Big Santa Slot

Big Santa Slot is Hot

New slot is on the way with chances of winning higher amounts, as you get to deal with high-paying symbols. Spin for Christmas fun!

For two days Big Santa slot will arrived at Extreme casino, and he has gifts for you. Big Santa and his reindeers are here to get these holidays going. It may be cold outside, but slots and tables are always hot at crypto casino Extreme. Big Santa slot is packed with many fun features like wild symbols and scatters. Moreover, Santa has prepared more gifts for you within the blog promotion which will start soon. Make sure to stop by our blog regularly so as not to miss out on additional gifts!

Big Santa Overview

Why don’t we see some of the features of the game? This slot is one of the holiday specials, so Santa is waiting for you with generous features.

Big Santa slot offers you various symbols which spark joy and happiness. This slot has 25 paylines. It may not sound like a lot, but it triggers higher jackpots, and what more could you ask for holidays? Let’s meet Santa’s crew.

The Wild & The Scatter

Rudolph the red nose reindeer is a wild symbol. Wild rules substitute for all other symbols except Scatter. The Scatter symbol is a gift bag.

Scatter rules are simple. Scatter symbols pay when they appear anywhere on the gameboard. Scatter wins multiply the total bet at first and then add to line wins. Oversized symbol wild and the highest paying symbol can appear in 1×1, 2×2, or 3×3 dimensions within the gameboard.

Big Santa Free Games Feature

What can you benefit from the free games feature, you might wonder?

Free games feature can trigger when 3, 4, or 5 Scatter symbols appear anywhere in the gameboard. 10, 15, or 20 free games with win multiplier trigger, respectively.

During the free games, all prizes multiply the multiplier awarded. You are welcome to play free games at the bet of the triggering spin. The bet is not changeable. Free Games will end once there are no more Free Games remaining or when the maximum payout is achieved. After all your Free Games have finished, a banner will display your total winnings during this feature. What makes it fun is that you can re-trigger this feature for another round of Christmas fun.

The best thing about the Free Game feature is that it takes away the lowest-paying symbols out of the picture. It also enhances the chances of winning higher amounts, as you get to deal with high-paying symbols only.

Life is a game, so play now to win!

Big Santa play now


53 thoughts on “Big Santa Slot is Hot

  1. Played Big Santa slot and its super fun and entertaining for sure! Bonus round achieved twice with minimal pay return but made good money during regular game play and left with over 100 above what I started with. Definite re play on this slot in near future!

  2. Big santa is something fun and very festive, it puts me in the holiday spirit and the game play is on the edge of your seat exciting. Seems like winning is a sure thing every time I spin.

  3. Casino extreme is the absolute best online casino
    Big Santa will no doubt be another big game for the casino, all there games are top notch and pay out really fair.

  4. I love the look of this game. Very Christmas like. I like how the betting cam be low. Anything with Santa Claus is fun! Thqnk you casino extreme for introducing me to this fun and extraordinary game.

  5. This is a new cheering game which players are given many chances to get free spins. If you collect three presents after your reels stop then you get 10 free bonus spins.
    Landing on the reindeer wilds multiplies your winnings by up to x6 or higher.

  6. I think it’s all right it’s got a few little nifty features But I think it’s almost like a combination of Miami Jackpot’s and lucky Kitch

  7. This game is pretty cool. Finally a new addition to the santa games and what better time than now with Christmas just coming around the corner. Bonus feauture is awesome.

  8. This slot is very exciting the Christmas theme just gets my christmas spirits going. And the 20 free spins is a guaranteed win because all the low paying symbols are removed now that’s how u get big wins love this game

  9. I don’t usually like playing slots with a holiday theme but the symbols on this game are visually appealing and the gameplay is smooth and exciting. One of the first things I noticed was that this slot has plenty of 4 and 5 of kinds that fall often enough to keep me playing and having fun. Thanks for adding!

  10. All the pain and all the joy wrapped into one slot machine. A game that looks like everything you love about the holidays and tastes about as good as last years eggnog you still have hiding in the back of your fridge. That crisper ain’t hiding shit, Marie. You’re sitting in front of your faux tree that Marie doused in some Christmas tree essential oil, a projected image of a Yule log to your right, holding 6 pairs of new socks in a cut you have always hated, wondering if it’s always going to be like this… you click the tv on and suddenly you remember why you keep truckin’ :.. because that guy in the new F-250, that could be you.

  11. Big Santa slot is Fun and has an anicipatiatory feel to it….it’s not super easy to hit a good win, but that is part of the charm. The reel speed is also captivating, not to fast or to slow. It really keeps it interesting and frustrated or bored to tears!

  12. The game seems cool with the bigger symbols if you win Also like that the free games gives you Chance to get multiplied by 5 on each Spin.

  13. Casino Extreme is a place to go for your online gambling.the casino has all the latest slot machine.It seems Everytime I get on the sight they’ve up loaded a new slot machine .if you going to have to do some gambling check this casino out and try the latest machine BIG SANTA YOU’LL have a wheel of a time

  14. This game was so fun to play. In is generous with the free spins I recommend it to anyone who is eager to get into the holiday season!

