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50 Free Spins For Reviewing New Slot

Hurry up, play the new slot, review it, and get 50 free spins!

Several days ago people from RTG surprised us with one more amazing release, Paddy’s Lucky Forest slot. This slot with a truly Irish theme has several bonus rounds that can increase your winning chances. Now, we have one more surprise for you. Yes, we are talking about free spins that you like so much!

Your Task to Get Free Spins

As nobody knows slots better than you, we are giving you the opportunity to do what you do best. Play the latest release, Paddy’s Lucky Forest slot at crypto casino Extreme, and share with us your experience on its reels.

As you used to do in previous promotions of this kind, write a review of the slot in the comments below this post. You can share your opinion about special bonus rounds, bonuses, or your impressions about the design. The choice is yours!

We know that you are impatient to play this slot and write a review. However, we advise you to read the terms first.

Terms Of The Promo

  • Promotion is available only for depositors
  • Promotion is good for playing non-progressive slots only (excluding RTG777)
  • No two free money promotions available between deposits
  • The promotion will end on Sunday, March 14th, 2021, and the free spins will be processed thereafter.
  • Eligibility terms should be fulfilled by March 19th, 2021 at the latest, which is also the deadline for all the spins to be processed.
  • Promotion may only be claimed once per person/account/household/IP Address
  • Free Spin winnings must be wagered 45x before a withdrawal can be made
  • Maximum cash-out is set to $/€ 50
  • Withdrawal may only be processed after your account has been verified. If a deposit was never made, “Verification Deposit” will be required prior to any withdrawal
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service
  • In interests of fair gaming, wagering more than $/€/AUD 10 per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slots games will result in all winnings being void while playing the bonus in question.

112 thoughts on “50 Free Spins For Reviewing New Slot

  1. Decent game. Has low wagers (0.40) available so you can play longer if you’re lower on balance. It hit relatively frequently but the hits were rarely even a fraction of the bet. But every 5-7 spins hit something for 7-10x the bet so. I guess it evens out. I never got a bonus. I wish bonus rounds were a little more frequent in the games. All in all a good game I expect will become a favorite for me.

  2. Personally I enjoyed this one more than a lot of the others. The features are great oh, it has low wagering and the payout was okay.


  3. I was excited for this game only to be super disappointed. It’s just all over the place for me and it really falls in line for the newest games recently for me anyways. I thought it would be better paying better bonuses but that’s my opinion

  4. I’d say it’s all around a decent slot. Has that new age feel to it. Pretty much you wanna bet more to win more if it hits on that spin. And that’s how slot babies are made.

  5. I like the game but not crazy about it.
    I like the sticky wild part . That’s different and I like the way the reels are off set. Haven’t hit anything really yet but I’m Edgar to keep trying my.

  6. This game is colorful, fun, and exciting. You’d be a fool not to spin the reels on this slot. Guaranteed winner.

  7. This game has smaller wins but when the three pots of gold hit… Money money money moooneeyy. The graphics are very nice and the min bet isn’t overly much. Good game, will be adding to my favorites for sure!

  8. I’ve played the new game a couple times and I’ve had pretty good luck with it. With the bonus round you can end up with extra bonus rounds or 100 x bet plus three jackpots which Ive hit the lil one once. Overall it’s one of the better new slots.

  9. It’s okay. Haven’t had a lot of luck with it, but I do enjoy the graphics and when I do hit the bonus, the bonus pays out fairly well. Not my favorite, but I will play it to shake it up when I need to get through some playthrough spins.

  10. Amazing game I like that it’s pay all ways and I love the 3 pots you get that you can choose a pot to get x multiplier or the free spins and you can win alot on it awesome game

  11. Love the extra pay lines that is on this slot really enjoyed it. Didn’t win but excited to play it again as soon as i have some more funds to play with. But overall its a fun and interactive slot with lots of random and exciting things happening keeping it attention grabbing and thrilling to play.

