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Sweet 16 Blast Slot & 30 FS to Get

For all of you who like the sweets, people from RTG decided to please you with a Sweet 16 Blast. Plus, there is a special offer. Check it out!

Casino Extreme’s new slot Sweet 16 Blast is here and it is ready to take you on one hell of an adventure! A new candy shower is expecting you as soon as you join us. RTG had success with the original Sweet 16 slot, and they decided to release a sequel called Sweet 16 Blast. Stay with us to take a short look on the game’s top features and to book your free spins!

About Sweet 16 Blast Slot

The structure of 6 reels and 5 rows offers a lot of chances to fill your pockets with cash. The slot is full of symbols in form of gummy bears, candies, and chocolates to make the win even sweeter. They give you the chance to win up to 12 of a kind. With stunning visuals, audio and animations, the experience of playing Extreme’s newest slot will be complete. This bright and colourful slot is going to make these summer days a lot better.

Sweet 16 Blast’s Special Features

Sweet 16 Blast slot has many special features which may reward you significantly. Let’s check them out.

Probably the most interesting feature is Cascading Wins. This is the feature we haven’t had a chance to see in RTG’s games until now. After a winning combination is paid out, its symbols drop off the screen and new symbols cascade into their place. The new elements can lead to another winning sequence and additional payout.

There are other possibilities to earn through Free Games, Scatter Symbols, Bonus Bet and Buy Features. The Scatter in this title appears in the form of a candy Heart. If you land four hearts, you will trigger 10 spins with special Multiplier elements. These can be between 2X to 100X.

Using the Bonus Bet feature, players can increase the odds of triggering Free Games by adding more Scatter symbols to each reel. When this feature is active, the bet increases by 25X. The Buy Feature gives an opportunity to purchase Free Games which is better that waiting for Scatters to trigger them. Also, the cost is 100X the bet. Give this slot a try as soon as possible and you won’t regret it.

Sweet 16 Blast Play Now

Savoring the sweet success of the Sweet 16 Blast slot? Well, here comes a sprinkling of science!
Dr. Winmore is here with his lab of luck, dishing out a scrumptious treat – a pack of 30 free spins, fresh out of his experimental oven! Simply enter a code BLOGGER30 and get your gaming appetite satisfied! Good luck spinning!

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86 thoughts on “Sweet 16 Blast Slot & 30 FS to Get

  1. The new game sweet 16 is awesome. Has alot of unique ways to win ad the buy feature and bet feature hightens your odds of winning. Extreme casino is really elevating it’s game. Definately my number 1casino

  2. I’m not the biggest fan of these type of specific slots but this one has something about it that is going to keep me coming back. It might just be the casino LOL but it’s a pretty decent game

  3. This game is absolutely adorable and it wins! I would recommend this game to any new players, as well as my friends, who will be signing up today!!! It’s just as fun as it’s predecessor, Sweet 16. Thank you and have a Blast!!!

  4. I honestly was last impressed by this game than any other game at the casino. I went through about 200 spins, 100 of those with bonus bet applied and never once received free spins/features. The payback wasn’t terrible but I’ll definitely be staying away from this game in the future, apart from those 30 free spins, of course. Maybe they’ll change my mind… Who knows.

  5. usually I’m very picky with my slots and most new slots never really pull to my liking in certain ways other than this one. any slot I choose to play has to be a little fun to my brain in a certain way and this one deff does that. colorful and spunky to me loved it

  6. Sweet 16 Blast review. First and foremost, I was psyched when I discovered the cascading reels. They’re my favorite. The 2nd version of Sweet 16 is pretty fun to play. I got quite a few cascading wins in a row right off the bat. The audio is good, visually it’s entertaining, however my 1st time around, after 50 spins, I didn’t even score one bonus. So that was disappointing, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. It was intriguing enough for me to give it another go.

  7. Ok I’m feeling this new game definitely a money maker and having a sweetheart tooth for Candy with it lol definitely enjoy this game and definitely going to play more of it

  8. So far I have yet to play this game but I’m pretty confident that like the other games, Its fun-filled with free spins, bonuses and big pay-offs. As soon as I do play it I will be sure to update my review and give a more accurate account of its gameplay.

  9. This is a good relaxing game. It’s one of those long haulers though, meaning it’s going to take some time for you to build up a bank. But the constant steady stream of winnings almost every spin keeps things interesting and makes it worth the wait for your cash to stack up.

  10. This is an interesting slot. I didn’t quite understand how it worked but several spins in I started to enjoy it. Few taps here and it works it’s magic for you. Overall I really like that that each slot has its own uniqueness, which gives you something to look forward to.

