire and he had to jump off the boat and every single firework on that boat went off practically all at the same time it was like boom pow pow it was the craziest fireworks I’ve ever seen it was amazing everybody was like this is so cool everyone was screaming and saying woooohooo hell ya people were talking about it still to this very day!!! oh and just in case anyone is wondering where this all went down !!! It was bass lake California … the same exact place where the filmed the great outdoors with John candy …

  14. When I was a teenager my grandfather was the the fire chief of a small town and every year he would be in charge of the town’s fireworks so we always got to sit right behind where they shot them off. Then afterward a bunch of us would go to the quarry and drink low point beer. We didn’t Care it was low point we were teens. We would set off our own fireworks and swim. It was a blast.

  15. When I was pregnant with my second child and our family was shoot cannons. They were so louds I was worried my unborn sons ears would bust but my brother was scared I would go into labor so he held on to my stomach in what I only can imagine was an attempt to keep my baby from fAlling out hahahaha

  16. My favorite memory ever on the Fourth of July would have to be when I was a kid with my family in the town of Vienna watching the fireworks after spending the day watching the town parade and my mom gave us Mountain Dew thinking it was the non-caffeinated soda we were allowed to have as much as you wanted because it had no caffeine little did she know…. haha

  17. The best memory of this day is the fireworks and the calebration of independence day family reunions and barbecue very nice family.
    Username smirfie33

  18. My best memory of the 4th was having a “bbq” with my fellow soldiers in Baqubah, Iraq. Unfortunately some of those soldiers aren’t with us anymore but the memory is forever!

  19. A small cookout with immediate family and all the elders. The best part was watching my 2 year old autistic daughter learn to ride her tricycle by herself. Best feeling ever!!

  20. My favorite 4th of July memory is being 10 years old having my whole family over and cooking. We had a pool and I wanted to swim so badly but no family members would get in the pool with me. My dad saw how upset I was and decided to sneak up on my grandma, aunt, 3 cousins, and mom an brother. Within 30 minutes, I had the whole family in the pool and we never laughed so much. Username Kaitlinp96

  21. Hescrafty

    My most memorable 4th of July was down at Gasworks Park in Seattle. It was special because not only was it the last 4th of July with my wife and kids before the divorce but also because my sister, her husband who had just retired after 30 years in the Marines, and my niece and nephew joined us as well. We set out a spot as soon as the park opened. It was the perfect area to view the fireworks. We had fun all day taking part in all of the activities and having fun swimming since it was so hot. We brought plenty of glow sticks, necklaces, swords for the kids once it got dark. My niece and nephew had never seen fireworks in person before and seeing the awe on their faces as each one launched was better and better. That was 4 years ago and I don’t think I will ever have one as special or memorable as Fourth of July 2016.

  22. 4th of July for me is about hanging out with friends and family and firing up the grill. Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Ribs, it all gets barbecued to perfection. We eat, drink, and shoot the breeze while we wait for darkness to come so we can light up the sky with fireworks. And this is my ideal fourth of July.

    1. RICH4EVA,

      I am very blessed to have a plethora of favorite 4th of July family memories Although, Having so many wonderful memories makes choosing one of them a very difficult task for me. My solution is to summarize the general idea and feeling I experience from all my years of celebrating the 4th of July.
      It is a family tradition to start around 3pm with an all day family cookout. You can always count on enjoying a variety of summer time favorite foods and garden goods such as watermelon, strawberries, Corn on the cob; a variety of peppers, onions, tomatoes, rhubarb, cucumbers, and every other garden good you can imagine! Made from these home grown fruits and veggies, brings an endless amount of delicious cakes and pies! Rhubarb pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, strawberry pie, apple pie blueberry pie, cherry pie, etc.. And last but not least, you will find a variety of salads, baked beans, and chicken of every flavor and texture, along with hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, and casseroles!

      We are a large family consistently expanding so there are to many kids to count but until the fireworks start; you can rest a sure that they will be found together just a few feet away, swinging, jumping on a giant trampoline, or splashing in a pool.