    Username: Repplexi

  12. I’ve been lucky with this game. The bonuses are nice if you are lucky enough to hit them, as I’ve been! All in all I’m super satisfied with this game. It’s now one of my go-to’s

  13. Great game, not my favorite but t be bonus can make up for the lack of originality in the game play. Im not sure the maximum multiplayer available but I know I hir up to 46× my bet ended up like close to $20
    So all in all 4stars but definantly worth the play

  14. I really enjoy this game. It has certainly has become one of my favorites very quickly. I love the huge bonuses when you hit the pots of gold’s. And the faries are your cute ..

  15. Oh yeah I say I took me one spin on this slot magreen and it was all clover for me☘️ Instantly addicting seriously it’s that in the neighbors lawn shamrock geekin looking for this flock of leprechaun good Paddy’s lucky forest welcomes you with luck of the Irish and also the ever so beautiful slippery little wilds you can find snailtrailing all over your reels leaving you loads of loot and treasures mmhmm but there’s more hidden in the forest the bountiful yet elusive pots of gold bonus round stalk you like St Paddy’s day prey if you’re ever so clever to catch one they are freaking awesome man free games and multiplyers whatttt yuppp #winwin ahhhh dang diggity talking bout it making me wanna get jiggy wid it can’t be being a potato gotta go play yo see y’all lato😁🤷‍♂️

  16. Really cool game hit for 300 for a 80 cent bet. Loved the three pots of gold bonus feature with the extra pick sometimes . Gonna be playing this one a lot more. Keep up the great work and look forward to winning more money. Thanks

  17. Seems like a fun game to play, I have only gotten the wild feature , have not yet experienced the bonus. I have only played it for a few minutes. The graphics look good and I’m looking forward to playing it more.

  18. The eye catching colors and design make it stand out. I would like to say I won some money on it but I did not win. Overall I think the game is worth giving a spin

  19. I played it this weekend, and found it to be seriously so much fun. The sticky wild was perfect and a great addition. The fairies and cute leprechaun make it kinda whimsical. The wins were decent, nothing extraordinary, but still worthy enough to keep playing. I would give this 4 out 5 stars. Definitely check it out, and may the “Luck O’the Irish” be in your favor! 🍀

  20. I loved it! I Hit the bonus round constantly and won a good amount of money. I really enjoyed this game. Fast paced with great wins!

  21. Design reminds me of Tigers Claw but far more garish and very green. Nice range of bet options. 3/5 in my humble opinion!

  22. I likes this slot game a lot more than the other similar one Lucky 6. It seems less volatile and the look is nice.

  23. This game was not the best game choice in my opinion i only played onece because I did not win when I played spent about 40 dollars and lost it pretty fast. Seems like everytime was given a choice of hands to pic I picked the wrong hand. The other bonus that I got to play once I did not win much either so I would rate this at a 4 out of 10 not the best choice of games to play.

  24. I like the set yo of the game. I really like the sticky wilds feature. I was able to win some and also lose some during my game play but I had fun either way. Really smooth and easy to understand game. I’m sure it’ll become a favorite at Extreme.


  25. I actually liked the game a lot. I tend to like the leprechaun themes cant lie. I love the slipping wild feature as well. I was glad I tried definitely will be playing the game again.

  26. Getting the bonus on this game can be frustrating but can be either a bet multiplier or free spins. The bonuses for multipliers I have gotten were either 18x or 20x my bet so paid out nicely. Decent game, love the graphics and sliding wild bonus! Will be adding Paddy’s Lucky Forest to my favorite games list for sure.

  27. Probably one of the best games thats been newly released. The last few new games that we got haven’t been as good as this one. Wilds are awesome and bonus is great. If you pick 6 spins on the bonus you get to pick another bonus which could get you more spins or x amount on bet.

  28. I’m not sure cause my is not so great I did not win any bkuns rounds or any or anything to brag about but it is a fun one to play I enjoyed it good job to and thank you for your makeing this available

  29. Well it certainly follows thebnew approach that RTG has taken with its titles since…well I guess Achilles Deluxe.
    Although I’m not the biggest fan of the new look rtg is giving its slots, there are some decent payouts to be had…if you could only land them. Tight is an understatement…and furthermore, the “slippery wild” feature is pointless it seems unless you are in line for a huge payout regardless.
    All in all, I would rate this one par for the course.

