Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction
    1. Casino Extreme is operated by Anden Online N.V., a registered company in Curacao. The service operates under license no. 1668/JAZ issued to Curacao eGaming, authorized and regulated by the Government of Curacao.
    2. The Terms of Service contained herein, together with all additional rules and regulations, including but not limited to the "Privacy Policy", represent the complete and final agreement between you and Casino Extreme.
    3. Please read the document carefully as it informs you of the terms by which you use Casino Extreme's services and website.
  2. Definitions
    1. "Terms" refers to Terms of Service.
    2. "Website" refers to Casino Extreme's website at www.casinoextreme.eu.
    3. "Services" refers to services available on the Casino Extreme website.
    4. "We" or "Casino" refers to Casino Extreme.
    5. "You" or "Player" refers to any individual who uses any of the services provided by Casino Extreme.
    6. "Games" refers to the casino games offered by the Casino Extreme website.
    7. "Software" refers to the software Casino Extreme provides for playing casino games, which is available in either download able or non-download forms.
  3. Acceptance of Terms of Service
    1. It is your obligation to understand, agree and abide by all rules and regulations provided in the Terms.
    2. The Casino reserves the right to alter or modify its Terms anytime without prior notice. All changes will be posted on the Website.
    3. It is your obligation to regularly check for any modifications of the Terms as they may change from time to time.
    4. The title, ownership and all intellectual property rights of the content, including images, photographs, animations, video, audio, music and text belong solely to the Casino. Copying, redistribution or publication of any content or part of the Website and Software is strictly prohibited.
    5. These Terms are the full and final expression of your relationship with the Casino. They constitute the entire agreement between you and the Casino, and supersede any prior understandings, agreements or commitments, whether written or oral between the parties. No employee, officer or agent of the Casino, or anyone else involved in creating, producing or delivering the Casino, may verbally alter, modify or waive any provision of this agreement. By entering the Website, opening a User Account with the Casino, using or reusing any such User Account, or the acceptance of any cash-in, you hereby agree to all rules given in the Terms, as amended from time to time.
    6. By accessing and using our online casino services, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:
      1. Communication Channels:
        The player understands and accepts that the casino reserves the right to send promotional and transactional content via various communication channels, including but not limited to SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and any other available means of communication.
      2. Consent:
        By participating in our online casino activities, the player gives explicit consent to receive promotional and transactional content through the aforementioned communication channels. This includes but is not limited to receiving messages, notifications, and updates related to casino promotions, account information, bonuses, and other relevant communication.
      3. Opt-Out Option:
        Should the player wish to discontinue receiving promotional and transactional content through any or all of the communication channels mentioned above, they may choose to opt-out. Instructions on how to unsubscribe or manage communication preferences can be found within each communication received or by contacting our customer support team.
      4. Responsibility:
        The player acknowledges that it is their responsibility to ensure the accuracy and validity of the contact information provided to the casino. This includes maintaining up-to-date email addresses, phone numbers, and other relevant details necessary for effective communication.
      5. Frequency and Content:
        The player understands that the frequency and content of promotional and transactional messages may vary. The casino will strive to provide relevant information and offers tailored to the player's preferences; however, the player acknowledges that the casino cannot guarantee the availability of specific promotions or the receipt of all messages due to technical constraints or other factor.
  4. Eligibility to Use the Casino Services
    1. The following rules apply to the eligibility to participate in the Casino Games:
      1. You must be over 18 years of age.
      2. The laws of the country you reside in must allow on-line casino gaming and on-line gambling. The use of the Casino Services is forbidden to all individuals living in jurisdictions where such use is illegal or prohibited. Some jurisdictions have not yet addressed the legality of on-line gambling, while others have strictly made on-line gambling illegal. It is your responsibility to determine the laws that apply in your country.
      3. Players from the following countries are forbidden to play for real wagers: Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Australia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Estonia, France, French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Martinique, Mayotte, Reunion, Moldova, Myanmar, Netherlands, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe. We apologize for any inconvenience.
      4. You must provide complete and accurate User Account information to the Casino.
      5. You cannot be an employee, consultant, licensee, distributor, media partner, promoter, retailer of the Casino, including members of their immediate families.
      6. You must abide by the rules of the Casino.
      7. You cannot play on behalf of an individual that is not allowed to play at the Casino.
    2. The Casino reserves the right to limit access to Players for any reason that the Casino deems necessary.
  5. User Account
    1. Opening a User Account
      1. In order to play Games and place wagers on the Website, you first must register with the Casino and open a User Account.
      2. You are allowed only one User Account. If you have more than one account, all winnings will be void. If you open more than one User Account, the Casino may close all accounts and any bonuses and winnings may be voided.
      3. As part of the registration process, you will have to choose a Username and Password for your login into the Website. You are obliged to keep your Username and Password secret and confidential. Any use of the Software application through your Username and Password is your sole responsibility.
      4. You acknowledge that if any of the information that you provide to the Casino is untrue, your agreement with the Casino will be void, and you will be liable to the Casino for any damages and costs suffered as a result.
      5. We reserve the right to request from you a copy of your proof of identity, address, copies of credit cards, an approval signed purchase history and/or other appropriate documentation when withdrawing credits, so as to provide fast payout, prevent fraud and make all financial transactions secure. If you fail to provide the requested documentation within 4 weeks, or submit fraudulent documentation, we reserve the right to cancel the payout and/or close or lock your User Account.
    2. Closing your User Account
      1. You may close your User Account at any time.
      2. To close your User Account, simply send an email to pitboss@casinoextreme.com stating your account details and intention to close the account.
      3. We reserve the right to keep your User Account deactivated up to a maximum of 72 hours upon it being deactivated on your request.
      4. Any outstanding amount on your User Account after closure will be refunded subject to applicable deductions, and may not be less than $/€ 50.
      5. The method of repayment will be at our absolute discretion.
    3. User Account General Rules
      1. You can use your User Account for personal use only. Commercial use of the Casino is strictly forbidden. You will play only for private and non-professional purposes.
      2. You will not allow any third party, including but without limitation to minors, to use your User Account to place wagers or participate in the Games in any way. You are solely liable for any losses, costs or expenses associated with the use of your User Account.
      3. The Casino is not liable in any way for your participation or attempted participation in any act outside of the rules given herein, or outside of the normal course of on-line casino operations.
      4. The Casino reserves the right to close or lock your User Account at any time without prior notice, and reserves the right to not provide the reason for doing so.
      5. The Casino fully reserves the right to refuse or terminate the User Account of any person who is found cheating or attempting to defraud the Casino Software, or making untrue and or malicious comment in regard to the Casino's operation or who unfairly exploits the spirit of the promotions offered by the Casino.
      6. The Casino reserves the right to publicize cheating and defrauding actions of Players, together with their identities and email addresses. These will be circulated to other casinos, banks and credit card companies and any other appropriate agencies.
  6. Deposit and Withdrawals
    1. Depositing to your User Account
      1. You acknowledge that any funds used for playing Games must be legal.
