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Vote for the Best Slot of the Year 2022 to Win 40 FS

2022 saw the debut of many great online slots at Casino Extreme. Vote for the best 2022 slot with a chance to win 40 FS!

The warmest of greetings, dear Extreme players! We’re counting down the final days of the year, which means it’s time to take one look back at all the great stuff that happened within it. And one of the best things this past year was the sheer number of great new online slots that made their debut at your favorite instant withdrawal casino, bringing you loads of fun and free spins in the process. So, we decided to end the year on the same high note. That’s why we’re glad to invite you to vote for the best slot of the year and grab a chance to earn 40 FS. Let’s see what you need to do.

Best Slot of the Year 2022 Competition

Online slots have had an incredible year in 2022 here at Extreme’s MasterCard-accepted casino, with concepts and innovations that astounded us. We have experienced first-hand the potential of these games, and we have marveled at members of our great community who have shared their impressions and huge wins on some of this year’s best slot editions. We want to honor that dedication again, by asking you to vote for the best slot of the year 2022 in your opinion.

Vote Your Way to 40 FS

Speaking of impressions, if you’ve been with us throughout the year, you know in what high regard we hold the opinion of our loyal players. Every slot that saw the light of day at our crypto casino, was out to bring you an extra 30 FS in return for your review of the game. But now we’re stepping up the game! You’ll get 40 FS by simply picking the game you think deserves the title of the best slot of the year from the list below and writing its name in the comments beneath the post. Also, don’t forget to check the terms of the promo to see how you can qualify.

Best Slot of the Year 2022 – Shortlist

  • Lil’ Red
  • Thai Emerald
  • Copy Cat Fortune
  • Run, Rabbit, Run!
  • Fortunate Buddha
  • Penguin Palooza
  • Khrysos Gold
  • Meerkat Misfits
  • Sweet 16 Blast
  • Gem Strike
  • Nine Realms
  • Doragon’s Gems
  • Neon Wheel 7s
  • Desert Raider
  • Vegas XL
  • Count Cashtacular
  • Divas of Darkness
  • Merlin’s Riches
  • Santa’s Reel Wheel
  • Goblins: Gluttony of Gems

Terms of Promotions

  • The promotion is available only for depositors.
  • This promotion is good for playing non-progressive slots only (excluding RTG777)
  • No two free money promotions are available between deposits.
  • The last day of the promotion is December 19th, 2022, after which we will start processing the 40 free spins reward, i.e. starting from December 20th, 2022.
  • Eligibility terms should be fulfilled by December 25th, 2022, at the latest, which is also the deadline for all the spins to be processed.
  • Promotion may only be claimed once per person/account/household/IP Address.
  • Free Spin winnings must be wagered 45x before a withdrawal can be made.
  • The maximum cash-out is $/€ 50.
  • Withdrawals may only be processed after your account has been verified. If a deposit was never made, a “Verification Deposit” will be required prior to any withdrawal.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
  • In the interests of fair gaming, wagering more than $/€/AUD 10 per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slot games will result in all winnings being void while playing the bonus in question.

1,014 thoughts on “Vote for the Best Slot of the Year 2022 to Win 40 FS

      1. I really enjoy fortunate Buddha but lately I have been attracted to Goblins of gluttony I really enjoy playing that one it’s new and fun I anticipate big wins and I really enjoy your casino. Thank you

      1. I vote for Count Cashtacular. 1-Because it’s a retake of an older slot that’s still out there
        2-The graphics are really well done. The count has a lot of personality when he pops up
        3-The bonus rounds were really well thought out although they don’t come around often have paid out well

    1. I like copycat Fortune because I don’t recall ever actually playing a game quite like it as far as the feature that gets triggered if the first real contains identical symbols. I also like neon wheel but I think I got to go with copycat Fortune

    2. I think lil red is the best game because once you get that bonus you’re off to the races usually for a big win

    3. I’m going with neon 7 because everytime I play I win big I recently hit the jackpot for 1000

    4. Santa’s Reel Wheel
      Its Christmas juxtapose is my favourite.
      Goodluck fellow Extreme Casino players !!

  1. I vote for Khrysos Gold because I have had the biggest wins from this game and I love the bonus rounds !!! This game a hit or miss but it very fun and I have really enjoyed playing it when it is paying out well !

    1. I vote Goblins: Gluttony of Gems for because I have had the biggest wins from this game and I love the bonus rounds !!! This game a hit or miss but it very fun and I have really enjoyed playing it when it is paying out well !


    2. I vote for sweet 16 blast that’s the best game there is right now always got loose slots and I’m always winninh


    1. Khrysos Gold all the way, the game has been around for the entire year. just one bonus from a wild can trigger the biggest of wins and respins. not to mention if you get the free spins bonus it turns your wilds into the triumphant wilds.

    2. I vote lol red because I have had the most and the biggest wins on that slot plus the graphics are bad ass

    1. fortunate Buddha

      I actually wasn’t a big fan of this one when it came out but it’s gotten to be my go to lately and I play it every chance I get.

