Get free spins for Independence Day

Get free spins for Independence Day

Get Free Spins For Independence Day

Another Independence Day is upon us. What the Founding Fathers have left behind are the basic principles every society should have embedded in its tissue. In approaching this special day, let’s recall the values so dear to everyone’s hearts: freedom, justice, equality, pursuit of happiness.

Living in America and observing the society from within, gives an opportunity to every true American to form an objective impression on how Americans promote and share the values.

Independence Day Promotion

Celebrating the upcoming Independence Day, we would love to hear your thoughts on what makes you proud to be American. Write your comment in the comments section below this post and do not forget to state your username. The deadline for commenting is July 4th, the Independence Day.

We will choose the three most creative and honest comments on Friday, July 5th and they will get the following prizes.

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36 thoughts on “Get Free Spins For Independence Day

  1. Independance day is the day when aliens came to earth to came and destroy everything that is in there way.


  2. Proud to be an American because we have the ability to adapt government to fit the needs of all people.


  3. For the pursuit of individuality, freewill, and everything is “by chance”. Or what i like to say the skull and bones.

  4. FREEDOM IS NOTHING BUT THAT IS A CHANCE TO BE A BETTER . We must be Free not because we claim freedom, but because we pratice it !!
    username : hanvee

  5. I am grateful that even when I am struggling in every aspect of my life, I know that no matter how bad it gets, I likely have it easier than someone in the same shoes in any country in the world. I am blessed with the freedom of choice and that is not something everyone gets to know in their life.

  6. July 4th is my Mother’s birthday.
    Mom~ Happy birthday to you!
    Thanks for you that you got me.
    Love you forever and after…

  7. What it mean to me is freedom ‘this day freedom is coming less and less , we need to think God for the freedom we have. Because of battles and wars we won thru out the years , everyone I think of four of July I think about my kids and grand kids, of there freedom we give to them

  8. What makes me proud to be a American is times like this getting freespins from one of the greatest online casinos ever thanks. My username is


  9. I’m proud to be an American because I’ve traveled all over and there’s not a better place to live. Land of the free and home of the brave…. God bless America.

  10. 4th of July signals our independence. It is extra special to me this year as my daughter retired after 20 years in the Navy. This is one momma whom is unbelieveable proud of her daughter. She stood the wall, She did the watch and she protected us all. Thank you

  11. Independence day celebrates our love for our country and should always be celebrated with family and friends.

  12. The 4th of july represents family and freedom. Its the day that we celebrate how proud we are to be American citizens.

  13. The right to be free from tyranny & persecution, especially from those elected to serve us

  14. We are the land of the free, because of the brave. America is unique because it is a free country. People are willing to fight and unfortunately, sometimes die for our country, just so it can remain free. As an American you have the freedom of speech, religion, the press, and the right to vote, just to name a few. America has many freedoms that are not enjoyed by other countries.

    USERNAME – Jaymee4010

  15. Proud to be an American because it’s one of the most respected countries out there and one that gives a person the opportunity to live a great life.


  16. I am proud to be an American because I have the freedom of free speech and the liberty to practice it. Even if it’s being an ass.

    Therefore I’d like to point out a grammer mistake you made in the verbage used in the advertisement of this promotion.

    “Show your patriotism by telling us why you are proud to be an America”

    Should be “American” not “America”

    America refers to Americans as a collective, or whole group.
    Example: “Good Morning America”

    American would refer to the individual citizen. Example: “Show your patriotism by telling us why you are proud to be an American”

    I guess it still works without the “n” and because of the way most of our brains work, most who read the promotion advertisement won’t even see it as an error, and will read it as American anyways…. & Lord knows my grammer ain’t perfect, after all I am an American.

  17. Stars and stripes.. a big hype just so Old’ Abe could puff on that pipe and tell stories for the journos to type… until someone has to doom n gloom it all with one ‘swipe’.. still, it brings everyone together ..
    ..GOODNIGHT.. AND ALL COME TOGETHER TO AGAIN FOR MORE OF THE SAME BALLGAME***//// TO REIGNITE FOR AMERICA’S INDEPENDENT FIGHT.. Stars and stripes. . Live life determined by it..*******////////

    {Sorry I’m from AUS but I’d already outdone myself (in my opinion anyway) writing this, ‘before’ seeing US only to enter and thought, well why let my time spent on coming up with all that go to waste.. so… HOPE YOU ENJOY }

  18. To me what makes me proud to be an American is one, our ability to be united even when things are not looking to bright and secondly the people. We are so diverse, so different yet so much alike. We are caring and proud. We have hope and believe in our country. That’s the real American dream. It doesn’t take much to be an American either. There is opportunity for all.

  19. Proud to be an American due to the fact that regardless of what major issues the country is dealing with, the people are what make it great and worth it.


  20. In my opinion, the best part of being an American is the First Amendment of our Bill of Rights!
    Amendment I
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    There is no stronger statement in government history than this to me. It gives power to the people, it provides freedom to our citizens and allows everyone to have the right to live their life.

  21. Proud to be an
    American to me means that as i remember that on this day in 1776 our nation adopted the Declaration of Independence. Upon the Founding Fathers signatures, began the great experiment to create the most wonderful and free country the world has ever known.

    As an individual, i am not perfect – in both my distant and most recent past, i have been humbled…i have been brought to my knees in grief…i have marveled at the healing power of forgiveness…and so, i keep trying to improve, to be better, and to meet the challenge of protecting the God given right that He gives as a gift to me being – the right of individual liberty, to be free, to be independent. username: navysnipe

  22. Fourth of July is a very patriotic holiday and it means a lot to us as Americans in one is country and me as an African-American myself we have our own claim to this holiday for it does represent the freedom that our country has gained by fighting in the wars and we like to send our respect out to our fallen soldiers and heroes but also it’s the freedom that us African-Americans have gained through our fight to be seen as equal and treated as equal by using boycotts and marches in fighting for our right to vote as an individual and to have our voices heard so we celebrate this holiday as the fight for our respect and freedom and since slavery is no longer in existence in America we on the 4th of July like to celebrate and embrace our family and loved ones watching the fireworks and setting off some of our own including our barbecue cookouts and having a good old nice cold beverage while we Embrace and all the love that we came together as one to create the fight which led to the freedom that we have today happy Fourth of July

  23. What makes me proud is the people. When it comes down to it we will be there for each other.

  24. Thank you all for your thoughts on what makes you proud to be American. We highly appreciate your sincerity. The winners of the first three prizes will be announced soon. All other free spins will be credited during this week according to the terms of free money promotions.

      1. Hi Laporcha, the winners will be announced in the blog post which will be published in several hours. Thank you for your patience!

    1. Hi Sharon! Unfortunately, you have had last free promotion on your account at the time when we were processing these spins. Thank you for participating!

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