  30. This game is real cool. Sort of reminds me of vegas lux and the graphics are awesome as well as the feature. Perfect time to release it too.

  31. Love this game the graphics are top notch the bonuses are the best and it’s an all around good time thanks for all the fun.

  32. Overall not as exciting as other newly released games. Does have an annoyingly repetitive soundtrack. The bonus features are good but happen too little times. It can be fun but not necessarily one Im particularly fond of at all.

  33. The game isn’t the best but isn’t the worst. I never made it to the bonus round and lost my entire balance fairly quick. The bets are relatively small, but the few times I did win, it was even smaller. The graphics are nice and if the bonus and wins were more frequent, it’d be a great game.

  34. I like the game but I don’t think it pays out enough if the payout was better it would be a great game I won the feature and it was ok just wasn’t enough payout it made me want to change over to another game

  35. Game is kinda tricky, it’s hard to get a good winning when It came to the bonus play. Have tried 5-6 times with different bet. Results not so much different

  36. I tried playing this game but didn’t have any good spins and lost all of my deposits. Has potential I believe. Different and fun to play.


  37. Like the game but didn’t have enough time to get a good feel for it . It seems to pay pretty often although I didn’t get any big wins. I’m sure that it does and one day I’ll get mine to. Username joshawa837

  38. This game was a low payer on most spins, but when you hit three of those pots o gold… wow very VERY nice! 😀 One of those go big or go home kind of games.
    Will be playing this one again.

  39. So far this game is pretty good. It took a little while for a bonus to come but, when it did i understood why. the sliding wilds in the bonus round stop spins until the wild is gone which gives you up to 5 extra spins. Havent hit big but i can tell that this game can payout some good cash. Thank for the new game

  40. I found the slot to be entertaining. It def has the bells and whistles to keep the attention. The ratio of winnings to bet amount was kinda low In my opinion but it wouldn’t be called gambling if the house didn’t have the advantage. All in all, good fresh new look to things kept me interested

  41. Well, it was a mixed feel for me. The wild bonus was nice and seemed to come up pretty often. Not the most paid out game here but just aim for the 3 gold pot feature,
    if you can manage to get it it’ll keep you going . Overall I think its a good addition. The game was easy to understand what your objective should be and you get enough “extras” in it to keep you playing. Good job guys. My rating would be B+

  42. The last few games released were very average in comparison to the ones released before that. Bandits 3, diamond fiesta, and the Vegas themed game were all awesome. This particular game (Paddy’s Lucky Forest) bonus round is very boring since it’s a pick 1 out of 3 choices golden pot. The wilds concept where they will stay in place as they progressively go down after each spin is kind of cool but it seems impossible to get more than one wild going. I’d give the game somewhere in the range of 5.5/10 – 6/10.

  43. Paddy’s Lucky Forest isn’t my favorite game but I don’t dislike it either. I have only played it a few times so I haven’t had too much luck on it, but the graphics and colors are wonderful. I will definitely play some more and see if my luck on it turns around! 🙂

  44. Love the new game. It’s gameplay and graphics layout is innovative, and fresh. The sticky wilds are a great addition, and elusive. One of best new games to come in a long time!

  45. I liked this slot, the bonus features were cool. I like the free spins more than the times bet feature. I would spin on this slot again. Give it 3.5 out 5. Thanks for the free spins. My username on Casino Extreme is Walter626.

  46. The game is fun.. it seems for me that it is either hitting or it is not… but when it started to hit it was nice amounts.. the potential is there to cash out big

  47. Paddy’s forest is truly an amazing slot the right pairup for this upcoming st patrick’s day, the bonus is a royal luck ‘o’ the Irish draw it could be golden free spins or perhaps a lucky multiplier and ohhh what’s this another multiplier and free spins you say aww you shouldn’t have you’ll hoot you well let’s say weeeeee give these little whirlie birdies a spin and see what irish luck we get today.. Truly remarkable slot and thank you xtreme for being the provider of the owners of the slots to be able to kongregate together without kongregating together fair thee well adu alvidesa boorzwah sianara dúecés byeeeee

  48. Love this Game takes a while for the three scatter pots, but those sliding wilds are a winner if you hit them I also like the leprechauns it’s magical rainbows and the random Jackpot wins! Very fun it’s like lucky eight but bigger wins and more graphics!

