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European Roulette Delivers Over $5k to a VIP Player!

Casino Extreme’s tips and tricks bear fruit as another big win of over $5k is delivered on European roulette!

Hello, fellow Extreme players! We’re excited to share the great news of our lucky Platinum level VIP player managing to score a big win on a European roulette that topped over $5k with an instant withdrawal of $2500! It seems that our recently written article on the top 3 most used roulette strategies bore fruit since it happened just a day after it was published. So. let’s see how he managed to do it.

European Roulette in General

The first and most important thing one should commend is the type of roulette he chose to play. Namely, European roulette that along with American Roulette represents one of the two most popular versions of the game. But what makes it so capable of landing such big wins?

In short, this variation of roulette has a substantially reduced house edge and is more popular with the players. The American version, as you are probably aware, features a wheel with two zeros and numbered pockets. On the other hand, the European type has only one zero and the already mentioned 36 numbered pockets.

The chances get significantly altered by this small modification, which makes European roulette far more appealing. The reason being that the house edge can shrink to 2.7 percent in European roulette in comparison to the American version, which typically has a house edge of 5.26 percent.

How Did He Do It?

So, why is it important to stress the fact that European roulette has only one zero? Because it was that zero that landed him several wins in a row, with the ball landing on it exactly three times. The first land brought him $1,098.00, the second $1,368.00, and the final $1,548.00.

All these winnings amounted to exactly $5,075.00 out of which he made an instant withdrawal of $2500. And when we say instant, we mean it, as you’ve surely had the chance to assure yourself that Casino Extreme’s reputation as instant withdrawal kings stands firmly unshaken!

The VIP Level Benefits

The fact that you can get an instant withdrawal of funds is also much easier when you’re a member of our VIP Club. For example, the fortunate guy in question belongs to the mid-tier Platinum level, which allows for a $16,000 weekly withdrawal limit! So, if you want to have the same perks and be able to get your hard-earned money in a matter of minutes, just relax, sit back and go check out our VIP Lounge! We assure you’ll get the same treatment sooner or later!

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