Tournaments Leaderboard

Tournament name:
Extreme Weekly



Rank Username Score
1 sgmbalona 13,380.00
2 nephex 10,090.00
3 kfed4thewin 8,580.00
4 pacecar681 6,555.00
5 ontopofyou2 6,400.00
6 quantumleap 590.00
7 walter626 0.00

Tournament name:
Extreme Weekend

Closed (finished on 2020-09-20)


Rank Username Score
1 rashoo91 30,450.00
2 marines4life 29,905.00
3 armedrob 19,910.00
4 rileyismydog 10,530.00
5 traviepoo 6,275.00

Tournament name:
Extreme Weekly

Closed (finished on 2020-09-17)


Rank Username Score
1 g1ng3r 20,210.00
2 armedrob 15,935.00
3 mace382020 12,925.00
4 kimberly08 11,970.00
6 68jaycutler 10,410.00
7 butimjustaboyy 9,815.00
8 rashoo91 9,355.00
9 pacecar681 8,485.00
10 novanation5 7,885.00
11 sgmbalona 7,615.00
12 traviepoo 7,510.00
13 tserika 7,425.00
14 rileyismydog 7,350.00
15 kfed4thewin 7,125.00
16 deadeye4956 6,777.00
17 ryanpie 6,100.00
18 davesanti777 5,795.00
19 sunny smile 5,785.00
20 dee429 5,779.00
21 eyenerd1 5,435.00
22 marines4life 5,250.00
23 l05tcau5e 5,160.00
24 walter626 4,915.00
25 kaiwren 3,165.00
26 lugy360 3,120.00
27 sammyiam20 2,880.00
28 smithjuli 525.00

Tournament name:
Extreme Weekend

Closed (finished on 2020-09-13)


Rank Username Score
1 lukepointer 11,812.00
2 traviepoo 10,980.00
3 armedrob 10,979.00
4 rileyismydog 5,488.00
5 l05tcau5e 5,212.00

How To Play?

  • Please download our free Casino Extreme software since tournaments are only available in the Download (PC) version of our casino.
  • Click the "Tournaments" button in the lobby and create an Alias. This is the name that will be displayed in the tournament Leader Board. It is not the same as your casino Username.
  • Select a tournament from the list and click the "Buy-In" button to reserve you place in the tournament. Some tournaments are free, but some will require a small buy-in fee.
  • If you wish to add money to improve your current score, you can do so by clicking the "Add-On" button.
  • The "Re-Buy" button lets you reset your score to zero and start building it again. Don't worry, you never lose your highest score when you re-buy, you can only get a higher score or keep the one you have. You may re-buy as many times as stated in the rules of your selected tournament.

Tournament Rules

  • Tournaments end promptly at the published time.
  • Tournament "Buy-in", "Re-Buy" and "Add-on" fees are stated in USD (United States Dollar). If you play in other currencies (EUR), when you Buy-In, Re-Buy or Add-On your balance will be converted in your local currency equivalent to the stated USD fee.
  • Any amount used from a bonus free deposit to enter a tournament (Buy-in, Add-on or Re-Buy) will be subsequently deducted from qualifying amount for cashback.
  • Prizes are transferred to your casino account within minutes of the tournament ending, and you can withdraw 2x your winnings at any time.
  • Only completed spins and bonus features will count towards the final outcome.
  • Only one non-entry fee tournament prize may be claimed between deposits.
  • All entry fees need to be bought with real money and no bonuses / tournament winnings / promotional funds may be used to enter a tournament or add to a tournament score.
  • All winnings from non-entry fee tournament need to be wagered one time before withdrawal.
  • Tournament prizes claimed by players that have not yet deposited at Casino Extreme will be considered as if part of a no-deposit promotion and will be subject to our Terms and Conditions.
  • Affiliate tournaments are only reserved for players who have opened accounts through that affiliate.
  • 45x wagering of winnings from free spins and 40x wagering from free chip is required before the withdrawal can be made.
  • Maximum withdrawal depends on which place you have won and will be subsequently published. You will be notified via email from our support team.
  • Free tournaments are reserved for players from following countries only: USA, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland and New Zealand.
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