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Cash Bandits 3 – Free Spins Fans Favorite Slot

Check out why Cash Bandits 3 slot still remains one of the most beloved and played slots at Extreme’s instant withdrawal casino.

Do you remember playing “cops and robbers” as a kid chasing your friends around in the backyard? Well, if you loved playing that childhood game, the closest experience you can relieve as an adult is by playing Cash Bandits 3 slot.

It’s not only one of the most popular slot sequels in history but it’s also one of the most played too, according to our monthly recaps. And there are quite a lot of reasons for it. Besides bringing plenty of fun and nostalgia, the main one is the number of free spins you get while playing it. So, let’s see how you can get your hands on them.

Cash Bandits 3 Overall

Cash Bandits 3 is a 5×3 reel/25 variable lines slot with a lot of special features that make it unique. It’s a continuation of the previous two editions with the return of cute cartoon-style robbers and cops that serve as Scatter and Substitute symbols. That’s also where most of the appeal comes as it’s designed to have a classic look and feel, along with pretty slick graphics and sound. In terms of pace, it’s similar to other RNG slots such as “Plentiful Treasure” and “Fortunate Buddha“.

The Vault of Free Spins

The main feature that makes this slot so popular is the special Vault Feature. To trigger the free spins Vault feature, you need three or more Scatter symbols to appear anywhere on the reels. The Cash Bandits 3 symbol is the Scatter symbol you are looking for. It allows you to win up to 390 free spins, with the potential multiplier going up to an amazing 23x! Free spins are played at the lines with the top award going up to 50,000x bet per line.

Cash Bandits 3 Progressive Jackpots

Another special feature that we’re happy to announce is two progressive jackpots that you can trigger in Cash Bandits 3. They continuously increase with every bet placed until someone hits them. The jackpots reset after the declaration of a winner. All players of the game have a chance to hit the jackpot, regardless of the stakes they are playing for. If you’re lucky enough to trigger the Major Jackpot, you’ll get $1,000.00 with the Mini getting you a solid $250.00.

Get Your Free Spins on Cash Bandits 3

And now we’re up to the part you’ve all been waiting to hear. The part where we tell you how to make the best use of Cash Bandits 3 free spins. If you want to take on extra free spins besides the ones that the game already provides, consider playing the game during our Spinner Winner Tournament. It enables an extra 1800 free spins and $2,500 worth of prizes for the best 50 players on weekly basis.

Also, pay attention to our monthly promo codes, which provide a certain number of free spins on different games. The one that’s currently active is the SPINNER150 coupon that gets you 150 free spins on Cash Bandits 3. It’s closely tied to our STAIRS code that you can claim thrice a day so go check it out. It’s going to highly increase your chances of taking the top award of $7,000 in this month’s whopping $35k prize pool Stairway to Seven Tournament, and that’s a step you don’t want to miss! Break the vault and take what’s yours!

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13 thoughts on “Cash Bandits 3 – Free Spins Fans Favorite Slot

  1. honestly this game is still one on odd my favorites and always is a blast top play. I highly recommend trying cash bandits 3 if you haven’t already.

    1. i aleays loved cash bandits 3 it was my very first love with casino extreme and still is in my top 3 favorites today a year later so hats off to u cash bandits 3

    2. crash banditss 3has been such a fun game so far. I was given free spins 2 times. I will for sure play that game regularly.

  2. cash bandits 3 is easily the most exciting and by far the best bonus out of all games easily. if slots is your thing it’s a must without question. thanks casino extreme

  3. I love cash bandit the free spin help when my balance low good spin fast bonus round I love u can pick number to unlock more spins

  4. cash bandits 3 is one of my favorites when it’s paying but there are times when it seems like you are just not going to win no matter what!

  5. cash bandit is absolutely fun, entertaining and definitely will have your finger on the tip of your hand😜lol!!! I’m absolutely crazy about it after playing and will be probably playing it a lot now that I’ve had a good feel for it. The best part in my opinion is the free spin trigger feature that anytime you spin 3 cash bandit guys on any line you trigger this bank vault that you get to guess the punch code one number at a time as if you’re ooening a real vault at a bank an each guess (if you get the number right ofcourse) gains you more spins and more multipliers on the money you gain from each extra spin so it’s absolutely possible to win a butt load of money in one trigger play period..I’m pretty sure I actually won a little over 50 bucks just in one trigger play round one time!!!

  6. I haven’t gotten to play this game just yet but hopefully by writing this I will get my chance too I guess time will only tell if I get the free spins or not I know most of the games on this app are fun too play!

  7. I think the cash anit game is alright I’m not vary good at getting the bounes but when I do then it’s on trying to get them safes open

  8. this game is one of my all-time favorites and I’ve played many many different websites casinos and I seem to always win on this one not much but more than I had and I’m grateful for the opportunity to find something I like to pass time

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