    1. Goblins: Gluttony of Gems I really like the game and the graphics of the game. Have had some good wins from this game especially with the linking part.

    2. I’m not basing my choice on winnings, I’m basing it on the game itself. my vote is for Goblins gluttony: I love the colors of this game, the fact that when the goblins comes around you don’t get 1 one the whole column is wild and 2 columns when they both show up. There are multiple bonuses, there is the cash grab with jackpots, and you get a choice on the free spins bonus. It’s is a nail bitting, edge of your seat, come on big win excitement!!!!

  2. I think Nine Realm should be the slot of the year. My very 1st spin on this game i won $450 followed by $500 on the 2nd spin. I don’t think that this game has had the coverage it deserves.

    1. Fortunate Buddha #1 slot in my opinion. The Bonuses rock, audio is fun and exciting, and the graphics and style are awesome but, not overly crazy. Which is what I love about RTG. Fortunate Buddha #1 Son!

    2. I think count Dracula is the one to be crowded the king the game play is awesome and the bouns play had a unique play to it also

  3. Vegas XL is definitely my favorite game. the free 8 spins feature plus the 3 free spin feature will boost your balance up so quick and have you withdrawing as a winner. thanks Extreme

    1. I think the best game is Santa reel wheels. if you get the bonus feature you have a chance of making quadruple the bet

  4. My favorite new game of 2022 is Neon Wheel. Its a really fun game to play an d if you running low on funds you can lower your bet to 5 cents and still have a chance of getting back up .

  5. doragons gems is definitely my number 1 as I’ve had 3 big wins with just $0.40 spins all 3 were over $1000 wins. it takes time and patience to hit but it definitely pays off in the end.

  6. my favorite slot is goblins my favorite go to is sweet 16 blast I love this casino for it’s friendly customer service. and fast payout.

  7. Krysos Gold is by far my favorite new game this year. In fact, it is now my favorite game period. I truly enjoyed several others like Emerald Thai but none compare to Krysos Gold In my opinion.

  8. I have several new games that i really liked like santas reel wheel and Emerald Thai but if I had to pick only one as my favorite it would definitely have to be Krysos Gold. I simply love playing this game.

    1. I think Goblins: Gluttony of Gems is the best because it gives you the options to pick on your free spins and also the wilds!

    1. My favorite game is Fortunate Buddha! So fun I won really good on that game before!
      – Versace11

  9. I vote for Goblins: Gluttony of Gems
    it’s like diamond festia which is my favorite of all of them

  10. goblins: gluttony iis my favorite game by far. It just happens to be the most recent but I believe RTG did an amazing job putting this one together. I am a huge fan of the graphics and game play. definitely will be playing this game.

    thank u

  11. I’m going to have to say sweet 16 blast. hard to get bonus at times. but when you do big payouts. my favorite for sure

  12. Definitely Fortunate Buddha. Hit $1500 on Extreme on this slot a few weeks ago. I just love the bonus games plus the coin feature.

    1. I think Vegas xl is the best because there are more than one way to win big. it definitely my favorite.

  13. Fortunate Buddha Has two separate bonus rounds that pay out phenomenally. I say it is the best this year

  14. fortunate buddha has my vote because of the medium volatility, the ability to get freespins often along witht he coin stack feature which can be activated durinf free spins making yout winnings that much better!

    1. I like Lil red best. it’s got the coolest graphics and I’ve won many times. in fact I’m gonna go play it now. so long 22 hello 23.. happy holidays to all!!!!!!

  15. I think fortunate Buddha is by far the best game of the year. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been close to my last chips and the game hit a huge jackpot or bonus round to save the day!

  16. Khrysos Gold has my vote for the best slot of the year 2022! The bonuses are plentiful and so exciting!

  17. Vegas exhales by far the newest shot that’s the best. the Vitality of it is great the benefits are great and the winnings are even better. when those safe pop up there’s nothing but joy

  18. fortunate Buddha was one of the best I’ve played and the feature is the best I’ve played.

  19. I truly have enjoyed playing a few different ones but to make it short and sweet I like fortunate Buddha simply because of the orbs and the free spins which at first glance they look like a the kansas Jayhawks mascot. Thanks extreme casino for the hours of fun gameplay.

  20. (username: RolandaMurray)

    It was a tough toss-up, between the latest release, Goblin-themed slot, and Fortunate Buddha…
    FORTUNATE BUDDHA comes out as MY pick for the Best Slot of the Year, because who doesn’t LOVE a slot with a hold & win feature?! I find it to be of high volatility–I won’t hit any notable wins for up to a dozen spins, but when it hits…IT HITS!!

  21. Oops sorry I didn’t realize they had to be from the list. From the list above the best slot is Desert Raider

  22. I think th coolest game to come
    Out this year was Count Cashtacular. It seems to have big win potential

  23. If I had to choose from the list I would say Goblins Gluttony of Gems. I had pretty good luck with that game. payouts were fair.