  11. This game doesn’t pay out at all. I did not like the new game. It surprises me because I love playing at casino extreme!

  12. Hello!
    I tried this game with the free spins you generously provided me. Thank you for the free spins, but the ge gets q pass from me.. no thank you! Although, I think it is successful in that the creators probably achieved the game they set out to make and I have no doubt that there is a group of players that will be excited with the outcome. All in all, good job, but not for me 😉


  14. The game was really awesome to play, I received quite a few bonus rounds and ended up winning some money!

  15. The game was kinda irritating at first but then it picked up once I understood how you actually when and then hit the bonuses!

  16. ive enjoyed the game somewhat, but it seems near impossible to trigger the feature. ill still give it some time to break in before i settle on if i truly like it or not

  17. I played up and down for 45 minutes and came out about the same I put in which is cool when u play it for so long. Good graphics. Can win 10x bet which is awesome too. Worth trying out for sure.

  18. I enjoyed playing this game and look forward to playing it more in the future. Has a great combination of wins.

  19. Sweet 16 Blast is a fun and unique game with lots of features. I like the different bet amounts available, bonus bet feature, and the exploding pieces on each win that give you more value for each spin. Look forward to trying my luck at this game again!

  20. The new sweet 16 is awesome. Had a lots of fun playing it can’t wait for my 30 free spins to play some more let’s go.

  21. The game lacked something for me as it didn’t seem to have any big wins and i got numerous sweet 16 hearts yet nothing happened no bonus or free spins and by the size of them in relation to all of the other candies you’d assume they’d be a trigger for a bonus or free spins.

  22. Sweet 16 Blast is a fun and unique game with a variety of features that provide value for your money. The exploding symbols give you extra chances to win, and the option to buy the feature and bonus bet are new additions that you don’t really see in other RTG slots. Will definitely be back to Casino Extreme to play this one some more!

  23. This game is very sweet with the winnings and the bet range is fair I personally won a little bit on it was fun playing and getting to see how the game was all in all its a good game to play

  24. I like this game so far but I have not been able to hit the bonus even once. And I’m not brave enough to pay for a feature yet. I’m glad they finally brought a completely different type of game to RTG, it’s about time

  25. This game is pretty cool. The times I’ve won were more than I would have figured I’d get. I think the buy feature is pretty cool. I have yet to try that one tho. Otherwise it’s a pretty decent game.

  26. Sweet 16 was one of my favorite. But the sequel is the most fun. The graphics and the design of the game is super entertaining and keeps you interested.

  27. It was alright. I dont get big into these kinda games, but wasnt bad but wasnt too entertaining either. Thanks for the spins though, it made me hungry for chocolate user dodger712

  28. The new sweet 16 blast.is very fun and great to play… I sujust to every one to check it..I had fun playing it

  29. Love this game had a great time playing can’t wait till I get my extra free spins so I can play the game more for free. Hope everyone else enjoys it too..

  30. I love to win , winning I love , rubber duck motherfuck, no luck , eat nuts and I love to win no love for losers! Ima winner and not for chicken dinner like the new game tho!

  31. So I played the game. It had it’s high points I enjoyed the Cascade how one would break and the others would fall down. I never did get a scatter I would always get only two hearts maybe three hearts at the most and never really got to experience with scatter is. I also was not able to use the special feature to where you can buy your bonus. But I did like the game it’s very fun I wish it paid out a little bit more but you know we all do wish that. All in all out of on a scale of 1 to 100 give the game probably about a 73 odd number because it was an odd number of the way it just worked in general. Not knocking it guys but I’m not recommending it either.

  32. This new sweet 16 blast is even better than the previous sweet 16! Loads of ways to win money, cascading wins, frees spins , who could ask for more?

  33. It’s definitely different than all the other games on here. I haven’t quite figured out the bonus system yet. But I’m looking forward to trying. Best of luck to anyone who plays

  34. Good game lots of angles to win from also. Keeps you interested with the constant flow of good candy. I mean who doesn’t like candy

  35. The original is my favorite game if all time so of course I had to try this one. Although it’s a little harder to get high paying spins the bonus is amazing if you can get. There is an option to buy the feature but I’ve yet to try that.

  36. I really really like this game and not only because I am addicted to candy!! I like the bonus bet feature also. It might just be that I have a constant sweet tooth but This is 1 of my favorite games to date!

