Egyptian Gold slot

Egyptian Gold Slot – the Feature Rich Game

Egyptian Gold slot is all you want from the casino game filled with random bonuses and features. Play at crypto casino Extreme!

One more time people from Real Time Gaming opened a tomb filled with random bonuses and features. Egyptian Gold slot is all you want from the casino game and the big unveiling will take place on the 10th of November 2021, when it will become available to play at crypto casino Extreme. Keep reading this review to prepare yourself for this event.

Egyptian Gold Slot Overall

Seems that pharaohs, pyramids, tombs are some of the favorite slot symbols and that’s one of the reasons for RTG to place one more game in Ancient Egypt. This 234 ways game can expand up to 576 ways, giving you more winning chances. It brings you Super Expanding Wilds and a lucky Scarab can level your game experience up with random awards – Wild Reels, Random Wilds, and a Magical Respin.

This slot features even three free game modes as a part of the Free Games Pick Bonus. At the end of a random spin, Scarab may appear on screen and award Free Games Pick Bonus directly to the player along with a prize award which equals the bet.

Jackpot Pick Bonus feature is one more way to help you win while playing the Egyptian Gold slot. At the end of any base spin, the Scarab may appear on screen and trigger a Jackpot Pick Bonus matching game.

The wild symbol in this game is Wild Pyramid that substitutes for all symbols except the scatter. When a Wild symbol lands on Reel 3, it will cover the entire Reel 3 with Wild symbols and expand Reels 2, 3, 4 to 4 rows high making the game 576 ways, before counting the winnings.

Bonus Features

If you’re looking for a slot with bonus features, the Egyptian Gold slot is a game for you. The main figure is Scarab that can appear at the end of any spin randomly and fly across the reels. It will reward you with one of the 5 features. There are Wild Reels, Random Wilds, Magical Re-Spin, Free Games Pick Bonus, and Jackpot Pick Bonus. You can trigger randomly all of those bonus rounds at the end of any spin.

Wild Reels Feature

Wild symbol (Scarab) will cover any of Reels 2, 3, or 4 with Wild symbols and make it 4 rows high (324 Ways) before counting the winnings.

Random Wilds

Scarab will drop wild symbols on the reels randomly. All pays are evaluated after the Random Wilds feature completes.

Magical Re-spin Feature

At the end of a losing spin, Scarab will re-spin all reels and award a big win to the player. You can play this feature at the bet of the triggering spin and the bet cannot be changed.

Free Games features

At the end of a random spin, Scarab may come on screen and award Free Games Pick Bonus directly to the player along with a prize award equal to bet. 3 Scattered Bonus can also trigger the Free Games Pick Bonus feature. Free Games will end once there are no more Free Games remaining or when you achieve the maximum payout.

There are three different free games bonuses and players can pick one option to play:

  • Option 1: Guaranteed Super Expanding Wild, where the player gets 5 free games with Super Expanding Wild Symbol guaranteed on reel 3 (reels 2, 3 & 4 are 4 high and entire reel 3 is covered with wild symbols).
  • Option 2: Wild Reel on every spin, where the player gets 8 free games. On every spin, one of the reels 2, 3, or 4 becomes wild and 4 rows high (324 Ways).
  • Option 3: Super Expanding Wild paying Double (2x), where the player collects 10 free games. Super Expanding Wild feature occurs with a higher frequency. Super Expanding Wild doubles pay of winning combination it substitutes in.

Jackpot Pick Bonus Feature

During the Jackpot Pick Bonus, 12 options appear on the screen. Selecting an option will reveal one symbol. When 3 identical symbols appear, the player wins a progressive amount (Mini, Minor, Major, or Maxi) corresponding to the matching options. If the feature triggers while AutoPlay is on, the game will randomly select the option on behalf of the player.

Take a spin on this feature rich game and collect winnings!