  24. Goblins: Gluttony of Gems
    I think is the best game. A new game with two types of bonus. I llike it!

  25. Lil red is favorite new slot of the year! I like all the extra bonuses and spins you can win!

  26. hands down no questions the best slot is Sweet 16!! nothing can come close to the payouts on the lowest bet when hit right in it’s Sweet 🧁🧁 Paylines!!

  27. I vote for Khrysos Gold because I have had the biggest wins from this game and I love the bonus rounds !!! This game a hit or miss but it very fun and I have really enjoyed playing it when it is paying out well oh yeah

  28. Fortunate Buddha
    I haven’t hit it big yet on the game, but I’ve seen many winners with big numbers.. With the hold and spin feature, the fast and loud game is always thrilling to playing

  29. I win with Fortunate Buddha every time I play it, so that has become my go-to absolute favorite game!

  30. I would vote for goblins gluttony of gems. I had a lot of fun playing that one and it paid out pretty well.

  31. In my opinion I think that the best slot out of all would be Goblins: Gluttony of Gems. I have got pretty lucky with some good wins on this slot. As of now I still play it and get good wins.

  32. I haven’t really won on any of the new games. I am a creature of habit and stick to the old games that I have won on. Unfortunately I have never won anything I have been able to withdraw in Extreme but I would have to say Khryos gold.

  33. I absolutely love NEON Wheel 7s! A classic look and feel but modern day payouts. It’s fun and colorful to boot!

  34. Goblins: Gluttony of Gems is the game enjoy the most, also had several big wins on this game! I really like the lionshead feature – it always pays well!

  35. I’m definitely gonna go with fortunate Buddha. Best chance of winning and winning big in my opinion 💁🏻‍♂️

  36. Khyrsos Gold is the 1 I seem to keep coming back to most! I think I’ll give another shot to some of the others listed in this thread.

  37. Neon Wheel is fun to play…..I won the jackpot on the bonus wheel 3 times! Too bad for me it happened each time when I was playing loyalty rewards, with a $50 max cash out. Maybe in 2023 I’ll finally win it when playing my deposit. Fingers crossed!

  38. Merlin’s Riches. mostly because the game id have chose isn’t on the list but Merlin is still good game



  40. Fortunate Buddha is my pic I guess just because if you get on a roll in that game man it keeps coming I don’t know what the ROI is but I think it’s pretty good

  41. copy cat fortune, I’ve always mostly had some luck with that game, not every time but most of the time.

  42. I voted for Merlin’s Riches. Hasn’t been out that long, but not only do I end up ahead when I play it, but it also has the bonus and features I look for within a game.

  43. Khrysos Gold

    Love the slippery wilds feature and free game coin collecting during wild respond.

  44. Neon wheels is one of my top favorite it’s fun simple and colorful!! The bonuses are great also! Never know what you’re gonna get with this game!

  45. Personally I love Thai Emerald. Sweet 16 Blast was probably the most exciting for me though. And Fortunate Buddha when it came out, but then I discovered that it, like all the other dragon link-esque games out there, simply hates me. Vegas xl is consistently in its payouts and even though goblins is just a gussied up remake of storm lords it has also been profitable.

    I also liked DorAgons Gems and nine realms as the little homages to hbo. Lil red is cute too and neon wheel 7s is good for little bets (if only it had a 25 cent bet option it would be perfect). Khrysos is fun when she’s not being a shady bitch and not showing up at all.

    That being said, Merlin/cashtacular/divas were all big snores to me.

  46. GEM STRIKE is the best I love the re-spin feature and the amount of money you can win from it is amazing

  47. My vote is for Thai Emerald! in my experience I’ve gotten the best RTP, The highest rate to hit a bonus rounds. one of my go to games with a low bankroll

  48. I think FORTUNATE BUDDAH is the best as I am one of
    those players that enjoy the respins of the balls lol. I enjoy all the games as well.

  49. I’m gonna go with goblin gems that was probably one my favorites the bomb bonus really did give a great payout

  50. I would have to say nine realms has been my favorite. Although it doesn’t hit often, when it does, it has BIG payouts. Bigger than I have seen on anything else.


    I’ve been a fantasy fan for a while and let’s be fair, I’m addicted to fantasies, but this gave me a whole new idea to that. I’m voting for Merlin

  52. Definitely Khrysos Gold. I get the biggest and most frequent wins from it. The slippery wilds add a great dynamic to the game. I always been a huge fan of its jackpot spins. And though it’s a rarity for me, once I hit the free spins, the rewards are unrivaled. But most of all I have the most fun playing Khrysos Gold

  53. Fortunate Buddha is hands down the best game. it’s fun , fast paced and the return to player is amazing. I always win big on this game and it’s definitely my all time favorite.

