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You Have a Great Excuse to Hug Your Men Today

Thanks to one doctor from Trinidad and Tobago, men all around the world got the International Men’s Day. It has been celebrated on 19 November since 1999. Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh chooses this particular day because it was the birthday of his father. Also, to celebrate a historic sport’s day in his native country, the day his nation was united in celebrating the national soccer teams qualifications to the World Cup.

The main goal of International Men’s Day is to raise awareness of social issues than men and boys face. It is focused on men’s health, promoting gender equality and highlights true male role models. This day is celebrated in over  80 countries with different events and actions. However, despite the existence this globally celebrated day and existing for over the past two decades, there are many still who don’t realize that the day exists.

Although many of us often say that we live in a “men’s world”, some men thinking that they don’t have enough support, once such person tweeted: “When women get beaten up in life, their friends gang up to support them, Men don’t. Sometimes all you need is a hug”.

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