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Reward For Thoughts on Advising Your Younger Self

Let us be honest and admit that we all experienced things in life we wish we did not. Naturally, all the experiences shape us and leave traces. Have you ever wondered what you could have done differently?

It is always good to learn from other peoples mistakes. The problem is that not everyone likes to listen to what other people have to say or to acknowledge the advice.

Alternatively, we will learn from our own mistakes, which is probably the hardest path we can take. During our growing up we go through different experiences, we meet all sorts of people, we learn how to protect ourselves and in what circumstances we should hold at distance. We achieve results and gain new skills. We experience the “fires of hell” mood and the “still waters run deep” days. All those situations set the good foundation for what we eventually become.

The question we ask today is: what would you advise your younger self?

We did a bit of research and found the most frequent answers. Let us see if we can all agree.

Stay away from stress. It is one thing to be responsible and completely other to let stress overcome you. The thing is that whatever we do, the result will depend solely on our doing, not on our state of mind. So, go easy on yourself.

Enjoy the moment. Whether you are the person who lives in expectations, be it a vacation, next year, or simply waiting for a stressful period to finish, do not forget that life is what happens now. Live in the present!

State clearly what you think. The worst thing that can happen if you do not say what you think is that someone could disagree with you. So what? This world consists of different psychological profiles, natures and souls. Appreciate different aspects of looking at the same phenomenon. This enriches life!

Work meticulously, master your skills, invest in yourself and it will pay off. This is probably something that your parents taught you while you were young. If not, you probably came to this conclusion on your own.  Work always pays off.

Take responsibility.  We all have responsibility toward ourselves and people in our lives. Apart from external circumstances, almost everything that happens is a result of our acts and thinking. The problem here is that we live in conformist societies which put an individual at the very center and thus form the idea that everything and everyone should be adjusted to our needs. Take responsibilities for your bad decisions and choices, as well as for the good ones.

Face the fear. Fear can keep us safe, but it can also liberate us and empower us at the same time. Once we overcome the anxiety of the unknown, we will be able to handle the deadliest of monsters out there!


There is a graffiti in my home city which says: “If we do not succeed today, the only reason would be ourselves”. This is also the message I would give to my younger self.  How about you? 

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48 thoughts on “Reward For Thoughts on Advising Your Younger Self

  1. There are a lot of things that I would tell my younger self however, I am not getting any younger and that would take a lot of time lol. So, with that said the most important thing I would tell “younger me” is that the world is a tough place and people more often then not are not kind so, trust your instincts, do not be afraid to dream and know that life did not come with any easy button because anything worth doing will not always be easy but it will be full filling. Aurora1430

  2. I would tell myself to quit driving without a drivers license and insurance and it would have saved me alot of days out of jail and a whole lot of stress as I do have my license now but I find myself looking for the police still even tho its been 14 years since II paid 7000,00 dollars to get my license back I did not have anybdui or any other then 27 driving on suspended fractions and 27 driving with no insurance I never did crash into anyone thank God but what a ball of stress. It was for so many. Years I the whole reason those happened is I was out on my own at 14 years old working and trying to survive out in this huge city Indianapolis ,In. As a child I did make alot of money at 14 I sanded drywall and textured ceilungs for 5cent a square-foot of drywall it was tough pocket full of money and no where to live they don’t rent houses or apartments to teenagers lol but I’m not mad about it I can survive anywhere at any time in not afraid to up and move if need be for work in very independent theres so my biggest problem I gave myself when I was young was I love to go fast in a auto mechanic and. Shop owner today as I love engines gas oil and land speed so slow my ass down and don’t drive with no license David Lee its not worth it lol 😆

  3. I would advise myself to live by these words, it’s better to regret something you have done then something you have not done don’t live with regrets.

  4. I would also tell my younger self…. do NOT marry your first husband… RUN… RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN in the opposite direction!!!

  5. I would tell myself to pay attention and write down the good memories, to cherish every moment with the people you love and finally, that love isn’t dramatic or painful or emotionally-draining, but tender and kind and fills you with peace. I would tell myself to wait for that.

  6. I would tell my younger self to be honest be level headed ‘ fight for. What you believe In’ Keep a level head’ go with your feelings ‘

    1. Thank you for your honest comment. Unfortunately, as your last action was free money promotion, we couldn’t process your free spins at this stage. If you made one single deposit, please contact our support team and they will get you 30 free spins.

  7. I would tell myself that no one is as critical of you as you are! And hang on to good friendships- you’ll be happy you did the older you get.

    Username robbynh

  8. I would tell my younger self to be open minded and to never let anything hold me back from doing me. Passed up way too many things that i regret thanks


  9. I would tell my younger me to be courageous enough to make mistakes. Fear is limiting and withholds experiences that are valuable for growth and attaining my dreams. The disappointment and regret of moments lost by watching from the side lines…afraid to look foolish or fail will haunt you ….whereas making mistakes or being imperfect ultimately give confidence, expand knowledge, promote growth and create cherished memories of fun filled stories that will make you smile a lifetime. Go for it..and teach your kids the beauty and importance of trying things outside of their comfort zones…the mistakes or failures made are very much the greatest part of the win.

  10. I would tell myself to put myself before anything else, and to never be too trusting of things or people.

    Username, jesus617

  11. Cassie please just go away to college those friends you think are soo good will not be around In a few years sooo go experience something new… ooo and if you meet someone named nick run the other direction lol.. cass0123c

  12. Well where to start lol first I would say go away to college don’t let your friends stop you bc in a few years they won’t be around… and if you meet someone named nick run the other way


  13. Stop gambling, pay more attention to reality. When your kids are still babies, that’s when their the cutest and you cant go back in time to watch them grow up all over again. One chance in life.

    User, Cham113

  14. I would tell myself to slow down and enjoy the time you have with people because they won’t all be around forever.
    Username cillykitty

  15. I would advise myself to stay in school, don’t hang out with the wrong crowd, and respect my parents.

  16. I would tell myself to not be afraid to make some mistakes in life. They will happen. You learn more from your mistakes than you do your successes. Be patient. Be kind. Words to live by.

  17. I give thanks for who I am and what I am today it’s because of my younger self.ill keep on loving myself to your life with no regrets.username (Pelileka0331)

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