  54. Goblins: Gluttony of Gems is my favorite by far. I love this slot the first time I played it and still love it

  55. Neon wheels 7’s is my favorite game. I love how fast I can win. never a dole moment and the wi s are big. I wish you guys came out with more games like that

  56. I like the divas of darkness one the best. Count cashtacular is a close second though. – ashleyvellios ty

  57. Vegas XL is by far my favorite game this year. Very underated game! Big wins keep coming!

  58. Have to vote for Sweet 16 blast. It’s a great game against a wager, and it’s incredibly volatile. Hit a 2100x on it!

  59. My vote will go to Fortunate Buddha. I’m a fan of games that have the hold and spin feature. Fortunate Buddha seems to be more generous than some of the other games with the same feature.

  60. KHRYSOS GOLD! I have had the biggest wins on that game and the stacked wilds are amazing! This is always my go to game!!

  61. I vote for Lil red it’s my absolute favorite game casino extreme offers. when I hit three books I get so excited! piggycash000

  62. I like lil red it always has good luck for me…one of the best games on here… constant winner go play lil red you’ll be sure to win…I love this game

  63. Fortunate Buddha is a new favorite and also the slot that has paid out the most (unfortunately many of them were capped at $50 or $100)

  64. LilRed is a very enjoyable game with the free spins starting at 15 is great.Then to have the falling lines gives you a lot more enjoyment.Thanks to Lil Red

  65. copy cat is , when i first signed up i hit 3000 and couldn’t wait for my account to be verified so i played it all back . Oh one day i’ll hit that big again oh and magic mushroom hit big on that all blue fairies if only i wasn’t playing with bonus money coulda been rich that day! love these slots!

  66. My favorite slot is Doragon’s Gems. The best feature to me is how consecutive wins come with a continual growing multiplier feature. I once won $500 within the first 5 minutes of playing this game after winning the free spin feature and growing the multiplier feature to x2056

  67. Goblins: Gluttony of Gems is very quickly becoming one of my top 3 fave “Go to” games, although very new (less than 1 week old ) it’s definatley showing great potential to be a popular favorite for all, with a choice between 2 features and a decent strike rate and win ration the Goblins get my vote #1

  68. fortunate Buddha is the top of the list the features and content of the game all adds up it is very intriguing and makes you want to continue to play more the bonus round is very fun and exciting overall this game was created well ..

  69. Neon wheel has been my favorite game of the year. I always love the anticipation of hitting big when that wheel spins. By far the best addition!

  70. krysos gold, is a personal favorite, love the all around great features, bonus and general fairness and chance of big wins!

  71. My Vote for the year is Fortunate Budda.
    it has a lot of great features and you always have a greater chance of hitting big.
    love the graphics and casino extreme is by far the best casino out there.

  72. I’m voting for Copy Cat Fortune because of all the free spins, and I’ve seen bigger wins in this slot that the rest of the list.
    User: Eternitycc1

  73. Neon Wheel. if you running low on funds you can lower your bet to 5 cents and still have a chance of getting wins

  74. My favorite is Goblins: Gluttony of Gems. The choices on bonuses make it more fun and the graphics are great.

  75. Copy Cat Fortunes is definitely my favourite from that list. when it’s doing well anyway 😅

  76. fortunate budda was the best in my opinion. there are so many good ones listed above but I’d have to say fortunate Buddha has got to be the best !!

  77. my favorite slot was run rabbit run I think the bonuses were awesome and the wins were often and outweighed the losses.

  78. my favorite slot was run rabbit run I think the bonuses were awesome and the wins were often and outweighed the losses.

    p.s. I gave the wrong email and username on the other post containing same comment

  79. fortunate buddha, nice game ! alway enjoy playing this game! alots of fun ! love rhis bonus trigger! this game and many more ! enjoy playing time and good luck

  80. I think that dessert storm was slot of the year. because even betting the bar minimum you can win extreme big on any giving spins without even going into the bonus. it has tons of ways of winning an also it’s super fun to play.

  81. They’re all amazing it’s hard to choose, but I am voting for Lil Red because the jackpots always pay really good but I love the graphics & colors on all the games

  82. I like all the games especially those cash bandits, but from that shortlist list of games Santa’s Reel Wheel has been getting alot of attention from me at first it was confusing, but when I got the hang of it and my winnings was over 500 plus I don’t know how but I like it. Keep up the good work Casino Extreme.

  83. I choose “Lil Red” that game had some great bonus features and you can win some serious coin Bitcoin that is

  84. I love fortunate Buddha. A fast paced very fun and fair slot. The two bonuses are great and hit often with nice pay outs

  85. I. believe copy cat should have the win just cause it has the best wins on it and the bonus round is so amazing the features is really amazing also

  86. Santa’s Reel Wheel is my favorite! I love the fireworks bonus and even the free spins pays well!

  87. penguin palooza had the most consistent wins for me. i liked the theme and the amount per bid per line was favorable as well.

