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7 Biggest Slot Machine Wins of All Time

We present you with the list of the 7 luckiest slot machine winnings of all time! Read on and try your luck with our variety of games!

A massive, life-changing win at a casino although rare, still happens frequently enough to forever transform the lives of players. And among all the different available games, the slot machine is the one that delivers the most rewarding payouts you can get your hands on. Especially since they don’t require you to employ any special kind of strategy or skill so that everyone with a little bit of luck can be a winner. In this article, we present you with a list of the 7 luckiest people to score a massive win on a slot machine.

#7 – $12.8 million – Aria Resort, Las Vegas

We’ll start the list with an anonymous woman who when asked how she’ll spend her 13-million-dollar prize answered that she’ll “pay off her mortgage”. And while most of us could think of a better way to spend that money, the story about how she won is much more interesting. She went to Vegas to celebrate her niece’s birthday, and after partying decided to pay a visit to the nearest slot machine. And it was a visit worth paying for because her $6 pocket cash turned into a massive jackpot of exactly $12,769,933.

#6 – $14.3 Million – Rampart Casino, Las Vegas

The next lucky winner on our list has a similar story. Being only an occasional video poker player, he was convinced by a visiting friend to try his luck on the Megabucks slot machine. And that was one helluva advice to follow since it multiplied his $20 deposit 700 000 times. He decided to stay anonymous and donate a big chunk of money to charity and his church.

#5 – $17.3 million – M Resort, Henderson

Here we have an especially interesting case of an anonymous woman who couldn’t wish for a better Christmas present. All because during the Christmas season of 2012 she visited M Resort hotel in Henderson and turned her three-minute session into a $17.3 million jackpot payout. What makes this story particularly interesting is the fact that she triggered it by using free credits given by the casino. It may be one in a million kind of event, but it shows just how important casino promotions can be. Yours truly casino Extreme is having loads of such offers so don’t miss the chance to claim them.

#4 – $21 million for World War II veteran

One would think surviving the biggest war in human history would fill a lifetime’s worth of luck. This didn’t apply to World War 2 veteran called Elmer Sherwin. Because not only did he win an amazing amount of jackpot money, but he managed to do it twice. The first time he did it was in 1989 at Mirage Hotel & Casino when he scooped a prize of $4.6 million. But lady Fortuna didn’t finish with him yet. His next massive jackpot of 21.1 million occurred in 2005 at Cannery Casino & Hotel when he was at the ripe old age of 92. And while he did spend the money from first jackpot on traveling the world, he showed a heart of gold when he donated a large chunk of his second jackpot money to relieve the victims of the Katrina Hurricane.

#3 – $27.6 Million – Palace Station Casino, Las Vegas

And now we come to a case of jackpot prize that still holds up as the third-largest slot machine win in the history of gambling. It took place in 1998, when a retired flight attendant came to Palace Station Casino in Las Vegas with the intention of spending $100. She’s obviously had luck in not following the “quit while you’re ahead” logic because she overstepped her initial bankroll three-fold. But her persistence proved to be a long-term investment since she walked away with a whopping $27.6 million prize. It does seem that fortune favours the bold as she had already scored a similar prize of $680,000 on Wheel of Fortune a couple of months before. She didn’t let all that luck spoil her, having opted to stay anonymous, keep her job and spend the money on helping her family and friends.

#2 – $39.7 million magic at Excalibur

The exquisite amount of almost $40 million dollars is according to some sources the single biggest slot machine win ever. That sum was won by an anonymous 25-year-old software developer at the Las Vegas Excalibur Casino in 2003. His example seems to follow the trend that keeping your expectations low and gambling for fun eventually leads to big wins.

He came to visit his family, and while waiting for a basketball game to start chose to kill some time at the video slot machine. That proved to be a killer of a choice since it transformed his 100 into $39,7 million, making him a multimillionaire in a matter of seconds. His odds of winning were only 1 in 16,700,000 and his return on investment was as instant as our instant withdrawals! But he also chose to stay anonymous, and get his winnings paid in instalments over the next 25 years. We hope he’s having a blast because it’s gonna take a couple more years to pay the prize in full.

#1 $42.9 Million – Resort World Casino, New York

Lastly, we come to what some would call an honourable mention while others would say controversial contender for the biggest jackpot. The case of Katrina Bookman, whose record would still be unsurpassed if casino officials didn’t try to dismiss it. Namely, in August 2016 she went to the New York’s Resort World Casino to spend some time spinning the reels. She took the Sphinx slot for a spin and the game took her on a ride of a lifetime. After only one spin, the amount that the slot machine showed was an unimaginable $42.9 million!

And like that wasn’t enough to make one’s heart stop the shock went even further. The staff told her that the prize number was due to malfunctioning slot machine, and the actual payout was $6,500. She received a cold shower when they offered her a consolation prize of $2.25 and a free steak dinner. The case is still going on the court but until it resolves it deserves to find itself on this list.

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