      2. You are prohibited from using anyone else's credit card to place a bet at the Casino
      3. Once you place a bet, the bet is irrevocable and you cannot undo or "charge back" the transaction. You cannot get your stake money back if you lose your bet.
      4. The Casino reserves the right to limit and/or refuse your wager without prior notice. The Casino is not obligated to accept your bet. In the event of any dispute regarding a wager or winning, the decision of the Casino shall be final and binding.
      5. Kindly note that deposit limits on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and all other crypto currencies are not applicable because of their nature. However, we will gladly assist you if you need help in taking a break from gambling. Should you wish to explore this possibility, do not hesitate to contact us.
      6. We do not accept any transaction in BTC that are below 0.0001 BTC and all transaction that are below this margin are non-recoverable and will not be process to your casino account. Sending less then 0.0001 BTC to any address will result in loss of funds that are non-refundable. We will not accept top-ups on addresses if player decide to send more bitcoins to the same address so they meet the 0.0001 BTC margin. Player take full responsibility in making sure that they always make a the minimum $10 (Bitcoin equivalent) deposit each time they use Bitcoin banking method. Casino take no responsibility if the min amount was not sent and reserved the right to treat these transaction as lost non-recoverable transaction.
      7. The additional bonus amount given by the casino when a player selects the suggested higher deposit amount is capped at $1000 and is subject to a wagering requirement of 1x.
      8. The maximum bonus for making a deposit through any deposit method for the first 3 transactions is capped at $1000 per transaction.
    2. Withdrawing from your User Account
      1. Withdrawals must be made back to the User Account that the deposit originated from. This may not be possible in the event of a credit card deposit, in which case an alternative withdrawal method may need to be used. All withdrawals from free promotion may only be processed back to the last depositing method.
      2. If you deposit and withdraw without wagering at least 1 x the value of the deposit, you may be subject to a transaction fee that cannot exceed 10% of the transaction amount. This can only be done once the deposit has been reviewed and determined that financial system manipulation and or money laundering activity has not taken place.
      3. A maximum of $/€ 4,000.00 will be sent per week. All remaining balance will be sent in the following week(s), starting with $/€ 4,000.00 per week and according to your VIP status.
      4. Only 1 instant withdrawal is permitted per Player per day.
      5. Please note that in order to receive a withdrawal after making a deposit, you must wager the deposit at least 1 x the value of said deposit.
      6. The Casino commits to paying out progressive jackpots within reasonable period of time, in accordance with the restrictions imposed by the Casino's payment processor for the Player's jurisdiction and in accordance with the player's VIP level. The Casino commits to paying out the full progressive jackpot win within 2 years.
      7. Upon requesting a withdrawal from a non-deposit bonus, a verification deposit is required, if the customer doesn't have a prior deposit.
    3. General Deposit and Withdrawal Rules
      1. To protect ourselves and the interests of our financial processors we reserve the right, should we become aware or suspicious of any combination of deposit and withdrawal manipulation or money laundering activity that constitutes fraud, to withhold payment of funds and notify relevant authorities and the payment processor(s) of your actions for further investigation.
      2. The Casino employs various active anti-fraud safety devices for your protection. All transactions are confidential, and are monitored solely for your protection. Criminal acts or attempted criminal acts are automatically reported to the appropriate authorities.
      3. All materials relating to the Casino are automatically voided without notice if you alter, mutilate, forge, tamper with, or otherwise alter such materials in any way whatsoever or if you attempt or cause others to attempt any such act. Any gaming or attempted gaming or purported winnings during or following such alteration, mutilation, forgery, tampering or similar such acts or attempted acts shall automatically and without notice, be void. Any fraud (whether actual or constructive) on your part or caused by you shall automatically void any actual or attempted transaction from the inception and any alleged winnings shall not be actual winnings.
  7. Bonuses and Promotions
    1. General Bonus and Promotion Rules
      1. Specific bonus and promotion rules supersede any General Bonus and Promotion Rules contained in this document.
      2. Only one promotion may be applied at any one time to any one Player, unless otherwise stated.
      3. All promotions are limited to one per Player, family, address, credit card number, and computer and shared computers (i.e. university, fraternity, school, public library or workplace), unless there is a prior agreement with the Casino management. The identity of a Player will be determined based on all or any combination of the following: Player name, mailing address, e-mail, IP address, credit or charge card number, computer, telephone number or any other forms of identification that may be required. Where multiple participation is permitted, the Casino or its authorized agent reserve the right to limit the number of bonuses that may be given to any one participant.
      4. Promotions cannot be combined unless otherwise stated.
      5. All deposit bonuses are for wagering purposes only and may not be withdrawn.
      6. Bonus money made from deposits does not count towards deposits.
      7. You may not claim a bonus on any reversed cash-in amount i.e. reversing a cash-in back to your casino balance does not count as a deposit.
      8. Your User Account balance must be below $/€ 1 before you claim any coupon.
      9. To be eligible for any free promotion,you must deposit a minimum of $/€ 10 unless otherwise differently stated in a promotion.
      10. You cannot make a new deposit, claim bonus or free promotion, until you have played through your current deposit, bonus or free promotion. Your balance needs to be below $/€ 1 before a new deposit, bonus or free promotion may be made, claimed or redeemed.
      11. You cannot use a previous balance in your User Account to assist in meeting your wagering requirements.
      12. Withdrawals are not permitted for an amount less than that of the bonus.
      13. Upon requesting any withdrawal (regardless of the number of deposits), any amount up to the equivalent value of the deposit bonus will be deducted from your balance or winnings prior to settlement. For example, if you deposit $/€ 500 and receive a $/€ 250 bonus after meeting all wagering requirements, and you wish to withdraw your funds, a request needs to be made for an amount less your bonus amount received.
      14. The Casino reserves the right to withhold any amount in excess of your original deposit from your withdrawal if the bonus is wagered on 777 slot, baccarat, craps, pontoon blackjack, roulette, sic bo or any live dealer game.
      15. The Casino offers bonuses as an incentive for players. The bonuses are not intended to give away free money to players classified as “bonus hunters” or “bonus abusers”. The Casino management will review all player accounts, and classify them based on the respective account’s Bonus to Deposits ratio. Once a Player is classified as a “bonus hunter” or “bonus abuser”, future bonuses and promotions will be restricted. The Casino encourages Players to participate in promotions, but to refrain from abusing them. If a Player is found to have a record of promotional abuse or fraud (charge-backs) at our Casino, the Player’s Account will have their future bonuses and promotions restricted.
      16. The Casino or its authorized agent reserve the right to review transaction records and logs, from time to time, for any reason. If, upon such review, it appears that a Player, Players and/or third parties are participating in fraudulent strategies which the Casino or authorized agent (in their sole discretion) deem to be abusive, they reserve the right to revoke the entitlement of such Player(s) to the promotion. They also may, at their sole discretion, limit the eligibility of a Player(s) to participate in promotions, and to restrict the eligibility of any group or category of Players to participate in promotions. They also reserves the right to refuse or rescind bonuses for any reason including, but not restricted to, Player abuse. In the case of abuse, they also reserve the right to discontinue the Player's membership and to prevent the Player from accessing the Casino in the future. They also reserve the right to modify, alter, discontinue or terminate a promotion at any time and for any reason without notice to players, using reasonable efforts to provide such notices in advance. The Casino or its authorized agent shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever arising as a result of any such modification, alteration, discontinuance or termination of any promotion, and any such liability shall be borne solely and exclusively by Players.
      17. While playing with an active bonus, it is forbidden to engage in activities that give the player a clearly unfair advantage. Such activities include, but are not limited to, these:

