video poker tips for beginners

video poker tips for beginners

Video Poker Tips for Beginners

The festive period of the year is ahead of us and we know you are eagerly waiting for our promotions. The good news is that you would not need to wait much longer. Stay tuned for amazing bonuses, free spins and other advantages of playing at our bet safe casino. Until then, let us explore the world of online poker. If you are a poker fan, you have probably tried playing online as well. Although we must admit that playing live poker at land-based casinos has a certain flavor, online version has its own advantages. It’s only you and the machine. No pressure, just your own thoughts. These are some video poker tips for beginners.

Do Not Underestimate the Strategies

Strategies are there for a reason. Professionals know this. You may have heard skeptics say that there is no technique or a strategy, or a skill for that matter that can bring the house down. Nevertheless, we are witnessing constant winnings and share our players’ joy and success. Some of them manage to scoop fantastic amounts on slots only. Imagine what can happen with other games that do not depend on luck to that extent.

We have already written about poker and some of the techniques that experienced players use. With video poker, the situation is a bit different, but there are some general rules that apply.

Once you get to know the paytables and the rules in general, some extra tips are welcome. Now, you already know that playing with maximum coins is an advantage. However, sometimes it is good to slow down. The great thing about video poker is that it gives you the chance to pause and rethink your strategy. There is no pressure or time limitations.

Slowing down also allows the player to play longer while minimizing the loses. At the same time, extending the period of playing increases the chances of hitting a royal flush. This is not the must, but consider it one of the additional video poker tips for beginners.

Do Not Be Afraid to Aim Big

This is one of the most important video poker tips for beginners. Poker is the game where you want to play with everything you’ve got to boost your chances. Therefore, as you are aiming for the royal flush, playing maximum coins is a wise thing to do. Why? Because it gives you the value for the royal flush.

Every player can bet between one to five coins per hand. Nevertheless, a player usually qualifies for the bonus on a royal flush only when betting five coins per hand. Should you decide to play fewer coins, the value for that hand is lower, logically. Furthermore, in that case, a player will not be playing for the Jackpot.

We never know when the next big win is coming our way. Therefore, it’s better to be prepared when it strikes. Do not be afraid to play maximum coins.

Watch Out for Pay Schedules

If you are not playing just for the fun of it, but aim for some serious money, you should check the pay tables. This is one of the most important advantages of video poker. It allows the player to know the expected return before he or she starts playing.

In video poker, a player usually gets money back for a pair of jacks or any other combination of higher value. Knowing the house edge is very important, as there are various machines with different pay schedules. One of the best machines offers 99.54% return, which means that the house retains 0.47%. On the other hand, there are machines offering 97.29% return, meaning the house retains 2.71%. Once you convert these percentages to real money, you get to see the entire picture.

Try the Fun Mode First

Practice makes you a professional. Whether you are accustomed to reading, watching tutorials, or observing pros and their game, there is no substitute for practice. As with all other things in life, a player needs to take a dive to get the feeling and draw a conclusion.

Thankfully, practice is possible free of charge, if you are using a fun mode. Think of it as a teacher. The software is meant to tell you how to play any hand and to correct you in case you make an error.

Do you prefer video poker to the live version? Let us know your thoughts.

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