  49. So fun! It’s like you’re in the game, I love how you can still get the wilds to stay around even when you’re not in the bonus round! Love the sound effects and the colors! And of course the three golden pots that give you the bonus!

  50. Love the graphics that excite you before getting a bonus 1/2/3 pots of gold from the leprechaun’s lair! and guess what you will probably get a wild that sticks around till the end for every spin that pays you out! I think it’s graphics are better than lucky 8 and betting and payouts are much better also! Very entertaining!

  51. I like the graphics to this game I have yet to get the feature so I am super excited about 50 spins to try to achieve that

  52. He game is boring. The game speeds up when Two bonus icons are hit. So it forces money to be spent faster. Also hitting the leprechaun symbols for a substantial win is quite tough. It’s a junk slot

  53. Think it’s a decent slot didn’t get to check out any bonus features though

  54. I thought that the slot was fun to play and entertaining to watch. Considering the holiday coming up it was appropriate. The amount to win doesn’t yield much if you are betting in the low numbers but if you are willing to bet a couple of dollars you can really hit. I like the game.


  55. The graphics on game are great but everything else is mehhhhhh. Super hard to hit the bonus round and payouts suck compared to other slots. Id stay away from this slot if you dont want to lose.

  56. hello family. I like this game. It allows you to bet very low just incase you may be low on funds. Thats ALWAYS a plus. I really like the sticky wild feature. Definitely got to have that. This slot feels like its tight. Just off a few times of play. But then again its all about luck and timing so I’m sure it has great payouts just like the rest of them do. Graphics are ok, I prefer the old graphics to many of the original games. It seems like rtg are changing the look of alot of their new slots. But then again change is just something that happens. Keep up the great work u guys. Thank u for always making me feel like I’m apart of the family.

    Thank you

  57. Played around 50usd on this new game in the first hour it been released last night and regreted it… wrong timing I guess ! the game triggered me bonus round many times and I seen 4 or 5 different options (spins alone, bet multiplier and one I had 2 picks so I got spins and multiplied wins) But didnt won much there, I suppose its gonna be different after players have spent more money on the game will be returning more IDK heheh 🙂 but the main impression I had was: fun game ! Different playing experience from other released these times 🙂

    Username: s1de420

  58. Pretty fun game to play. Nice graphic and background music I think. Makes u get into st.patty day spirit lol.

  59. Despite not hitting it big, I still find myself having nothing too bad to say about the new Paddy’s game. Although the bonus lacks a little creativity and the symbols are all very similar; the game meets the mark in my opinion with RTP and general excitement.

  60. Decent game. I’ve played quite a bit and haven’t had any large wins. The 3 gold pots trigger the bonus feature and the best I’ve got was 42x bet win. I was only betting .40 at the time so if you bet more you could win alot! Graphics are good and low min bet is nice.

  61. The game was fun at first but then i just seemed to get disappointed. There don’t set seem to be an substantial wins in it. Ive played it a few times and will continue to play it because it is fun just isnt one of my first go to games.

  62. I’ve try I’ve failed not losing though but being a victim of a new addictive new it’s really out of this world the graphics and movements of the game itself feels like real and so much variety of bonuses that’s all I can say good job casino extreme for the new game release

  63. just when i needed a new game this one comes out , each spin is exciting, never know that next spin could be the one, this game is set up perfect to hit big and the potential to hit big on any one spin is always bout to happen

    1. Hi, Frank. Thank you for your thoughts. This promotion is over, but stay tuned, as the new one is coming up very soon.

  64. not sure if i got my free spins for reviewing but St. Paddys can be fun yet hard to get bonuses make it exciting. love this game

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