        • delaying game rounds in any game, including free spins and bonus features, to a later time when you have no wagering requirements,
        • leaving large bets on the table, for example in blackjack, and returning to the game after bonus wagering has been completed,
        • playing games with bonus money to build up in-game value, lose the bonus funds, and then cash out on the built-up value during real-money play,
        • using strategies that take advantage of any software bug or failure

      18. Only players from the following countries are allowed to redeem and/or make withdrawals on WELCOME BONUSES, FREE MONEY NO DEPOSIT BONUSES or MATCH BONUSES: United States, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden.

      19. Players from the following countries are NOT allowed to redeem and/or make withdrawals on WELCOME BONUSES, FREE MONEY NO DEPOSIT BONUSES or MATCH BONUSES: Australia, Estonia, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Poland, Moldova, Tajikistan, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles.
      20. Players from all other territories not mentioned above will be eligible to redeem and/or make withdrawals on FREE MONEY NO DEPOSIT BONUSES after making 1 successful deposits at the casino.
      21. Certain bonuses offered on our platform may exclude players from accessing them if they reside in any of the following countries: Thailand, Austria, Sri Lanka, Slovenia, Turkey, Greece.
      22. Tournaments, Progressive Games, 777 slot or any Live Dealer games cannot be played with casino bonuses unless otherwise stated.
      23. In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Casino will be considered final.
      24. Once a bonus is claimed, the terms of that bonus step into effect immediately. These terms remain in full effect until a new Fund Action (Deposit or Bonus) is processed to your account and after the bonus has been cleared from your balance. Bonus Terms will remain in effect after Wagering has been met. Bonus Terms will remain in effect after a Withdrawal is processed. Bonus Terms will remain in effect after Playable Balance drops below $/€ 1. Depositing on top of your existing bonus balance does not void the Bonus Terms. Any violations of the terms while they are in effect, may result in all winnings being voided as per the Terms & Conditions. The Terms of the promotion are not in effect once a new fund action (deposit or bonus) is made at the moment the playable balance is below $1.00. Refer to the term 7.1.j.
      25. In the interests of fair gaming, all bonus promotions are limited on the maximum bet allowed to be placed. $/€ 10 is the maximum bet amount allowed on any promotion, unless SPECIFICALLY stated otherwise in the promotion. Betting above this amount will result in promotion winnings being voided and removed.
      26. All minimum deposit amounts are set in USD (United States Dollar), you are require to check in the cashier the minimum amount needed in your currency equivalent before making your depsoit.
      27. Only one free promotion may be redeemed between bonus-free deposits.
      28. No consecutive payouts are allowed from free promotions without making a deposit in between.
      29. We reserve the right to decline providing any/all bonus(es) to players who we deem have received an un-proportionate level of bonuses based on their bonus release to deposit ratio.
    2. New User Welcome Bonus
      1. The following rules apply to a new user free money Welcome Bonus placed at the opening of a new User Account:
      2. If you received a non-deposit based bonus (free chips), you are required to wager 30 x the value of the free chip.
      3. Only one free chip is credited per person, family, household address, email address, credit card number, and computer and shared computers (for example: university, fraternity, school, public library or workplace).
      4. If you have taken advantage of any Welcome Bonus in the past, you are not eligible for any successive Welcome Bonuses.
      5. Verification deposit is needed prior to any withdrawal been processed from the New Signup Bonus. If verification deposit is not made within 7 days from the date the New Signup Bonus has been received, all winnings and bonus amount will be removed with no prior notice.
    3. Steps for Redeeming a Coupon:
      1. Log into your User Account
      2. Click on CASHIER
      3. Click on REDEEM COUPON
      4. Type in the coupon code in the rectangular window and click REDEEM.
      5. Click on DEPOSIT.
      6. Your deposit and bonus will arrive in your User Account.
    4. Standard Deposit Coupon Rules
      1. To withdraw wins made on a deposit bonus, a Player must wager the deposit plus associated bonus amount 15 x (777 slot, baccarat, craps, pontoon blackjack, roulette and sic bo wagers are not included). For example, for a $/€ 300 deposit and an associated $/€ 100 bonus, you must wager a total of $/€ 10.000 (excluding 777 slot, baccarat, craps, pontoon blackjack, roulette and sic bo wagers), to make a withdrawal.
      2. Each coupon code may be applied on one deposit. You may not apply more than one coupon code per deposit.
      3. You may redeem each coupon code only one time. Once a coupon is used, it is void on the next attempt to redeem it.
      4. Each coupon code has an expiration date. Make sure that you use the coupon code before it expires. All coupons have 7 days expiration day from date redeemed.
      5. Upon meeting your wagering requirements, any balance in excess of your maximum cashout limit will be removed from your account automatically.
    5. Standard Free Spin Coupon Rules
      1. You are required to wager 40 x the value of the free spin winnings.
      2. You may withdraw a minimum of $/€ 50 and a maximum of $/€ 50 on free spin unless stated otherwise in the promotion.
      3. Upon meeting your wagering requirements, any balance in excess of your maximum cashout limit will be removed from your account automatically.
    6. Standard Cash back Bonus Rules
      1. Your User Account balance must be below $/€ 1 in order to claim a cash back.
      2. You may claim as many cash back promotions as you wish (unless your User Account has been excluded from participating in bonus promotions).
      3. Any balance remaining after a cash back withdrawal, will be removed.
      4. You must contact the Casino to receive your cash back.
