Interesting Reasons Why We Call Dollars “Bucks”

Official money in the US is Dollar but we have a lot of slang terms such as Moolah, Stacks, Big ones, and most known – Bucks. Although we use this word every day many of us didn’t know what it is mean and where is their origin.

According to some opinions word “bucks” used to mean “a male animal” especially a male deer or antelope. Back in the 18th century, European settlers and Native Americans often traded buckskins, or deerskins, as a form of currency. Some evidence from the 19th century also suggests a buckskin was sometimes the equivalent of one dollar.

One idea of the origin of using “Buck” as a Dollar is that “Buck” is just a shortened form of the word “sawbuck” which is slang for a $10 bill. This is thought to be because one of the earliest $10 bills featured the Roman numeral X, which resembles a “sawbuck” ― a frame for holding wood to be chopped and sawed.

One theory relates this word to the game of poker. See Casino Extreme’s offer of exciting video pokers HERE. Many believe the buckhorn handled knife in poker is the source of the phrase “pass the buck,” which means to shift the responsibility for something to someone else.

Some people believe that dollars call “Bucks” because silver dollars were used as markers.

Regardless of all these theories, there’s no strong consensus on the origin of the word “Buck”, but most of us can probably agree that it is nice to have a few more in our bank accounts to play games at Casino Extreme which offers multiple currencies.



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    These are the ones off the top of my head.

    GOOD LUCK TO ALL no matter what we call it if the Bill’s are paid then be happy PEACE to all man kind

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