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High Roller’s Gold Rush Hour Delivers Almost $80k!

A member of our high roller club just got a whopping $47k prize on Pay Dirt Slot! We’re bringing you his story.

Is it already that time of the day when happy hour is about to kick in? It’s not like it would matter to our high roller player who just got his big win of almost $80k playing the Pay Dirt slot. Because every hour is a happy hour when you’re part of the high roller’s club! Let’s see how he did it.

Pay Dirt it To Me

Before we get some dirt on our hands, let’s say a few words about the game that made it possible. Pay Dirt is RTG’s slot machine that evokes the atmosphere of gold rush fever that shook the Wild West. The game is set against a background of a mine shaft, and symbols are all tied to the mining profession. Gold Nuggets serve as Wild, and when a group of them shows up anywhere on the reels the Gold Rush Feature gets triggered. And it is this feature exactly that brought such a big hit to our high roller player.

The Perks of Being a Part of High Roller’s Club

Why is it so important to mention that the player is a high roller, you may ask? Because hitting a whopping prize of $80k wouldn’t feel the same if you couldn’t get your hands around it with the weekly withdrawal limit rules most casinos have in place. For example, this lucky guy managed to amass nearly $80k playing exclusively the Pay Dirt slot. And he got an instant withdrawal of $15k from his biggest single win of $47k in a matter of seconds! All of it wouldn’t be possible if he hadn’t been a member of our high roller club. So, if the idea of getting a similar treatment seems appealing to you, consider paying a visit to our VIP Lounge and becoming one of them. Until then you can check our list of the top 5 most exclusive high roller games.

Give Our Slots a Spin

You don’t have to be a high roller to score a similar win. But you will be on your way to becoming one if you give one of our games a spin. Keep a close watch on our blog for updates on promotions and tournaments, and we’re sure that sooner or later we’ll see your story pop up on our list of the latest winners.

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