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Litecoin Depositing Guide for Newbies

Depositing in LTC takes seconds and has many advantages. We will walk you through the process briefly.

Welcome, Litecoin fans! We are glad to have you here again for another round of Litecoin news. Last week we explained Litecoin Advantages Over Bitcoin . If you have been following the news regularly, so far you have learned that Litecoin is faster than Bitcoin. Moreover, it enables way less expensive transaction, saving your money more than 100 times. Today, allow us to walk you through this short Litecoin depositing guide.

Litecoin Depositing Advantages

As you may have noticed, June is the Litecoin Month in your favorite crypto casino Extreme. At the moment of writing of this text, there are several special bonuses which you can get for depositing in Litecoin. These include:

  • no wagering bonuses
  • free spins
  • cashback
  • no restriction bonuses, and
  • many more benefits.

We will continue boosting the deposits in other cryptos as well, but in June LTC is in focus and for several good reasons explained previously.

Litecoin Depositing Made Easy

To be able to claim those special offers, Litecoin depositing  is a topic to explore. So, let’s start from the beginning. We assume that you have your casino account all set up, as well as the crypto wallet opened.

  • The first step in Litecoin depositing is to login to your casino account and choose “deposit” option which takes you straight to Cashier.
  • In Cashier, you will see three options: deposit, withdraw, redeem. Deposit is the one to click.
  • Choose Litecoin as a depositing option. You may need to scroll down a bit to select the LTC.
  • Next, define the amount you wish to deposit. Please note the minimum depositing amount is the LTC equivalent of $10. Click “deposit” button below the amount section.
  • Once you have completed this step, the LTC address will pop up on your screen right below the QR code. You can either copy the address or scan the QR code appearing on top of the screen.
  • Now, go to the “send” section of your wallet and paste the Litecoin address previously generated on your screen. Clicking “send” ends the depositing process and the money appears on your casino account. If you are using the QR code, simply scan it with your phone.

Note: Please do your research on Litecoin wallets and their performances as Casino Extreme cannot be held responsible for confirmation times and fees originating at their end.

Depositing Process in Under One Minute

Litecoin depositing takes less than a minute. It can provide you access to June’s most attractive promotions. It can also speed up the transaction process and save the money you would otherwise spend on transaction fees.

If you have any question or need help in Litecoin depositing, feel free to contact our live support. They are online non-stop. Good luck and let us know how it went!

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