      5. Cashbacks cannot be credited on deposits older than 7 days.
      6. You may only claim a cash back on lost bonus free deposit.
      7. Only lost deposits since last withdrawal or cash back are eligible for a cash back promotion (which ever comes last on account).
      8. Any withdrawal that is made from the received cash back or any other free promotion will not eligible for a new cash back. The withdrawn amount will need to be covered with lost deposits first, before account is once again eligible for a cash back.
      9. Deposits used to wager on restricted games (777 slot, baccarat, craps, pontoon blackjack, roulette, sic bo or any Live Dealer games ) are not eligible for a cashback.
      10. Should you wager any amount on Blackjack or any 21 games, your cash back is halved.
      11. Any amount used from a bonus free deposit to enter a tournament (Buy-in, Add-on or Re-Buy) will be subsequently deducted from qualifying amount for cashback.
      12. Deposits used to transfer funds to Live Dealer are not eligible for a cashback, regardless of whether Live Dealer games were played.
      13. Fortnightly Cashback will be processed every 14th and 28th of the month.
    7. Standard Free Chip Bonus Rules
      1. You are required to wager 20x the value of any free chip bonus, unless otherwise stated in the promotion.
      2. You may withdraw a minimum of $/€ 50 and a maximum of 5x the value of the free chip bonus unless otherwise stated in the promotion.
      3. Upon meeting your wagering requirements, any balance in excess of your maximum cashout limit will be removed from your account automatically.
    8. Standard Comp Point Terms
      1. Comp Points can be exchanged for Real Money at a ratio of 100 Comp Points to $/€ 1.
      2. To successfully redeem Comp Points, you must have a minimum of 100 points accumulated.
      3. You are not allowed to Redeem Comp Points while your playable balance is above $/€ 1.
      4. You are not allowed to Redeem Comp Points while you have a Pending Withdrawal.
      5. You are not allowed to combine Redeemed Comp Points with other Deposit / Coupon balances.
      6. Maximum Cashout for Redeemed Comp Points is set at 25x the Redeemed Amount.
      7. Please note that you can redeem up to $20.00/2000 comp points daily unless otherwise stated.
    9. Sequenced Promotion Rules
      1. Sequence deposit coupons need to be redeemed in the order stated in the promotion. No sequenced deposit coupon may be skipped.
      2. If a sequenced deposit coupon order is violated, you will forfeit all winnings made as a result from plays on that bonus.
      3. All other General Bonus and Promotion Rules apply.
    10. Bonus Excluded Players
      1. If an excluded Player claims a promotion or money bonus and then profits from participation in a promotion or money bonus, the following will apply:
      2. The Casino's system will automatically block any attempts by excluded Players to participate in promotions or receive money bonuses.
      3. In the event that a player engages in cheating or attempts to manipulate the system, the following rule shall be enforced: The player involved will face immediate account suspension and forfeiture of all bonuses, winnings, and privileges associated with their account. Cheating includes but is not limited to the use of prohibited software, collusion with other players, exploitation of technical vulnerabilities, or any other activity aimed at gaining unfair advantage over the casino or other players. The casino reserves the right to take necessary measures to maintain fairness and integrity within its operations.
    11. Bonus Collusion
      1. The casino reserves the right to suspend your account pending investigation in the event of the casino having reasonable grounds for suspecting that you have been involved in any form of collusion, syndication or fraud during your use of the casino platform, website and/or systems. We also reserve the right to withhold the whole or part of your account balance, close your account permanently, as well as recover from your account the amount of any winnings, pay-outs or bonuses which have been affected by any of the following activities:
      2. Collusion: The joint effort of two or more individuals to gain an unfair advantage over the software and other players via pooling of funds to achieve unnatural increase of available bankroll through multiple bonus awards (similarly to multi-accounting) to benefit/take advantage from game engine design. This is usually done at a casino in order to increase the total number of deposit bonuses awarded, thereby unnaturally maximizing probability of achieving a large winning slot pay-out (for example: slot bonus round) while ensuring that the pay-out of such an event is awarded to one of the colluding members, effectively detracting from the winning potential of any other players using the casino.
      3. Syndication: We become aware that you are a member and/or form part of a syndicate, club or group where players receive advantage play strategies in order to create positive expectancy scenarios through the acquisition of promotional offers.
      4. Exploitation of a fault, loophole or error in our or any third party software provided for the services of this agreement.
      5. We become aware that you have been found guilty of fraudulent or collusive behavior at another on-line gaming business including charge-backs, collusion, or criminal activities.
      6. We become aware that you have charged back any or denied any of the transfers, deposits and purchases to your account in a fraudulent manner.
      7. Make use of any automated play software such as ‘bots‘, or any type of simulation tools or systems designed to provide an unfair advantage over the casino.
      8. In the event that a player engages in cheating or attempts to manipulate the system, the following rule shall be enforced: The player involved will face immediate account suspension and forfeiture of all bonuses, winnings, and privileges associated with their account. Cheating includes but is not limited to the use of prohibited software, collusion with other players, exploitation of technical vulnerabilities, or any other activity aimed at gaining unfair advantage over the casino or other players. The casino reserves the right to take necessary measures to maintain fairness and integrity within its operations.