  88. My pick for best game of the year goes to NEON WHEEL 7’s rather your betting small or big it pays out well the higher the bet the better the pay out so don’t waste your time hoping on big pay outs on other slots pick NEON WHEEL 7’s as your choice game of the year! I always make sure to let everyone I know CASINO EXTREME has the best pay outs!!!!

  89. Count Cashtacular is my favorite it’s the best of 22 for sure and great job on all the games extreme we all appreciate what you do

  90. Khrysos Gold is a really good game. It is one of my favorites. It has a very fun bonus system and the wilds can keep coming and keep 1 bet going for a while to win a good amount!

  91. Fortunate Buddha for sure! Landing 6 or more of those golden orbs sets off excitement like no other game! Not to mention the blue bags of gold.. What a fun and exciting game that pays out well!

  92. Fortunate Buddha for sure! Landing 6 or more of those golden orbs sets off excitement like no other game! Not to mention the blue bags of gold.. What a fun and exciting game that pays out well!

    Username: Miracle902

  93. Kyrnsos Gold is the best game. It pays out well and it’s exciting to get a chance for the jackpot and to see the lady pop up for more wins. I vote it number one this year.

  94. Copycat Fortune. Stacked bonus symbols equal huge amounts of free games with big win after big win.

  95. Khrysos Gold is my vote. the sticky wilds is a must and when free spins the sticky wilds on all real is amazing. this slot is the one that has made me cash out more than once on the casino.

  96. I vote for ceas xl that’s the best game by far the bonses are what makes that slot the best I enjoy it sooo much. Thanks again xtreme

  97. Goblins: Gluttony of Gems should be the best game. I thought it was pretty awesome best New game so far!

  98. I would gave to choose Desert Raider because it was exciting and it payed pretty well if u ask me hands down best slot this year

  99. I think the best game this year is Vegas XL. It was a tough decision but Vegas XL is my top choice

  100. Doragon’s Gem’s. Very volatile, can be super cold. …But, it’s the only game I’ve ever played where I won $1300+ on a 25 cent bet.

  101. Copy Cat Fortune

    My favorite as it has some epic wins and the chance of getting you first reel copied throughout regular play is sweet and even includes the bonus symbol being copied throughout for epic bonuses.

  102. My favorite game was goblins: gluttony of gems, the newest game on the list. I liked the action. It is very exciting!

  103. #Khrysos Gold.
    khrysos Gold is My Favorite Slots Game This Year, Nice Layout, Amazing Bonus Feature, Good Payouts, High Volicity Making it A Risky Gamble To Bet Big but worth it because the bonus game Feature can be beyond worth every penny. lol

  104. man idk it’s a toss up between merlins riches and goblins gluttony for me but I think I end up having to go with merlins riches just for the simple fact of the buy feature

  105. Goblins: Gluttony of Gems was my favorite!
    I just posted but I am not sure if it posted or not.
    I will be playing this game a lot.

  106. I’m going with Khrysos Gold… that woman makes my day… all ya gotta do is let her show up and it just never stops. Even though I’ve won more in one spin on Count CASHTACULAR, I still like the game play in Khrysos Gold better. Just remember to let it play out… you will win pretty soon. Just be patient.

  107. so many good ones to choose as a favorite but I think I will go with …Goblins: Gluttony of Gems or Khrysos Gold…ok ok ok it’s Goblins: Gluttony of Gems. the latest and greatest in my opinion.

  108. I’m going to say Vegas XL has to take top spot in my opinion. Every online casnio I played the game on I’ve won well over a grand playing it. Plus the game all around gives you the ability to win well over your money.

  109. I think the best slot of the year is Neon wheel 7s. I’ve hit it big a few times. when it hits big its BIG!!! This is my go to game also when I’m running low on mula , you can bet as little as 5 cents and still win big.

  110. My favorite is Goblins: Gluttony of Gems. I like that there are two different features to pick from when you get free spins.

  111. I vote for Khrysos Gold for the best slot of the year. The wild spins are great. And i feel there’s a significantly higher chance of winning on Khrysos

  112. I vote for Khrysos Gold because I love the bonus rounds! This game keeps you on your toes and keeps the suspense even higher! The wins are big when you really get a good one!

  113. My favorite new game for 2022 would be Vegas XL! Its hard to choose just one because I have had luck with others as well. Vegas XL is fast paced and has a couple of bonus features that pay really well. : )

  114. sweet 16 blast .. hands down the dopest dope of games I’ve ever smoked. well figuratively but my gf says it’s a ton of fun sweeter than a hunny bun and softer than Roseanne’s son.

  115. Hands down the best slot is Thai Emerald. There are many ties for second, third, and so on no doubt, but Thai Emerald is on a whole other level.

  116. Definitely desert raiders! Man that game goes off! So much potential. Gotta be patient but love it

  117. Khrysos Gold. I really like the theme and aesthetic of the game and love the features it offers.

  118. Santa Reel wheel

    at first I didn’t like it but I just can’t get enough of it 🙂
    username: Coleyykayy

  119. Sweet 16 Blast has my vote for the game of the year. Review: I love how you can choose either to play in buy bonus mode or normal mode. The graphics are really nice and I love the multipliers in the bonus round. I also love how it’s a continuous game and you don’t spin again until you’re done winning.