      Finally, at sunset, it is time to begin the main event; a firework showdown! Every family of moms, dads, and kids, break of into groups all within a few feet of each other and wait their turn to one up the last with bigger and better fireworks! Of course in the meantime while each family group waits their turn to show off their big boomers; they can stay busy with a variety of the little fun works; such as snakes, sparklers, tanks, bombs, Snaps, bottle rockets, morning glories, fire crackers, Parachutes, and everything else you can think of!
      Typically this will come to an end around midnight but it is not uncommon for some to carry on into the wee morning hours. After all, Independence Day is the reason we have the right, choice, and freedom, to get together and enjoy such activities whenever we feel like it! Therefore, Independence day is the exception to the rules, so all rules are out the window! It is fair game to indulge in endless eating laughter, and fun playing with fire to your hearts content!

      -Annie Freudig

  23. My favorite memory is not of a specific year but an era of my youth. Growing up we lived far from family and my favorite times of year were the 10 hour drives every Christmas and July 4th…Summer time with my cousins in the pool all day at my grandmothers…Gorging on watermelon and barbeque, having diving contest, water gun fights, and a short walk across the street to an empty field just before dark to watch the nearby firework show…Some of my best memories in childhood are from Independence Day and now have passed them on to the next generation, my kids, niece and nephewsi in hope one day they too will look back with a smile.. Ice bucket challenge, hammering piccolo petes into make shift M80’s, fun in the sun with lots of family…Covid 19 kept it small this year but still enjoyable…Happy 4th everybody
    username = damion1185

  24. My favorite memory would be when I was a child probably around 10 years old or so. I grew up in a single mother household. Just me and my mom. My mom always told me that she had unconditional love for me because I was her only child. Anytime she would date someone she would always sit me down and try too explain that the love for me that she had was much different then if I overheard her tell her boyfriend that she loves him. Being that young, my mom was my world and my everything. She always told me if any of her boyfriends ever said anything disrespectful to me or touched me inappropriately to never hesitate to let her know and she will take care of it. Well one fourth of July I had a friend over and we were lighting off fireworks in our backyard. My mom was dating a man named Dennis and everything seemed to be going like normal. Me and my friend were laughing and my mom had asked me something and I blew her off and ignored her trying to please my friend who obviously didn’t care about anything else besides having fun and making noise because we were children and I remember her boyfriend turning to me and saying ” Chris why don’t you stop being such a little asshole “. This may not sound to crazy to most people but I still remember how much that comment bothered me to this day at 32 years old. I couldn’t get it out of my head and then I never felt comfortable around him from that day forward. Needless to say that when I finally broke down into tears and told my mom. She hugged and kissed me and told me not to worry about it, every thing will be taken care of. Well in short I never saw her boyfriend Dennis ever again. This one choice my mom made showed me that she did in fact love me more then any man she could possibly meet and that if something bothers her child she will make sure that they are never scared ever again. I know so many people who’s mom’s have let their boyfriends do disgusting things to their own children just because they ” love ” these men and don’t want to loose them. I know people who’s mom’s let their boyfriends abuse their own children for the exact same reason. But all in all I thank my lucky stars that I was lucky enough to be given a mother that loves and will protect her child no matter what. Girlfriends and boyfriends come and go but your children are your children forever. I am a proud daddy of 2 young boys. A 4 year old and an autistic 8 year old and I would never allow something to ever come between me protecting either of them. Once you create children they are yours forever and you need to buckle down and give them the world and then some. This has been my 4th of July story. Hope you enjoyed it.

    Username: Thekopeliz1

  25. On 4th of July, we went over to buddy’s house and went up on the roof to watch the fire world and had a bbq. The experience watching fire works with friends and family is always a good time


  26. My favorite Fourth of July was every year of my childhood, my dad would always bring us to the top of the roof and we would eat hot dogs. Thanks for reminding me, casino extreme 🙂


  27. I went to a Miami Marlins in 2018

    This is how I celebrated Independence Day. What’s more ‘Merican than baseball?

    This was my seat for the second half of the game. My real seat was down the third base line into left field but I moved to a closer seat later in the game, a benefit of the small crowd.

    Username : ihavebadluck12

    The Marlins won, and the best part right after the game i was also able to enjoy the fire works.

    Happy 4th everyone!

  28. My favorite July 4th memory would be this year was when I hiked in Stob Ghabhar and South of Stob Ghabhar at the Black Mount summits in the southern Scottish Highlands.

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