    Make use of any automated play software such as ‘bots‘, or any type of simulation tools or systems designed to provide an unfair advantage over the casino. As a player who makes use of this casino, you agree that you are not colluding or attempting to collude, nor intending to participate directly or indirectly in a collusion scheme which involves the sharing of winnings between selected players, sharing of funds, or working together toward mutual end goal while benefiting from multiple acquisition incentive offers, to the detriment of other players whom are not involved in the colluding party. You also agree that you will inform the casino through one of the means necessary should you suspect a player to be colluding, or planning to collude with other players. You also agree that you do not form part of a syndicate or group that engages in advantage play strategies.

    We will thoroughly investigate any case in which we believe there may be any existence of an element of fraudulent activity, collusion, syndication or illegal activity. We also reserve the right to inform our business units, processing companies, electronic payment providers or other financial institutions we use, of your identity and of any suspected unlawful, fraudulent or improper activity.

  8. Game Rules
    1. The Casino game server has been checked by a third party User Accounting firm and was found to supply fair odds and to comply with the laws and the regulations.
    2. The Casino may, at its absolute discretion, alter, amend or withdraw any Game from the Casino at any time, and may alter prices, features, specifications, capabilities, functions or other characteristics of Services and/or Games.
    3. You accept all outcomes of Game results as received in the client application from the Casino's game server. You fully accept and agree that the Casino's random number generator software will determine the outcome of the Games.
    4. The Casino reserves the right to limit pending Games (games which have been quit without a required action from you) to one pending Game per Player.
    5. The Casino reserves the right to terminate any pending Games after 30 days without any action by you.
  9. Privacy Policy
    1. During your Account registration, you will be asked to fill in specific personal data including, but not limited to, your first and last name, home address, e-mail address and phone number.
    2. We guarantee not to sell, give away, or otherwise communicate your personal information to any third party. We will only disclose personal data when ordered to do so by any Governing Authority and/or under any legal provision contained in the Governing Law.
    3. Your personal identity and details will remain confidential and we will never report wagering information on behalf of any player.
    4. All email and other communication or correspondence between you and the Casino is private and not for distribution or publication on Internet forums.
    5. When you make a withdrawal for the first time, we might ask you for certain document copies to verify your identity. We may subsequently ask for these copies at random to ensure the security of your account. These documents include:
      1. The front and back of your driving license or any other official government-issued photographic identification.
      2. Your utility bill (for example gas, electricity, water or telephone) with your name and the address you have registered with us.
      3. Statement of the card used or letter of issuing bank.
      4. The front and back of any credit or debit cards that were used to make a deposit at the Casino.
      5. Selfie holding your ID, Driver's license or Passport
      6. Selfie holding your card
    6. We reserve the right ask your registered financial institution to provide information about you should this be requested by Curacao eGaming.
  10. Complaints
    1. If you have any complaint, please contact our support team 24/7 via:
      1. Email at support@casinoextreme.eu or e-mail our management at pitboss@casinoextreme.eu
      2. Live chat on the Website.
    2. The Casino will use its best efforts to resolve all complaints. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint by the Casino, you can direct your complaint to Curacao eGaming:
      1. Email: complaints@curacao-egaming.com
      2. Telephone: +5999 465 1134
      3. Address: Pletterijweg Oost Ara Hilltop Building Curacao
  11. Limitations of Liability
    1. The Casino is not liable in any way for any malfunctions relating to hardware (yours or the Casino's), network, telephone line or system or Internet malfunction.
    2. In the event that the gaming computer hardware or the gaming server does not properly implement the rules of a Game, or does not properly implement the random number generator, or does not make a proper User Account for the play or if a human error is made by the Casino, any of its suppliers, or anyone else involved in creating, producing or delivering the Casino, the Casino will not be liable for any winnings that result from these errors. You will forfeit any winnings that result from any error whatsoever. In the event of any dispute regarding a wager or winnings, the decision of the Casino shall be final and binding.
    3. You indemnify and hold harmless the Casino, its software provider (Real Time Gaming), and their respective licensees, distributors, parent, subsidiaries, affiliates and all of their officers and directors, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners and others from any suit, demand, cause of action, claim, liability, costs, expenses (including reasonable legal fees), liabilities, damages, fines, penalties, fees or any other charges whatsoever that may arise as a result of the use or re-use of any or all of the following: the Website, the Games, gaming with or through us, or receipt of winnings from us.
  12. Self-exclusion And Personal Limits



    Gaming at Casino Extreme should always be an enjoyable form of entertainment and can also result in winning some money. Losing is also a part of the game, however, and you should never game expecting to win. You should always play responsibly, and never risk money you cannot afford to lose. We want your experience with us to always be positive, regardless of whether you win or not. If the fun becomes overshadowed by negative emotions at any point, it might be time to take a break, or use one of the services we offer to help you keep track and stay in control.


    Setting Depositing limits is a useful tool you can utilize to limit your spending in advance. Using this service will only allow a specified amount of funds to be deposited to your Player Account within a given timeframe. You can set Deposit Limits on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis. You can also combine these limits to further control the amounts you allow yourself to spend.

    It is vital to note that deposit limits cannot be fully applied to Cryptocurrency Banking Methods, due to the very nature of cryptocurrencies. If you would like to limit your gaming in Cryptocurrency, please use one of our other available options.

    How to set Deposit Limits?