  15. The graphics are totally awesome It makes you think that you’re at the casino for real Thank you for sending the email so I could enjoy this wonderful casino site

  16. Big Santa is a great game to play, 25 lines and pays really well and actually gives jackpot wins kindly, it’s a fun joyful game to play with all the colours symbols an Christmas cheer.. like the game all around and will be playing again, recommended to give a whirl.. Santa’s in good spirits😁

  17. The Big Santa Game is the perfect game to get you in the Holiday Mood! The light up reindeer bonus graphics are adorable. Hohoho!

  18. This game is fun holiday entertainment. I’ve played several times, and perhaps it’s beginners luck, but I hit bonuses and nice wins everytime. I recommend this very festive new addition.

  19. Great fun game! One of my new favorite games to play on here! Just played it and is very fun and love the bonus rounds.

  20. This game is very festive and great for this time of year, even my 10 year old wants to play as he watches me. I haven’t received a bonus on the game yet but I’m sure I’ll love it too.

  21. I actually love all of you guys has games but this Christmas one is interesting to do to it being the holidays and all I really have fun on your guys’s website gambling

  22. Played big Santa already and found it to be a very fun slot. Lots to go on and the big symbols seem to pay really well. Free spins did well also which seems to be less and less these days.

  23. I love the festiveness of this game and the 5 reel slot play. The colors all seem to be of snowwhite and its a more premium type of slot which seems to hit more often when betting smaller smounts. I like ot overall

  24. This game totally reminds me of the original Rudolph cartoon like series with the abominable snowman! Love the nostalgia! Casino extreme is my most played casino dude to the assortment of great games like this one; just in time for holidays 🙂

  25. This game is super fun I love it Cssino extreme always has Came thru with the Holliday theme basted slots can’t wait to play again

  26. As with all of extremes new games, Big Santa is fun and has potential for huge wins. It’s always exciting getting familiar with a new slot.

  27. Great platform. I haven’t been on here long but I like most of the games the have. I am eager to play them all.
    I just wish the deposits mom was to $10.

  28. Big Santa is a cool game. Got to be a little patient with it. Fun game. Free spins are hit or miss but all in all I like it.

  29. This is one of my favorite slots game it has great features to help you win big the affects are great if you haven’t tried it you need to you will love it

  30. Big Santa is a lot of fun and I love the graphics. It doesn’t hit as often as I would like (they never do btw…lol), but when it does hit, it’s worth the wait.

  31. I actually really enjoy this game. It offers a lot of potential and a lot of excitement with the big Santa and big ms clause features.

  32. Santa will always be.number especially when he’s handing out free spins but can you collect dollars as well indeed you can play now

  33. I really enjoy the Santa game it is so awesome. First two spins hit a bonus game off of a dollar and on that I won $500.00. This is by far the best Thanksgiving I’ve had in a long time who needs family when I got Santa Claus on my team thanks alot like $500.00 worth.

  34. It was pretty lame. Hard to win never got any bonus net won as my coins
    . I either had a bad experience or the game is against me lol
    It seemed like it could be fun how the big blocks cover multiple spots but it never pay anything I’d be happy about

  35. Was able to try out the new Santa game yesterday. It immediately caught my eye so I attempted to play. It definitely captured all of my attention I do definitely recommend for others to try this game out.. it has potential I guess u could say.. casino extreme is #1 on go to casino list..

  36. Its beginning to look alot like Christmas with the bonus payouts on Big Santa. I love the graphics like no other and the Pay lines are awesome. Its exciting playing because this slot has alot of random spins and the free spin has multipliers on every win. If you have played already stop reading this blog and give it a try.

  37. Very good slot with a really funny bonus feature and huge winning possibilities. Definitely one of the top titles for this year’s Christmas season.

  38. I didn’t hit a lot on it, so I haven’t got a chance to see how it really pays out. I really like it though, I usually don’t like holiday themed games but this one is pretty cool. Definitely gonna give it another try when my luck seems a little better:)

  39. Usually, you lose, and when you do win, it barely gets you back to even. but when it wins big, it puts you on your feet even at minimal bet


  41. This was the first game I online casino I played and it’s very addicting. Big Santa immediately stated with big winnings, tons of free spins and lots of surprises. Most of all the the best Brant colors and holiday music and winning chimes kept me from falling asleep like most of these other games do. Try Big Santa and trust me you won’t regret it. Winner winner chicken dinner.

  42. This new slot is ANAZING and has some awesome bonus rounds with the potential for huge payouts.I WAS AMAZED!!! I love this game and I will definitely be playing again soon!! Multiple bonusesand big wins. It’s a winnn win win!!

  43. This is a real christmas… I cannot believe santa is really real and that means this is so much more amazing!!!
    This slit rocks!

  44. I must admit I am not very fond of Holiday themed slot games or characters but I must admit that this one surprised me and for some reason it made me feel relaxed and happy playing it. I was not disappointed at all it hit quite a bit. The music and design is not overdone. It’s simple and not too complicated
    that’s why it’s relaxing unlike a lot of the games nowadays which takes me a while to figure out what is going on.

  45. The game seems cool with the bigger symbols if you win Also like that the free games gives you Chance to get multiplied by 5 on each Spin.

  46. First off. There had been free spins available daily. Even though the game isnt to exciting and the chances of cashing out with big money is all but there. The most important thing though, IS that there free! It may seem like they go quick. Well if thats the case then maybe you should choose to add a little crypto. He said something big with the power is goin to happen. And its gonna be lights out to the world

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