How the Turkey Became a Symbol of Thanksgiving Day

Every Thanksgiving in the most homes around the USA, one guest is sure to be invited to the table each year – the turkey! However, the story about how this bird earned a place of honor for this holiday, is a bit of mystery.

There are several version of why this animal is one of the main symbols of this national holiday.

Although the bald eagle was a national emblem for the United States since 1782, Benjamin Franklin claimed that turkey is more suitable for that because the wild turkey is a native bird of North America.

According to the one story, it became the inevitable part on the Thanksgiving table after the colonists sat down to dine with the Wampanoag Indians, some fowl and beef were on the menu. Letters of early American settlers don’t show precisely that was turkey, but a letter written by pilgrim Edward Winslow mentions a hunting trip before the meal.

One version is linked with the Queen of England. During the 16th century a fleet of Spanish ships sunk on their way to attack England. When Queen Elizabeth received this news she eating dinner and ordered another goose be served. But, some historians say that she got a roasted turkey instead of a goose.

Regardless of what story you thinking true, we are sure  that the turkey will be in the center of your holiday table.

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