Sweet 16 Blast slot

Sweet 16 Blast Slot Delivers 5 Huge Wins at Full Blast!

Sweet 16 Blast slot showed us that it is truly a blast of a game with 5 huge wins in less than two weeks since it premiered. Let’s see how!

Can you name a more pleasant feeling than having a sudden sugar craving and getting it satisfied with a cascade of sweet sensations? The only thing that’s nearly close to it that we can name would be to get a cascade of wins in a row while playing your favorite online slot. Interestingly enough, that’s precisely what happened on our latest Sweet 16 Blast slot that delivered more than 5 huge wins in less than two weeks since it premiered at Casino Extreme’s instant withdrawal casino! Let’s see how it did what it did.

Cascading Wins Fulfill Dreams

It’s totally not a coincidence that we used a cascade metaphor, because a special feature of the same name is the one we have to thank for 5 unbelievable wins on the Sweet 16 Blast slot.

What’s so special about this feature you may rightfully ask? Besides the fact that it is responsible for so many wins, that is. Well, it’s a totally new feature that premiered with the Sweet 16 Blast slot where symbols drop off every time a winning combination pays out, making space for other symbols to cascade into their place and potentially deliver another one.

And that’s exactly what five of our lucky players were able to experience while having a winning streak playing the game.

Sweet Taste of Cascading Winnings Deliver Than $15K

What’s so great about this game is that all 5 huge winnings were in a cascading manner. First, we got a player who scored $1,003.00, then the second with $1,309.00, the third took $1,323.00, and from there it went from a $3,699.00 to a whopping over $15k win for the luckiest guy! How sweet is that?

It’s important here to note that the Cascading Wins feature is not the only one that’s responsible for these wins. The game also has an additional Buy & Bonus Feature that hold great potential for delivering great payouts.

So, be sure to check the full review of the game in our previous article. And after you do, give yourself some slack and satisfy your sweet tooth by having a blast on the Sweet 16 Blast slot!

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10 thoughts on “Sweet 16 Blast Slot Delivers 5 Huge Wins at Full Blast!

  1. Its always better to cascade. Pays better at times. This game doesn’t get you feeling like you have to keep Pl aying. Its definitely a players game.

  2. tje prequel to Sweet Sixteen Blast is one of my favorite paying games i love this game typically I do not enjoy playing slots of this style with the disappearing symbols with new ones dropping down but this one is an exception for me not to mention the bonus games are freaking out of control

  3. I love sweet 16, it was one of the most paying games on the site. If you can get the bonus going and get retriggers then you are made in the shade with lemonade. Sweet 16 blast is actually a whole ton of fun I like it way more than Bo jeweld LOL Bejeweled doesn’t Pay you hundreds and thousands of dollars like this site does. I enjoy playing this game on Casino extreme more than Any other online casino.

  4. Sweet 16 is amazing… each spin excites me because I won so much. It made my day trying this new slot machine.

  5. This game is so fun and you can get some big wins on this game if you haven’t played you should give it a spin

  6. The game is pretty bad. Bad as in good. You can make some big money quick…great game. Thanks.

  7. I like this game. Lots of chances to score big. I only played a few times and only got to bonus round once, but still a lot of fun!

  8. It’s a very berry good game ive played on another casino very fun here I find it a little more difficult to win for some reason but I enjoy the game very much yes I would recommend it

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