Best Halloween Celebrations Around the World

Where could you better celebrate Halloween if it’s not in the United States? For more than a century, this is one of the major holidays all around the States with very colorful customs. Jack-o-lanterns lighting everywhere, children costumed go from door to door getting candies, and adults enjoying at Halloween parties. However, that isn’t only in the United States because people all around the world celebrate Halloween and you probably don’t know some interesting facts about this holiday. Check out the list of the best Halloween celebrations.


Maybe, the best place to celebrate Halloween is the home of the original vampire himself, Count Dracula. It is Bran Castle, the national monument in Romania, situated in the immediate vicinity of Brasov. Every year more and more tourists came here to celebrate the spooky holiday in this spooky place.


When you know that Halloween origins traced with the pagan Celt’s holiday Samphain, it isn’t surprising that the biggest Halloween carnival took place in Ireland. They believed that in this period was made the bridge to the world of the dead, and wore costumes to keep the evil spirits away. Celebrations in Ireland include fortune-telling, bonfires, eating traditional fruitcakes, and, of course, dressing in costume.


Unlike the rest of the world, the Halloween celebration in Japan is more of an adult holiday. Fans of cosplay go on costume parties and festivities in bars and clubs.


In Italy, Halloween is also known as All Saints’ Day and is celebrated from October 31 until November 2. Halloween celebrations vary throughout the country, with people visiting catacombs and bobbing for apples in Rome, going on ghost tours and pub crawls in Florence, and dressing in costume and visiting haunted islands in Venice.


Swedish start to celebrate Halloween in the 1990s and because of that, they have the shortest tradition in celebration. This holiday in Sweeden celebrated mostly by children and teenagers who carving a pumpkin and trick-or-treating. Homes, bars, and pubs are decorated with Halloween themes.

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