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Basic Gambling Terms and Phrases

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Hello, dear Casino Extreme players! We hope you are doing well and enjoying all this nice weather as much as we do. Summer is right around the corner and a lot of traveling is planned. Luckily, our online casino can always go with you because it can fit perfectly in your pocket. Plus, if you want to look more professional and get into a gambling mood quicker today, we are bringing you basic gambling terms and phrases! Let’s check them out!


Here we go with our list! Action is any live wagering option or the total amount wagered on a specific event. Bookmakers accept action on all posted betting odds.


A bankroll is the amount of money a gambler sets aside for gambling exclusively. That is not always the most recommendable option, but some players find this way of functioning pleasant.


Bet is a single wager of money on a gambling game. Multiple bets are allowed in a single game.


Buy-in signifies the process that is extremely important for all the gamblers – the exchange of cash for casino chips. So, before you decide to play any of the games that require chips like blackjack, poker, roulette, or craps, you need to get them.


This is the cashier in an online casino, or a cashier area if we are talking about a land-based one. Yet, in some casinos, players can purchase chips directly at the gambling table.

Card Sharp

Card sharp is synonymous with the term shark. The meaning is pretty much the same – it signifies someone who is extremely good at something, in this case, the cards.

Card Washing

This is the type of dealer card shuffling. What happens? Well, the dealer places cards face down on the table. After that, he ‘swish’ them like a washing machine before dealing cards for the new game.

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In casinos, we use chips instead of money. So, in order to help you have a better experience, online casinos, such as our Casino Extreme also use chips!


Cold or hot usually refers to a slot machine, card deck, or craps table. In the case that a machine is on the winning streak then we say hot, while if the opposite is the case, we say cold.


Comps are comp points or things that casino gives to their players for free. In regular casinos, comps are usually given in terms of food, drinks, or lodging.


If you want to feel as if you know a little bit of French, use French betting terms. Start from the croupier which is the French term for the roulette dealer.

Double or Nothing

Wondering what double or nothing means? Nevertheless, double or nothing is a bet that pays the original bet or even money.

Face cards

Face cards are the most important triplet: the jack, king, or queen. You would want to see them in your hand, we are sure!

High Roller

Do you know people who just dive into the games and don’t look back? They give their all and enjoy the game which results in winning also. A high roller is one of those people! He makes a high dollar amount of bets and adores making them.

House/House Edge

We have almost come to the end of our list of the most basic gambling terms. House is your gambling, so it is the word for a casino. On the other hand, a house edge or a casino edge is the money casino gets from every turn of a card, roll of the dice, or spin of the wheel.


Juice is juicy! That is the amount of money the house earns per game.

Pit Boss

Pit bosses are the casino managers and pits are the places where pit bosses are stationed.


Even in casinos, there are people who want to steal. You will not have that experience in an online casino, but in a land-based one, there are railbirds or persons who are looking closer at gamblers and want to steal their chips. So, if you visit a regular casino, pay attention!


Toke is a betting word for a tip. You leave a toke to the dealer after he has done a good job.


What is a whale? Well, that is a VIP gambler who places an enormous bet.

Visit our Casino Extreme and enjoy all the games that we have. With this post, your gambler’s vocabulary will be improved, so the next time you decide to play with a group of friends, you will be prepared with some cool basic gambling terms that you can use!

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