Cryptoween Challenge

Join the $140k Prize Pool Cryptoween Challenge!

Step into the $140k arena with daily surprises and a jaw-dropping 1 BTC as the crown jewel!

Heads up, crypto enthusiasts! Our new tournament Cryptoween Challenge is here, lighting up the gaming universe from September 28th to October 31st! Riding the broomstick of our last tournament‘s success, Casino Extreme & Brango are rolling out more exciting events. Listen upif ever there was a stage to show your crypto gaming skills, THIS IS IT! With a mind-blowing 1st prize of 1 BTC, a $140K prize pool, and electrifying daily rewards, this is the arena where legends and champions rise from the shadows. Ready to dominate? Let’s get the crypto party started!

Cryptoween Challenge Tournament Overall

Firstly, let’s go through some spooky details you can’t miss. The Cryptoween Challenge is here from the 28th of September all the way to the 31st of October, and it promises non-stop action. You can join the fun on both Casino Extreme and Casino Brango. Players from both platforms meet on a shared leaderboard, making for friendly competition. Come and be part of the action!

Cryptoween Challenge: Where Every Move Counts

To be part of this explosive challenge, just deposit and roll in cryptocurrency. Watch out – points are pouring, and they can rain on your parade:

Points Structure:

  • 1 point for each $20 crypto deposit
  • 2 points for every $100 wagered

(clean crypto deposits only!)

The minimum deposit to qualify is $20, and a single player can claim the daily reward a maximum of 3 times throughout the tournament. Also, rise and shine daily, because there’s a leaderboard bursting with Satoshi Coins. First place? 100 Satoshi Coins coming your way. And, hold onto your (witch) hats, because from October 23rd until Halloween, it’s raining points!

Daily Leaderboard

Be a consistent top performer and make the daily leaderboard your haunted throne. With Satoshi Coins up for grabs, make sure you’re on it daily, starting with 100 Satoshi Coins for the top player and decreasing increments for subsequent ranks.

So, the highest-ranked player for the day receives 100 Satoshi Coins, with the second highest getting 95, and so on. But there’s a limit – players can earn a maximum of 100 Satoshi Coins and a minimum of 5 Satoshi Coins per day. And, here’s a twist in our tale: from the 23rd to the 31st of October, all your points get a 1.5x boost, thanks to the special multiplier.

Special Multipliers

The excitement levels ramp up as we approach Halloween. Thanks to a special multiplier, from the 23rd to the 31st of October, every point you earn gets multiplied by 1.5 times. This is your chance to jump ahead of the competition and cement your place at the top!

Rewards Distribution

Gather ’round the cauldron, it’s time to unveil the elixirs – the prizes! As highlighted earlier, the top prize is a whopping 1 BTC! Meanwhile, the runner-up will receive 0.5 BTC. For details on lower positions on the leaderboard, please see below:

3rd – 7th place: $22K LTC

8th – 62nd place: Free Chips

63rd – 200th place: Free Spins

Daily rewards: $1k in LTC

Join the Cryptoween Challenge Today

The Cryptoween Challenge isn’t just a contest; it’s an epic crypto showdown! Will you dazzle and shine? Or keep the crowd on its toes with daily wins? There’s a whirlwind of action, and it’s beckoning you!

The witching hour approaches, the stakes are high, and the crypto energy? Unmatchable! Dive into the Cryptoween Challenge, feel the rush, and charge up the leaderboards! It’s not just about winning; it’s about legendary status in the crypto world. Remember, it’s about strategy, persistence, and consistent top performance. Now grab your broomsticks, aim for the stars, and may the spookiest crypto maestro reign supreme!

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