  120. I vote for Khrysos Gold becausei had the most fun with that game in comparison to the other options that are on this list.

  121. My favorite game this year is Mardi Gras Madness, followed by Bubble Bubble 2 + Bubble Bubble 3. If my choice was limited to the short list, there are lots of great choices, but as far as a most liked/potential (big) winner, I like Divas of Darkness.

  122. copy cat fortune should be voted the best it’s has great bonus rounds and wins can be big

  123. I choose Fortune Buddha as many players cashed out from that game as myself always would see winners and that game listed . Enjoy the 2 different bonuses especially the coins thanks Extreme.

    Larryhur206 username

  124. My favorite game is Goblins: Gluttony of Gems. It is has such good graphics and payouts are good.

  125. sweet 16 is my vote for the year. out of all the new games thats the only one I enjoy playing. I’m entertained, wins are good, the graphics keep me happy and I love the bonus.

  126. Copy Cat Fortune is my favorite of the year. when I am down on luck I go to this slot even if only a quarter bet and most of the time it will bring me out of a bad luck sprint.

  127. I honestly think sweet 16 blast is the best of all the new slots that have came out I’ve gotten many big wins from it! Hopefully they make more like it !

  128. I think the best game is KHRYOS GOLD I love this game & the bonuses and how often you receive them and you can WIN BIG MONEY playing this game!!

  129. Fortunate budduha

    I really love the return and bonus rounds exciting game and it just makes me happy!!

  130. My favorite game by far would have to be Thai emerald it’s so funny and catchy filled with 8 free spins and it’s by far the most exciting game I have every played 🙂

  131. I have to say I am a fan of Merlins Riches is one of the harder ones to win on but it is still my favorite.

  132. GOBLINS: Gluttony of Gems!!
    it’s great!! the bonus features have always made me money and help me get ahead. Great game!!

  133. You know, I really think they DID save the best for…last, I guess. I’m really partial to Goblins: Gluttony of Gems.


  134. My favorite was Cash Countacular. Really fun game great graphics and the bonuses come more then expected. I have won decently on there, and had so much fun. Was kinda unexpectedly surprised at how much i liked it. Following that was Vegas XL user dodger712

  135. I’d go with copy cat fort because it’s cheap only 25 cent a spin and can rack up alot freespins

  136. goblins gems of gluttony. its a great one with multiple free spins methods and a coin drop multiplier. it’s easy to see its gonna be a new favorite of mine!

  137. Fortunate Buddha for me should be game of the year 2022. Not only does it have feature for free games but also for coin drops. it is really interesting how much you can win with the multiplier that may fall with coin drops.

  138. doragons gems! I won over $1000 in the bonus round with only the minimum bet! the bonus round doesnt come up as often as alot of other games but definitely pays when it does

  139. Neon Wheels is my favorite new game for a multitude of reasons. first, who doesn’t love a bonus wheel? Also, when your funds fall to a near nothing level, there’s now a new game where a $0.05 wager could fetch you enough to keep on playing. Afterall, that’s what it should be about. the excitement of playing and the bonus being when you cash out a winner. Play On!!!

  140. I vote for Copy Cats ! It’s amazing but I just love the entire casino Extreme my favorite online casino Thank u for being the best – Salina Taylor 12-14-22

  141. the best slot you brought out in 2022 I believe is the “Goblins : gluttony of gems ” game but that being said there was many others that coulda deffinately been chosen as well and always am looking forward to the next great release

  142. Neon Wheel 7’s! Something about spinning wheels .. anything to do with spinning a wheel is my favorite .. can’t really explain it ..

  143. I love the neon wheel game the best. its so much fun. specially when u get the bonus an get to spin the wheel makes it super exciting

  144. my favorite one would be the new goblins game and it’s pretty sweet how much you can get the bonus and how easy it is to get the free spins and I love how there’s multiple bonuses on it and pretty much feel like you’re not getting screwed out of your money your coming up on it so thank you for the new game

  145. That’s a tough choice because I like quite a few games. Let me pick my top 3 games first.. Fortunate Buddha, Penguin Palooza and Neon Wheel 7s.
    They are all fun to play, have fast pace and you just cannot get bored playing these slot games. Why not? Because you just never know what the next spin will bring. They all have a few ways to win, bonus/free games, wilds, and even music is fun too.
    Now, if I ask myself, “What game do I come back to more often?” Well, no brainer there: Neon Wheel 7s!!! 100%!
    It’s real fun, fast, never boring, with many different ways to win: single, double or triple bars to line up, wilds, then triple (!)? wilds, different colors 7s and of course, the wheel, which has different multipliers and 8 to 12 free games.
    Finally, the best feature of this game is… the starting bet is only $.05 cents!!! Cannot beat that. Anytime I run low on money, I would go to Neon Wheel 7s. You can stay on small $.05 or $.10 bets, or build it up to max $25 bets…That is exactly what I did one day and ended up with almost $3K!!! Not bad for a little wheel game! Not bad at all…👏

  146. I actually really really think the newest goblins game is the best one to come out so far this year it’s really fun to play I like how you can choose between the bonuses with either the lion spins or the two wilds and it usually always pays you pretty decent amount at least in the bonus

  147. dessert raider for sure. love the game. I won 240$ on 1 spins b4 on a 40 cent bet an that was not even in the bonus. it’s a great game an u can win huge on a very small bet.