  37. Ballin is a habit with this new game. Vibrant colors and steady payouts make sure that you don’t want to stray away. Come check the game out as soon as possible. Enjoy

  38. Hello to all my fellow slot players! So here is my review of Sweet 16 as I promised. Where to start, this is a unique, and different type slot to me. Winning by the number of symbols all together and nothing to do with lines in a row. Love the switch up and will play this game regularly from now on. I did have some luck and won the bonus free spins with my last spin. It requires you get 4 or more off the sweet16 hearts. I will say one thing I did not like is the low winnings I received for bonus round. Was around 2/3 bucks. But the game seems like could have a blast over and over…. Thanks great add Extreme

  39. Love the colors and graphics! Bonus takes a little bit to get into but can pay back pretty well! Had fun thanks again for keeping Casino Extreme my favorite place to play!

  40. I’m so glad this game is finally here! I love the sticky symbols and respin feature on this slot! Awesome

  41. I give every new game a try , but for some reason this game doesn’t come through in wining big, always find my trying to hit that lucky spin, but no. Interesting game , just not my cup of tea

  42. This game is so fun and the free spins are big I love this game definitely my top 5 and It’s not too expensive at 30 cents a spin its a steal

  43. Really am enjoying the new update, cash bandits, sweet sixteen and 21 blackjack are among my favorites it’s fun easy and not to mention a great stress reliever can’t wait to see what’s next

  44. I had the chance to play this new slot game and wasn’t too impressed. Nice layout and nice colors but the payout rate wasn’t all that great. The features hardly ever come up.

  45. Sweet 16 has a slightly different play style from most games here at the Extreme. Rather than needing to match consecutive symbols, with Sweet 16 you need to match 8 or more of candies anywhere on the screen and when you do they will pop and disappear, dropping in new candies and the chance for more matches, and so on and so forth. You can link 4 or 5 or even 6 or more cascading drops in one spin which can add up quickly to be substantially more than the cost to spin, especially if you get a set of the “maltballs”(that’s what the chocolate circles look like to me) as they are worth a ton. But where Sweet 16 really shines is during the free spins bonus game, where the game adds the gummy bear multipliers that can drop in during the cascade of candies that occur after you hit 8 or more l. Each gummy bear carries with it a winnings multiplier and you can get more than one of these gummy bears during a single spin and their multipliers will add together, personally I’ve seen individual multipliers anywhere from 2x to 88x(!), add a few of those together and you can see why the charge to buy the bonus game it 30x your bet amount. All in all a very fun addition to an already packed line-up of slots.

  46. 20 cents I’m sorry but yes the game is awesome affordable and fun with big wins in the free spins

  47. The game will s very colorful it makes me happy. I love the second chance u get when u win and the candy disappears and new ones fall in place. Free spins are always fun u never know what u could wind. It is definitely my favorite at this time I can get passed the graphics it’s perfect in my opinion.

  48. Love this o line casino always my go too. No scams going on at all. And this new game is so colorful and eye appealing I love it. It’s makes me happy just thinking about playing. Love the second chances u get when u win and the candy disappears and new ones fall into place and u never know what u could win.

  49. Sweet 16 Blast is pretty cool. It took me a little while to get in the groove. I liked the bonus structure. Colorful and fun. I highly recommend this game.

  50. Original sweet16 was from my favorites ones so this one as awesome as it could be wont pass over original but I liked it a lot but still I dlnt really like those kind of games

  51. I liked the game but it’s really hard to get the bonus. Took me a while to hit it and when I did it didn’t pay that great. Seems like a challenge I’ll end up spending all my money on 🤷🏽‍♂️ but oh well lol


  52. The original is my favorite. The best thing about this new version is the bonus. You get it rarely. But the option to buy is there so that’s cool

  53. I wasn’t sure about this game at first. After a few spins. I was hooked. It’s definitely a money maker. It’ll definitely be one of my go to games from now on. Awesome job on the new games. Keep up the good work.

  54. Sorry not impressed at all with the new slot. I found myself getting bored while playing. I am not really big on cascading reels. Will not be one that I play often if at all. I vote thumbs down on this one!

  55. I am always a fan of the cascade style games. Even on the lower tier of betting amounts have a good chance of actually winning, at least in my experience. All in all worth a play.

  56. Love this game and finally a buy bonus slot! Love that this kind of slot is finally available at one of my favorite places to play 😊😊. Can’t wait to see what I can rack in on this one with some serious play .

  57. I love sweets and this game has it. The exploding symbols give you extra chances to win, and the option to buy the feature and bonus bet are new additions. I have not hit a bonus yet but maybe just maybe I will be cascading in sweetness!

