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Using Litecoin to Vote for Favorite Film

The Litecoin Foundation is teaming up with the San Diego International Film Festival. Attendees of this festival will be able to use Litecoin (LTC) to donate to films. They can also vote for their favorite films.

According to the announcement attendees of the San Diego Film Festival will receive Litecoin that they can use to donate to films accepted into the 2019 Festival line-up. Also, they can use this crypto to vote and award films they like a lot. The film or filmmaker that receives the most LTC donations will be awarded the Litecoin Foundation award on October 19. The award will be an additional $1000 in LTC.

In addition to this partnership, LTC Creator Charlie Lee has teamed up with film producer Kyle Tekiela to become an Executive Producer for the soon-to-be-released film “We Summon The Darkness”. The film is an elevated horror/thriller set in the 1980’s heavy metal scene.

San Diego International Film Festival

The San Diego International Film Festival is the region’s premier film event. It celebrates the film’s power to create empathy via new perspectives that emerge from powerful and compelling storytelling. Festival also has a robust year-round calendar of unique events, special screenings, and film tracks.

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