  148. Username: GETTiNPAYPA

    Answer: my 2022 fav slot release is extremely hard to decide, but I’ve definitely found myself playing Divas of Darkness the most out of all of this years games. So my vote is for DoD! (:

  149. Merlin’s riches I think is the best new game. Bonus is tough to get but gives great payouts


  150. Copy Cat Fortune, is the best slot there’s been put out in the last year not only is it got catching music but it provides you the opportunity to have great wins and opportunity to have amazing bonus spins

  151. I vote for Khrysos Gold. the wild system is really cool and I love the coins during wilds feature.

  152. Fortunate Buddha Keeps me coming back every time I’m logged in. Love the coins and bonuses! Fortune Buddha is the bomb

  153. I wouldn’t be here if not for copy cat fortune giving me my first win. it’s an addicting game for sure! Huge wins for sure just a lil high risk.

  154. Doragon’s Gems is without a doubt the game of the year. the every increasing winnings as you match
    each round has made some HUGE payouts.
    I love this game.

  155. I think the neon 7 game because you can be down to like 15 cents and have a comeback off that 15 cents and get it up to 100 dollars.

  156. Vegas XL
    I love this game! It’s probably one of the few games we’ve had more wins than I have losses. It’s extremely addicting, but it has always been worth it.

  157. Penguin Palooza….. This game will give you “happy feet ” all the way to the bank…

  158. My vote is for Fortunate Buddha. I like the coin bonuses, the game has great payouts and nice graphics!

  159. my choice for this year’s number one slot of the year is going to have to be Nine Realms I love the way it plays and the graphics of the game are also great but most of all the ability for the game to pay super high rewards for the minimum bet is hands down what sets it apart from all other games. in my opinion. Great addition to the already excellent line up of games Team. Keep adding the best slots and providing the fastest cash outs in the industry alongside the greatest customer service agents any company could have hired and you’ll have my vote for ever!

    P.S You already do!

  160. Khrysos Gold is the best in my opinion. I love the sticky wild feature and I also love the jackpot feature that’s triggered by getting threw or more coins.

  161. Goblins of gluttony is a great game! It has great graphics and many ways to win. The wilds come out often so it is awesome. Also I like the option to pick what kind of bonus round you have. Fun to play!

  162. there are so many good games missing from this list! out of this list it’s a a hard choice between sweet 16 blast and
    Santas real wheel..

    I am voting
    sweet16 blast because you can only play Santas wheels one month of the year, really.

  163. Khrysos Gold – Because there are different ways to win and you can trigger these bonuses quite often

  164. Khrysos Gold, I mean do I even have to tell you why ? It’s a great game with big wins, potential to fill the board with wilds, and a jackpot feature room!

  165. this is seriously tough but I’m going to have to say fortunate Buddha. I’ve had good luck with several games like neon wheel 7s but I have to give my vote for Fortunate Buddha.

  166. guarranted Fortunate Buddha #1 slot in my opinion. The Bonuses rock, audio is fun and exciting, and the graphics and style are awesome but, not overly crazy. Which is what I love about RTG. Fortunate Buddha #1 Son!

  167. sweet 16.. for sure the best game. Just when you think you’re down it throws you those hearts and BAM you’re way ahead

  168. Goblins: Gluttony of Gem is my vote but was very close to Fortunate Buddha. However Fortunate Buddha lately has been very volatile for me with landing any kind bonus feature. Goblins: Gluttony of Gem has been nice to me lately and the style of slot is very close to Fortunate Buddha but I like them both a lot.

  169. Fortunate Buddha was hands down the best game offered and then Goblins: Gluttony of Gems came out and knocked it from the top in my opinion

  170. my favorite is run rabbit run cuz I think the rabbit looks drunk when he’s running across the street

  171. Krysos Gold is by far my favorite new game this year. In fact, it is now my favorite game period. I truly enjoyed several others like Emerald Thai but none compare to Krysos Gold In my opinion.

  172. it’s between Neon 7s and Santa’s Reel Wheel for me. Neon 7s great for if your low on money, and Santa’s Reel Wheel your able to get some pretty huge wins.


  173. for this year’s best game I’d have to say Count Cashtacular. that’s the game I won the most on. so that’s my choice for #1 game for 2022.

