Advanced roulette strategies

Advanced roulette strategies

Advanced Roulette Strategies: The Oscar’s Grinding

Roulette is one of the most unpredictable casino games. Most players believe that there must be a way to predict where the ball would lend. However, no such strategy has been developed so far. Nevertheless, there are basic and some more advanced roulette strategies that can boost your chances when playing roulette.

Previously, we wrote about the Martingale system. Today, we are presenting some of the advanced roulette strategies.

The Oscar’s Grinding Strategy

This strategy was ascribed to a player named Oscar whose name first appeared in the 1965 book by Allan Wilson. We cannot be certain whether Oscar truly existed. However, the strategy described in a book continued its life therefrom.

The same as the Martingale system, the Oscar’s Grinding Strategy aims for smaller winning amounts more frequently. When playing this system, a player divides the amount of chips into two halves. Then the player puts the first half on the first 12 numbers and the second half on the third 12 numbers. The player leaves the second field covering the numbers in between blank. The goal is for the ball to lend on either of the fields covered by chips. Otherwise, a player loses.

Now, most players believe that they would most probably lose one half of their chips. On the other hand, they go for the risk and believe that the other half of their chips is likely to pierce through the rough making them the winners.

There is a mathematical logic behind all this. It is based on calculating the size of bets. Therefore, in case of losing a streak, a player can obtain a profit. However, this can occur only if and when the winning streak of the same length comes by.

Basically, with Oscar’s Grinding Strategy, the entire gambling experience is divided in sessions. Each session contains several consecutive wagers which a player makes until he wins 1 unit of profit. In case a player loses, the bet repeats. When a player wins after the lost wager, the bet increases by 1 unit.

To put it simply: the player starts wagering at 1 unit and the wager does not increase until the player wins after losing a wager. At that point, the wager increases to 2. Afterward, the wager stays at 2 units until a player makes a profit, at which point the bet decreases to 1 unit or increases to 3 units in case there has been a succession of loses, prior to a win, and the streak stayed negative.

Do you have any experience in using the Oscar’s Grinding System?

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