    To set up Deposit Limits for your Player Account, all you need to do is send us an email to pitboss@casinoextreme.eu, through the email address you registered your Player Account with. In this e-mail you must specify:

    • Banking Option you would like the limits applied to,
    • The Deposit Amount you would like your Player Account limited to,
    • On what basis you want the limit applied to (per Day, per Week or per Month), and
    • [Optional] Specify the timeframe during which you would like these limits to be ‘locked in’.

    If you request your Deposit Limits ‘locked in’, you will not be able to increase these limits within the given timeframe. You will, however, be able to lower the limits further by repeating the above-explained procedure. If the Deposit Limits are not ‘locked in’, you will be able to change them at any time.


    If, at any point, your wish to take a break from gaming with us, we offer the option of temporarily suspending your Player Account for the time period you yourself specify. The time period can be specified to 24 hours, 7 days, a month, a year, or an indefinite period of time. If you choose the indefinite period, your account will remain suspended until you request a re-activation.

    How to set a Cool-off Period?

    To set up a Cool-off Period for your Player Account, just send us an email to pitboss@casinoextreme.eu, using the email address you registered your Player Account with. To successfully set up your Cool-off Period, in this email you must specify:

    That you are requesting a Cool-Off Period set for your account, and
    The time period you would like the suspension to be in effect (24 hours, 1 day, 7 days, 1 month, 1 year or an indefinite suspension)
    Please note that, once you request a Cool-Off period for a specified amount of time, we will not be able to re-activate your account within that timeframe. If you choose the indefinite period option, however, your account will remain suspended for a minimum of 24 hours. After this, you will have the option of re-activating your account by sending us an email to pitboss@casinoextreme.eu.


    If, however, you fear you may be showing signs of problem gambling, we strongly advise you take measures to ensure the issue does not escalate. In this case, we offer the option of self-excluding yourself from our casino. Self-Exclusions can be permanent, or you can specify a time period for which you would like the Self-Exclusion to be in effect.

    How to Submit a Self-Exclusion Request?

    To submit a Self-Exclusion Request, please send us an email to pitboss@casinoextreme.eu, using the email address you registered your Player Account with. Please specify the following info in this email:

    That you are requesting a Self-Exclusion,
    If you fear you may be showing signs of problem gambling, please specify the same in the email.
    Please note that we take the wellbeing of our players seriously. If you fear you may be showing signs of problem gambling, and inform us of the same, please know that the Self-Exclusion for your Player Account will be permanent, with no option of reopening in the future.


    Gambling Problems, as well as the consequences which sometimes come with them, can be hard to handle on your own. We recommend contacting one of the organizations which specialize in helping those with gambling-related issues get the support they need. There are several who offer free and confidential help:


    Additional protection measures may include software products such as Gamban. These products block access to gambling sites once installed on your computer, or any other device you might use.

  13. Kyc Policies, Privacy & Management Of Personal Data


    13.1 General

    As a data controller, we have a legal obligation under gambling regulations to process personal data from players in order to allow them to participate in games and provide them with ancillary services. This Privacy Policy explains what personal data we collect from players, why we collect it and how we utilize it.

    The website www.casinoextreme.eu ("Casino", "Website", “Company”, "Service", "We", "Us", "Our") is operated by Anden Online N.V., a company registered and established under the laws of Curacao. Anden Online N.V. is licensed and regulated by Curacao eGaming. Anden Online N.V.’ s registration number is 1668/JAZ and its registered address is Kaya Richard J. Beaujon Z/N, Curaçao.

    By registering a Player Account with the Website you confirm your consent with this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy and do not wish to provide us with the personal information we require, please do not use this website.

    Please note that this Privacy Policy constitutes an agreement between you and the Company. We may periodically make modifications to this Policy. While we will do our best to notify you of such changes, we recommend that you revisit this Privacy Policy regularly. Your continued use of the Website and/or its services will constitute your consent to the Privacy Policy.

    13.2. Information We Collect

    The Personal Information which we may request to use and process shall include, without limitation:

    Any of the information that you provide to us when filling in the forms on our account registration pages, as well as any other data that you further submit via the Website or email (e.g. first and last name, date of birth, email address, phone number).

    - Correspondence made with us via the Website, email, web chat or through other means of communication.

    - All Player Account transaction history, whether this takes place via the Website(s) or via other means of communication.

    - Website logins and their details, including traffic data, GeoIP location data, browser/device data, weblogs, activity logs and other traffic information recorded in our system.

    - Documents and proofs reasonably requested by us to verify your account, to process deposits or withdrawals and to conduct anti-fraud checks (on our own initiative or as required by applicable legislation). Such proofs may include passport scans, payment slips, bank statements, etc.

    - Survey participations or any other customer assessments that we may carry out from time to time.

    13.3. How We Use Your Information?

    We process the Personal Information we collect from you in order to deliver our services. In particular, we will use your data for the following purposes:

    -Processing your bets and transactions. This includes your use of credit card and online payment systems.

    -Providing you with gaming and other ancillary services that you seek from our Website.

    -Rendering customer support, such as assistance with setting up and managing your account.

    -Identifying and performing the necessary verification checks.

    -Providing registered players with information about our promotional offers, or providing promotional information from our selected business partners, associates and affiliates (only if players specifically consented to receiving such marketing material).

    -Complying with legal responsibilities, including complying with anti-money laundering (AML) and combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) laws.

    -Monitoring and investigating transactions for the purposes of preventing fraud, terms abuse, money laundering and other illegal or irregular gaming activities.

    -Analyzing customer trends through market study assessments (participation in surveys is not obligatory and you can always choose not to take part).

    -Conducting research and statistical analysis of aggregated data.

    13.4. Kyc policy

    When you make a withdrawal for the first time, we might ask you for certain document copies to verify your identity. We may subsequently ask for these copies at random to ensure the security of your account. These documents include:

    -The front and back of your driving license or any other official government-issued photographic identification.

    -Your utility bill (for example gas, electricity, water or telephone) with your name and the address you have registered with us.

    -Statement of the card used or letter of issuing bank.

    -The front and back of any credit or debit cards that were used to make a deposit at the Casino.

    13.5 Marketing Communication

    Unless you have elected not to receive promotional materials, we may use your Personal Information, including your email address and phone number, to send you marketing communications regarding products, services and promotions. This may include information about products and services from our business partners, such as casino game providers.

