Do you live for the weekends?

Do you live for the weekends?

Do You Live for The Weekends?

There is no better feeling than knowing it’s Friday afternoon. Liberty at last! Most of us, although loving our jobs, live for that special time at the end of the week. It means that we all need some extra time for ourselves and our loved ones. Do you live for the weekends? Are you able to recognize the signs and find solutions to make your work week more comfortable?

Are You Overworked?

World Health Organization has recognized the phenomenon of being overworked and classified it as a work burnout. The interesting thing is that an individual can suffer from burnout not only when he or she overworks. Apparently, under-challenge causes the same effects.

Either way, burnout is a chronic state. Workplace-related stress causes exhaustion. People feel bad when they are tired. However, they feel the same type of tiredness when they are not contributing as much as they are able to. Plus, this disengagement contributes to low self-esteem.

Being in the state of constant dissatisfaction usually results in negative attitude toward the workplace and company in general. Either way, negative feelings can sometimes overwhelm the individual to the extent he or she feels bad on weekends as well. Consequently, that individual goes to work on Monday feeling the same kind of discomfort and exhaustion as experienced at the end of the previous week. It is a vicious circle. So, how do we get out of it?

 Adjusting the Expectations

It may happen that a person expects too much from the weekend. When we feel that we just need to get away, we idealize the solution. One of the things the professionals suggest is to try enjoying some of the weekend-reserved guilty pleasures during a working week. Yes, you get home late and have no wish to socialize or go to the movies or invite someone to come over.

However, try making an exception every now and then. This should add some special flavor to your working week. Anything that causes you to laugh your heart out is welcome. Laughter relieves stress and has prolonged effect. It also makes us more resilient to viruses, as it has been proved to boost our immune systems.

Who knows? Maybe that way you will be able to relax more during the weekends and simply not do anything but pamper yourself.

Putting Some Boundaries

The chances are you have experienced how answering emails or phone calls after work hours looks like. Although we applaud to everyone’s enthusiasm, there should be some limits to what a company can expect from you. Personal free time is a lawfully guaranteed category. There were people who sacrificed a lot to enable 8-hour-work day. Who are we to contradict that?

Just to be clear, we are not turning a blind eye here. We know that overtime is a reality. What we are suggesting is to find balance in everything you do. Especially when tasks that are not profitable are concerned. Go easy on yourself every now and then and decide wisely on what really matters. Obligations are a must, but so is your life. If you have troubles balancing your life, there are many books on the subject as well as various techniques to help you strengthen will power and learn to juggle your timetable.

We would love to hear about the ways you spend your weekends.


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