Proper slot etiquette

How to Maintain Proper Slot Etiquette

We’re bringing you few tips to adhere to while playing your favorite slot games.

We’ve recently written about etiquette one should employ while playing poker, and there were zero surprises about it. As with all public situations where lots of people interact with each other, it’s implicitly understood that one should adhere to certain rules of behaviour. But how many of you have ever considered what would be a proper slot etiquette, or if it exists at all? It’s an individual game where there is no need for a dealer or other players, so what’s the point? That’s what we’ll try to answer in this article.

If You Sit at a Slot Machine Be Sure to Play It

This one is really a no-brainer. It’s not without reason that there is only one seat in front of each slot machine. It implies that it’s reserved for serving one player at a time, so be sure to sit at it only if you intend to play. Because if you occupy it without playing, you will not just be restricting the casino’s main source of income, but you’ll also prevent other players from trying out their luck and possibly scoring some big payouts.

Also, if you’re in a company of a friend and just want to watch them play, the best course of action is to stand rather than sit beside them. This will signal to others that you have no intention of playing the neighbouring slot, so they know it’s available. And if you grow tired and just want to take a break, you can relax in the casino lobby.

Take Short Breaks and Properly Signal Them

While we’re on the subject of taking breaks, it’s important to keep in mind that adequately signalling them and keeping them short is an important part of proper slot etiquette. It’s only so natural you’re going to need to take an occasional break to use the restroom or grab something to eat. But it is also important to keep that timeframe as short as possible. Ideally, you’d want to stick to 15 minutes tops. If you don’t think you can make it, it’s better to leave the machine available to other players.

But what to do if you’re having a good streak on particularly hot machine and don’t want to give up on it? Well, there’s an easy solution and it involves the use of proper signalling. In the good old days of slot machines that used coins instead of tickets, you would put a coin cup on the video screen or on the handle that controls reels. But nowadays, it’s best to lean the back of your seat over it or place a personal item of small value such as a drink or a pack of cigarettes, and most players will take the cue that it’s occupied.

Mind the Smoking Courtesy  

It’s good that we mentioned a pack of cigarettes, as smoking plays a big deal in terms of slot etiquette. Most brick-and-mortar casinos have friendly policies toward smoking, but you should inform yourself beforehand which ones of them are in place. And if you do find yourself in the smoking department of a casino, be sure to show some courtesy to other players.

You should also always keep an ashtray at your own slot machine, instead of reaching out towards the ashtray at another player’s seat or just flicking your ashes all over the place. And to state the obvious, please don’t blow your smoke in the direction of other people’s faces. The last thing you want to do is enter into an altercation with other players over something that’s common decency.

Be Respectful to Other Players and Casino Staff

Speaking of altercations and confrontations, even though they occur more frequently over playing decisions made during table games, they unfortunately still tend to happen while playing slots. They’re usually about incursions into personal space, playing on multiple machines during busy hours, and already mentioned smoking and spilled beverages.

But the solution to it is also quite easy, and it involves common courtesy and politely dealing with the matter. And the best way to settle any disagreement that may arise is to approach the casino staff. They’re there to resolve any issue, serve you drinks, and make sure everyone has a great time. Most of them earn their living from the tips they receive, and even though you’re not in any way obliged to tip them, it’s considered a tacit gentleman’s agreement to do so, and a part of proper slot etiquette too.

What About Online Slot Etiquette?

Considering that most of the aforementioned tips apply to land-based casinos you might be quick to conclude that it’s not the case with online casinos. But you should know that in some cases it applies even more. Most online casinos have 24/7 available chat support teams that resolve every issue you might have, from technical to the ones concerning the bonuses and promotions you simply don’t have in traditional casinos.

Our instant withdrawal casino is especially proud of having one of the best support systems out there, as you’re certainly aware of if you’ve played with us already. And rest assured you’ll get the same level of respect and courtesy from them that you’re ready to give back if you want to be a true adherent of proper slot etiquette!

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