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How to Secure Bitcoin Wallet

Highly recommended deposit method in many online casinos is Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency has many benefits of using for online gambling and ensuring anonymity is just one of them. Using Bitcoin in Casino Extreme will provide you with endless satisfaction and plenty of bonuses, but before you deposit, you must first open your Bitcoin wallet. If you need assistance to do that check out our step-by-step guide. When you once open the wallet you should be secure them in several ways.

Encrypt your wallet

This helps protect your funds against thieves, though it cannot protect against keylogging hardware or software. Because of that, you should use a strong password which doesn’t include only letters or recognizable words. Also, you must try to never forget your pass and in that case, you could have a paper copy.

Backup your wallet

When you stored your wallet in a safe place it can also allow you to recover your wallet after your mobile or computer was stolen or broken.

Offline wallet

It is also known as a cold storage and provides the highest level of security for savings. This means that you could store a wallet in a secured place that is not connected to the network.

Keep your software up to date

Using the latest version of Bitcoin can prevent problems and help keep your wallet safe. If you want to keep your wallet in a safe environment you should install updates for all other software on your mobile or computer.

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