    Whenever you decide to stop receiving such marketing and advertising material, you may opt out of this in your Player Account settings or by contacting our customer support at support@casinoextreme.eu.

    Additionally, note that by accepting any contest prize or winnings from us, you consent to the use of your name and/or nickname for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation, except where prohibited by law.

    13.6 Obtaining personal information

    We shall not collect any Personal Information about you without your knowledge. We may, however, automatically collect certain data about you where you would have provided such information through the use of our services and through your interactions with us.

    We may also lawfully receive certain Personal Information from online vendors and service providers, such as fraud prevention companies. In addition, we retain the right to engage the services of third-party providers to render technical support, so as to process your online transactions and source gaming content.

    Please understand that we may be granted access to any information you may provide to such vendors, service providers and third-party e-commerce services. Rest assured that we will use and safeguard any Personal Information so obtained, as set out in this Policy. Any information that you provide will only be disclosed to third parties outside the Company in accordance with this Privacy Policy, and we shall take any necessary steps to ensure that our agreements with third-party service providers always protect your private information.

    13.7 Data Recipients

    We may pass information that you have given us to other entities within our group of companies and to our business partners. These companies include our parent companies, their parent companies and all of the subsidiaries of these respective companies, as well as other companies with whom we carry out business and hold necessary agreements. Data processing of your information may be undertaken by the Company or by another entity in our group of companies, which may use a third party to fulfill such data processing needs.

    Employees of the Company, more specifically Data Protection Officer, Money Laundering Officer, Payments & Anti-Fraud analysts, Customer Support agents, Customer Retention team members, VIP player managers as well as other selected employees, shall also have access to your Personal Information for the purpose of executing their duties and providing you with assistance.

    Our employees who have access to, or are associated with the processing of the player’s personal information, have signed confidentiality agreements to respect the confidential nature of the player’s information pursuant to applicable gaming, data protection and privacy laws.

    In order to provide you with an efficient service, we and/or our service providers might require transferring your personal data from one country to another in the European Union (EU) and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) regions and also to some data processors that may be based outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). Therefore, by browsing the Website and communicating electronically with us, you acknowledge and agree to our (or our suppliers or sub-contractors) processing of your data in these countries. We shall always use our best efforts to ensure that your information and data is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

    13.8 Releasing Data to Third Parties 

    We do not sell or rent your personal data to third parties.

    We may disclose your personal information if required by law, regulation, or other legal subpoena or warrant. We may also disclose your personal information to a regulatory or law enforcement agency if we believe it to be necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the Company, its customers or any third party.

    Personal data will only be disclosed to third parties in the following cases:

    Where we are required to do so by law.

    If the Website needs to share data with its payment processors to facilitate payment transactions in accordance with their privacy policies (In particular, most banking card transactions are processed by Wirecard Bank AG whose privacy policy applies to such transactions).

    To comply with our legal and regulatory duties and responsibilities to the relevant licensing and regulatory authorities as well as all duties and responsibilities owed under any other applicable legislation and to any other applicable regulators in other jurisdictions.

    When the Company believes that disclosure is necessary to protect the Company’s or the player’s safety, or the safety of others, investigate fraud, or respond to a government request.

    If our marketing service providers require the data to carry out their tasks.

    To any other third party with the player’s prior consent to do so.

    We use third-party data processors to process limited personal data on our behalf. Such service providers support the Website, especially relating to hosting and operating the websites, marketing, analytics, improving the websites, and sending email newsletters. We shall ensure that the transfer of the Personal Data to the recipient is compliant with applicable Data Protection Legislation and that the same obligations are imposed on the processor as is imposed on us under the respective Services Agreement.

    Our websites may also include social media features (e.g. “share” or “like” buttons). Such features are provided by third-party social media platforms such as Facebook. Where data is collected this way, its processing is governed by the privacy policy of the respective social media platforms.

    In addition to the above, we may also release personal data if we acquire any new businesses. Should the Company undergo any changes to its structure such as a merger, acquisition by another company or a partial acquisition, it is most likely that our customers’ personal data will be included within the sale or transfer. We will, as part of our Policy, inform our players by email prior to affecting such transfer of personal data.

    Please note our content may link to third party websites to provide relevant references. We are not responsible for such external content, which may contain separate privacy policies and data processing disclosures.

    13.9 Data Retention 

    As stated under our Terms and Conditions both, you and the Casino can decide to have your Player Account closed at any time. Following closure of your account, we will retain your personal data on record for as long as required by law. This data shall only be used should it be required by competent authorities in cases of enquiries regarding financial and fiscal records, fraud, money laundering or investigations into any other illegal activity.

    You are to note that due to anti-money laundering regulations in licensed gaming jurisdictions in the European Union, we are obliged to retain personal data of players submitted during registration and any data passed on during the operative period of a Player Account for a minimum of five years from last player transaction or account closure. Therefore, requests for erasure prior to the lapse of this period cannot be entertained.

    13.10 Security of Your Data

    We hereby acknowledge that in collecting and processing your Personal Information for the purposes of managing your Player Account, we are bound by strict legal provisions on the protection of personal data.

    Consequently, we endeavor to protect your personal information and respect your privacy in accordance with best business practices and applicable regulations. Being committed to providing secure services to players, and we will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that all the data that you have submitted to us remains safe.

    Player Accounts can only be accessed with the player’s unique ID and password. You are responsible for keeping your login information confidential and making sure it cannot be accessed by another person.

    13.11 Contacting Us

    You may always contact us in regards to this Policy should you wish to:

    Confirm the accuracy of the personal information we have collected about you.

    Enquire about our use of your personal information.

    Prohibit future use of your data for direct marketing purposes.
    Update or rectify any information that you have provided us (in such cases you shall provide any evidence we may reasonably require to effect such changes). Note it is illegal to provide us with false information about you and it is your responsibility to ensure that we are always updated with your correct data.

    Addition, as per Article 77 of the GDPR, you have the right lodge a complaint related to your data processing to a supervisory authority, in particular, in the Member State of your habitual residence, place of work or place of an alleged infringement.

