nezha god of gamblers

Meet the Nezha – Chinese God of Gamblers

Playing games for money are very popular in China and gambling has roots deeply in Chinese history. Gamblers in China believe that their luck depends on Nezha – God of Gamblers and the most unusual boy in Chinese mythology.

According to legend, it all began 3,000-4,000 years ago, during the Shang Dynasty in northeastern China. His mother had been pregnant for three and a half years before she gave birth. When she finally went into labor she gave birth to a small ball of flesh. Her husband had a terrible tantrum and smashed the ball with his sword. Out popped Nezha. The boy soon showed he had magical powers. He was widely known to be full of mischief.

Nezha was incarnated and sent by the Jade Emperor to fight demons raging through the human world. He killed the third son of the Dragon King and got away with it. His parents ended up getting arrested because Nezha could not be found. Nezha then commits suicide to save his father’s honor.

Later his mother secretly builds a temple in his honor and after three years the immortal T’ ai creates a new body for Nezha from lotus flowers. They fought off all enemies with his father and brothers and established the Chou dynasty.

Nezha often depicted as a youth, instead of an adult and shown flying on his wind fire wheels.

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