  58. This game is a special treat in my eyes. I come back to this game every time. It is so much fun

  59. This game really actually sucks it was fun when I won but I waited all my money on this game


  60. So this one Sweet 16 Blast didn’t grab my attention but my husband was raving about it so I tried it and I was surprised at the return on winning spins. Not too bad. Pretty consistent. I didn’t use the buy features but I have never used them on any game. Maybe I will try it on this one in the future. The graphics are ok. I’m big on flashy games. This one could be better. But it’s has potential to pull in some good winnings. I’ll def try it again.

  61. My first thought about the game was I like it but after trying it a second time I dont think I will try it much after this except of course for the 30 fs

  62. Loved this new game. It’s not your typical slot, so the winning matches can throw you off a bit. But just collect 8 of the same symbols and bam, collect winnings from those and here come more symbols to replace those for more wins! I really loved the bonus where you get a bear symbol that multiply your win!!!! You can even get more than one. It’s a great game!!

  63. The new game Sweet 16 blast is a lot of fun, i never hit a bonus though so that was a let down, but other than that it was a great game.

  64. The new game sweet 16 is awesome. Has alot of unique ways to win ad the buy feature and bet feature hightens your odds of winning. Extreme casino is really elevating it’s game. Definately my number 1casino

  65. Newst girl type game fun game offers a bonus that is hard to get into but can payout well. I like the colorful graphics but bonuses could always come faster. Thanks Casino Brango woooooo let’s gooooooo

  66. This game is awesome. Very exciting and very fun to play at all times. Keeps you on edge and exciting at same time

  67. I wasn’t too impressed with this slot. It just seemed to slowly make my balance disappear. Even when I would get the bonus feature the payouts where low.

  68. I love this game it is very fun and I love playing it I’ve one so far on the game and would love to win more

  69. This game is at least interesting unlike some of the recent ones that I’ve seen come out. I haven’t had much luck with it but that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad game. LOL I definitely like games where the symbols fall down after you match them and I don’t see a lot of RTG games like that LOL if you’re bored of the old games that RTG comes out with then this one might be a little needed fresh air.


  70. any slot I choose to play has to be a little fun to my brain in a certain way and this one deff does that. Bright and attention grabbing. loved it

  71. I don’t know if it’s better than the other candy game. Either way, I tried to bonus but it didn’t happen. I want the cake balls.

  72. I don’t really like these type of slot games but once I played it and had a good run of line hits and it kept popping and lining it up with more line hits wellll then i was hooked!! Great game and very good fun to play

  73. If you can hit a bonus round you can walk away with a serious amount of money …the gummy bears that have 5x’s ,8x’s,20x’s or 50x’s your win can make you shout out loud lol…. But you can also choose to “Buy” that bonus round if you have enough to cover it, which is a pretty cool feature I have used a few times…
    All in all I give it a 7 out of 10 stars. Try it!

  74. This game is fun. I like being able to win a little every turn. And when you get to the bonus it’s usually big

  75. Hitting the free games feature seems Lil to hard to do but when you do hit it it pays off or it did for me anyway but if it wasn’t for that than I probably wouldn’t like it…

  76. It was a lot better than the regular sweet 16 game but I find the spins too long in between. I like the fast pace games and this one drags long in between. It was alright tho but these games are not for everyone.

  77. Really like the new game it went really good on my spins I almost beat the playthrough really good add on thank you for all the new slots.!

  78. Well I personally loved the original sweet 16 but I’m not so sure about this one it seems the rtp is a lot lower the f ee spin feature is really rare in my experience so far but it is an entertaining game and I do keep pumping cash into it
    Username concretemario13

  79. I love this slot it fun and awesome I love the details and I really appreciate the customer support they always are so helpful

  80. Once again a new slot is a new win I love it from the details to the bouns rounds all of the slots are very good

  81. Sweet 16 is a super fun game overall. Gives you a candy crush feel which we all hate but with the added bonus spins and multipliers will surely have you at the top of the bankroll gettin ready for a withdrawal.
    Overall I give it 9/10

  82. 1st off, quite a few cascading wins in a row happens pretty well when it happens.
    The little sizzle and bubble pop souns are very neat. The game is quite attrective. I haven’t got to do a bonus round yet.

  83. The game is alright but not one of my favorites. It may be because I haven’t been able to get to the bonus yet but here’s to 30 spins to keep trying!

  84. Not bad it took me playing a few times to get into it but it’s alright. Def not my fav but I’m sure I’ll play it now and then thanks for the spins

  85. Sweet 16 is a blast and exciting as the catclysm of candies keeps going I’m very excited to hit the bonus bet it’s a good one good job on this game it’s alot of fun.

  86. I played sweetblast I had fun couldn’t get free spins bonus it reminds me of sweet 16 iam in to it the new games are like the old ones some. username Melgozass

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