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Giving Back to the Community, the American Way

No man is an island entire of itself” kept lingering in my mind ever since I was a child. Although contemporary tendencies promote individualism and conformism, the fact is that very few of our successes and life wins are achieved solely by ourselves. Where would all of us be without the support of the community and people close to us?

Our background marks us to the extent we agree to be marked. Many authors debate about this still today. We can make it out on our own, or with the help of others. Either way, we have a reason to give back. If we were alone on our path, why not help others and make this path a bit easier? If we had shoulders to stand on, shouldn’t we repay this debt by helping someone else and spread the circles of goodness? Yes, there are individuals who like to help out for lucrative reasons. However, the primary reason for doing good should be pure altruism. Plus, spreading kindness can make you happier.

Giving back to the community is embedded in the very foundation of American society. This is a thing to be proud of. Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to one thing that is usually overseen: giving away money to people in need is ok, but do not forget that investing your time or skill would be even more appreciated. Additionally, the result of your investment is immediately visible. The Internet gives us the opportunity to engage more than ever in order to secure someone with food, medical care, education or anything else that is lacking.

It is also important to differentiate charity from the business. If you expect something in return, that is business, not charity. The same goes for acts out of duty, loyalty or religious reasons. Whether we decide to help others out of purely altruistic reasons, or because of neurological, social, environmental reasons, one thing is for sure – we will make this world a better place. Or at least make a positive change in someones life.

Let this be the thought of the day: however challenging your life may be, there are people who hurt as well, and whose pains are possibly greater than yours, and who have been deprived of so many things and situations in life which you consider should go without saying.

We would like to hear about the ways you help your community. Are you a volunteer? Are you into tutoring or coaching, or perhaps cook and serve meals, or simply give away your hard-earned money?

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