    13.12 Cookie Policy 

    When you visit the Website, our system automatically collects information about your visit, such as your browser, IP address, and the referring website. This collection may be done in conjunction with our platform providers and partners. We may receive from them general demographic or usage data of our Website visitors. We do not use automatically collected information to identify you personally without receiving additional consent.

    To collect the information in question we use cookies and similar tracking tools. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or equipment when you visit our web pages. Some of the cookies are essential for the Website to operate; others improve your Website experience and help us deliver a better service. Below are the types of cookies we use and their purposes.

    Required cookies: enable the navigation and basic functionality of the websites, e.g., access to member areas of the Website.

    Functional cookies: allow us to analyze your website usage and your selections on the website (e.g. your session key, language, or region), so we can save these settings and offer you a more personalized experience.

    Advertising cookies: allow us to gauge how effective our content marketing is. These cookies are provided by our partners to track website visits and new player registrations from advertising. We do not share your personal information (such as name or email) to affiliated partners except for site visit data collected directly by such Advertising Cookies. However, your site visit data may be linked with other personal information collected through other sources by the providers. The latter external data processing is governed by the privacy notices and policies of these third-party providers.

    In addition to the above, we use a number of third party service providers who also set cookies on this Website, in order to deliver the services that they are providing to us. Such services include, but are not limited to, helping us to improve your experience by tracking your activity on the Website, measuring the effectiveness of the Website and the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.

    Most online browsers automatically accept cookies. If you prefer, it is possible to block some or all cookies, or to delete cookies that have already been set by modifying your browser settings. However, we recommend that you do not block or delete your cookies as this may restrict your use of our Website.


  14. Anti-money laundering


    14.1 Company reserves the right to suspend or permanently deactivate any Player Account at any time, and to cancel or declare as void transactions in the Company’s sole discretion, if any of the following conditions apply:

    a. Company finds transactions with irregularities that may negatively affect payment processing and/or transactions which rise suspicions of a violation of the Terms and Conditions (e.g., the name and address of the player do not match the name and address of a used credit card, or any other mode of payment used by the Player Account).
    b. Company finds that the Player Account has violated any regulation contained in these Terms, the General Terms of Service, the rules of a provided game and/or any other specific rules, as applicable from time to time. Any decision of Company regarding the invalidation of transactions and the suspension or permanent deactivation of Player Accounts shall be binding upon the player. Any such decision is within the sole discretion of the Company, does not require any justification towards the player. In the circumstances referred to above,  Company shall also be entitled to withhold and/or retain any and all amounts which would otherwise have been paid or payable to the player.
    c. Company considers that the player used the products and services offered on the Website in an inappropriate manner or has deliberately cheated or taken unfair advantage of Company or any of its other players.
    d. Company considers that the player used the products and services offered on the Website in a fraudulent manner and/or for illegal and/or unlawful or improper purposes.
    e. Player used devices such as robots or other artificial assistants, external programs or mathematical techniques or any manipulative strategies that distort normal gameplay and gave the Client an unfair advantage and did not leave place for chance.

    14.2 If the value of a made deposit is not played through in full before a withdrawal is requested, or if there is any evidence of a series of placed bets/wagers which result in guaranteed player profits irrespective of the outcome, or where all the betting/wagering is determined to be low risk, Company reserves the right to request a receipt showing proof of betting/wagering with non-low risk, before any withdrawal may be processed.

    14.3 Upon the Company's request, the Client shall provide other documents necessary for the verification of payment (including in the case of a request for a refund). The performance of the refund request can be postponed and/or not satisfied if all the documents necessary for such performance are not provided, or there are claims of third parties for the amounts on the Personal Account (for example, a return payment on the payment system). If the requested documents are not provided, the Company has the right to suspend the provision of services, including by suspending or permanently deactivating the Player Account. Furthermore, if the payment system used by the Client does not allow for refunds, then in order to process the refund application by the Company, the Client needs to provide alternative means of payment for the refund, which is accepted by the Company.

    14.4 Cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and merchant policies and rules for any payment system used to make transactions to the Company.

    14.5 Company takes all forms of fraudulent activity of players very seriously. Any fraudulent activity, as determined at Company's sole discretion, is strictly prohibited. Fraudulent activity may include, but is not limited to, using stolen credit cards, transfer of funds to other player accounts (chip dumping), forgery, player collusion, the use of impermissible software tools, the provision of false registration data or other requested information, etc. In addition to any other remedies provided under these Terms, the General Terms of Service, or the applicable game rules, Company reserves the right to pursue claims for criminal prosecution and/or civil damages concerning any fraudulent activities. Players involved in any form of suspected fraudulent activity, as well as any suspicious transactions, will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Company is requested to do so by the police, other regulatory bodies or court and/or Company considers that any of the events referred to above may have occurred or are likely to occur.

    14.6 The Company sometimes receives chargeback requests from issuing card providers, in relation to its Clients and Player Accounts. This occurs when a Client claims that the relevant transaction was not undertaken by the Client. If this is claimed by you to your card provider, we have the right to suspend or deactivate your Player Account while we investigate the chargeback. If a chargeback request is received, we will contact you to confirm the transaction and/or investigate the chargeback request. Reminders may be sent should the requested information not be received. If we are unable to contact you, your Player Account may remain suspended or be permanently deactivated. Sadly, not all chargeback requests are valid and may, when made without basis, constitute fraud or attempted fraud against the Company. In the case of invalid or false chargeback requests, we will permanently deactivate your Player Account and freeze any available funds.

    14.7 Company is committed to ensuring that the current regulations against money laundering and the financing of terrorism are strictly adhered to. This commitment implies that sophisticated tools have been put in place to continuously monitor and minimize operational risks. Depositing of funds obtained illegally and/or by improper means is strictly prohibited by the Company. Any Client activity on the Website will be monitored and assessed to this effect. Suspicious activity will be automatically reported to the authorities in charge. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Client acknowledges that he may deposit money into the Player Account, only in order to play and use the games and services offered. Players who deposit and attempt to withdraw, without any gaming activities recorded, will have their funds blocked until proper investigations have been concluded. Such withdrawals incur a processing fee of up to 10% of the deposited amount.

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