  174. I love shopping spree and Vegas xl the best games and highest payout results on my opinion thanks Extreme casino…

  175. Definitely definitely definitely goblins did not force him to the right off the top when I came out

  176. My vote is for Sweet 16 Blast! It’s not as loose as some others, but the wins can be huge from a small bet. It is also different than other slots in that it pays on number of symbols on the board, not in clusters or paylines. It can keep paying multiple times on the same bet with the bursting feature (winning symbols are removed and new symbols drop in.) I would love to see more games like Sweet 16 Blast!

  177. ’m going with neon 7 because everytime I play I win big I recently hit the jackpot for 1000


  178. Fortunate Buddha is the one I am voting for.Cause when it gives u the 6 coins u sure gonna win some money.So the best slot this year to me is Fortunate Buddha.

  179. Slot of 2022: Vegas XL

    Who needs to go to the desert and pay an arm and a leg for a mediocre botttom shelf margarita in a gaudy supersized plastic cup, when you can experience all the glory Vegas has to offer, from the comfort of your own home? For the price of a shot at the bar, you can buy a bottle and spin the reels of joy that is VEGAS XL.

    Made up of every gamblers favorite things: yachts, jets, fancy cars, and that hot broad whose convinced herself that she can pass for a natural red head.

    If you’re lucky, the Monday afternoon shift blackjack dealer Chad, whose just picked up this new job since he got his hours cut at Applebee’s, appears every now and again to bless you with free respins.

    If you’re luckier, you’ll pull three golden vaults.
    If you’re the luckiest, you’ll find Chad in one of them.

  180. Santa’s Reel Wheel is an experience in living life to it’s fullest. A transformational trifecta of bonus levels. A fun game with many chances.

  181. I will have to give my vote to SWEET 16 BLAST and a close 2nd to Khyrosis Gold both games have paid out very well and both can get HOTT and really increase my $$$ compared to the other new games i dont think its even close but thanks, please bring back the 30 free spins daily, like 30HERO

  182. I actually think it’s a tie between three different games , Fortnite Buddha, Cash Bandits 3 and Merlin Riches. however I play Buddha the most.

  183. opinion fortunate Buddha is the best game of 2022 it has a great RTP and tons of Thrills

  184. I really enjoy fortunate Buddha but lately I have been attracted to Goblins of gluttony I really enjoy playing that one it’s new and fun I anticipate big wins and I really enjoy your casino. Thank you

  185. best game even though it will straight take your balance lol is Super sweets .. I won 14 000 off a $5 bet

  186. i think merlin is the best game. love it’s random wilds and how it has multiple bonuses.

  187. I really like the Vegas XL. It always seems to hit for me just at the right time. At least it has so far. There were so many good new. games added this year but Vegas XL has to be the tops for me.

  188. I think like Count Cashtacular is the best game, it’s funny and very easy to win and for this reason my vote is for this game

  189. I vote for FORTUNE BUDDHA!!It’s a little more expensive to play but the payouts are worth it and if you hit the respin feature then you can really rack up on money. Not to mention the graphics are amazing and it keeps you wanting to play. I have to also admit the BUDDHA is kinda cute. Lol. Thanks for a great year of games but once again my vote has to be for FORTUNE BUDDHA! If you are a player that hasn’t played this game yet, give it a try before you answer this blog post. You just might change your mind and agree with me!


  190. Copy cat fortune is the best slot. I like how if you get all the same Characters on the first row then it add like more rows of it. it could be one to four rows. Then if you get the free spins they give you a lot of them.

  191. meerkat misfits. I love that the bonus increases a spin meaning the longer you play the more you win, is not hard to trigger like some other slots. it’s not as fancy as some other games but it does pay

  192. i think i like the respin feature on Vegas XL. Gives the chance to hit the jackpot feature and win extra cash👍💯🤑

  193. There are so many good games to choose from . my personal favorite is copy cat fortune all the way. the payout is magnificent .

  194. I think count count CASHTACULAR is the best just for the fact I was able to get the feature so easily and multiple times while I kept using the bet

  195. I think the game that should win the best slot game of the year award for this year is Khrysos Gold. I feel that way because I really enjoy the wild respin feature it gives you a real opportunity to hit for big money!

  196. I personally love little red. I’ve won more on that game than I’ve lost. Says a lot in comparison to other games I like.

  197. well the 1 I said b4 even looking at the list isint even on the list so I had to go with what was on the list and divas of darkness is gonna be my pick

  198. I love Fortunate Buddha this years best! There are some close runner ups but not quite the same as good ole Buddha !

  199. I really enjoy fortunate Buddha but lately I have been attracted to Goblins of gluttony I really enjoy playing that one it’s new and fun I anticipate big wins and I really enjoy your casino. Thank you

  200. I think Merlin’s was a really good game that made it easy to win extra money. I enjoyed it a lot.

  201. I think the best slot game of 2022 is Santa’s Reel Wheel. The game keeps you on the edge of seat hoping that you get to go up ro the next levels. Plus, there are multiple things you can win and ofcourse because it is a Christmas game.

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