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42 thoughts on “Egyptian Gold Slot – the Feature Rich Game

  1. This is a great new slot machine, it’s not Asian themed but Egyptian, the game is fun to play and the bonus spins are great, the player gets to choose from 3 different kinds of wild bonuses and each has great qualities. I highly recommend everyone tries this new game

  2. Great game love the slot play. Won my largest win in this game it has been a pleasure playing this slot. Ty again…

  3. I’ve been waiting for this game to go live and I am so happy and excited that it’s finally here and it didn’t disappoint at all. First of all, I love the graphics. It’s bright and lively but not over the top. I like this game more right now because it has so many ways to win and it even lets you pick an option from the bonuses. There are many features that it seems like they combined the different bonuses from several other games out there.

  4. This slot has to e one of the best Egyptian themed slots to come out on the market love the bonuses and graphics all in all well made slot thanks casino extreme

  5. It is a cool game. You win allot on the bonus and the wilds are cool. I wish the betting was lower cause payout is ok. All in all its fun. 7out of 10

  6. I really like the design and how often the multiple bonuses come up. Overall a very fun and entertaining slot to play. 9/10 Stars

  7. I really like the design and how often the multiple bonuses come up. on the market love the bonuses and graphics all in all well made slot thanks Great game lots of fun you all need to give a try casino extreme Overall a very fun and entertaining slot .

  8. So far this is my favorite Egyptian themed slot. The layout is pronounced and easy to see and differentiate symbols to tell if they are on the payline or not. The wild pyramids are triggered quickly and often and sometimes expand the reals for a quick bonus. The features are triggered by either the 3 bonus symbols or at random it seems and you can choose 5 8 or 10 free games with different wilds or bonus features attached to each one. I didn’t win a ton on it yet but it seems like the potential is definitely there to be a big winner.

  9. I really enjoyed the wild reels….something different that ive grown up to like. Awesome game that i will keep on playing!!

  10. This game is so super cool, I love how it has a lucky scarab that comes and delivers the wilds, like the expanding wild and just randomized wilds and such. I feel like I kept hitting jackpots of various sizes because it’s a newer game, so I feel like it has a more likely win-to-lose ratio!

  11. Egyptian gold is a solid slot game. There are multiple ways to win and even better bonuses! If you are lucky enough to get into bonus play. .. Put up a decent bet and it will pay off.

  12. This Egypt themed game has plenty of exciting features that will keep u spinning the reels on the edge of your seat. Between the random spins and high paying bonuses you are sure to be entertained and coming back for more.

  13. Great game love the slot play. Won my largest win in this game it has been a pleasure playing this slot. Ty

  14. This slot keeps it interesting with awesome options for freespin bonuses, The random expanding wilds and the attractive graphics.

  15. To be honest I love how the game flows it’s not all glitchy it seems legit and fun to play so I appreciate it all the way around nothing could be made better on it because it’s perfect as it is Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  16. Awesome game very involves I like how it floats is pretty cool appreciate all the money that you mean when my outfit or lose whatever day is April Fools I appreciate it everything’s good about this game it’s kind of cool it doesn’t take all my money real decent good people made it.

  17. The game was fantastic I really enjoyed playing it I think the casino is fantastic as well I can’t wait to play if you and the other games I really hope that you like this I’m with you I’m just so excited to keep clean and thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to get some free spins for writing down a comment so I hope you enjoy it thank you very much

  18. It’s a awesome slot game Egyptian gold is fun and entertaining the bonuses are going to put you on the edge of your seat having fun and winning money is Worth it

  19. The richest game of the month with bonuses you won’t believe how generous 4 players that really want to experience the ultimate bonus round try it out you will never go to another casino it extreme casino made for big winners.

  20. Quite a fun slot for when I first played it. I find though if you go a little to fast the slot don’t pay out at all.
    Completely enjoyable though I normally come back to this game with my money from free spins

  21. Egyptia gold is the best game on here it pays out vig hands down biggest paying bonus of all the game I hope this game never gets deleted or lost good job casino extreme o. A bother hands down Best freaking fame out there

  22. Egyptian gold is a very high paced bonus feature that I love please feel free to play this game you won’t be disposed I promise you won’t regret this choice

  23. I really love this one. I especially like the fact that you get extra options to win. Usually this is my go to slot when I’m playing online.

  24. Egyptian Gold. If you haven’t made this one of your favorite games by now you must be a Mummy that’s been Mummified for the last couple of months. A favorite for sure. Don’t let this hold your wild Bonus curious-ty hold you down . Trigger it Why not…

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