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Is the MetaMask Wallet for Ethereum Only?

Ah yes, the open seas of the Ethereum network. A network so vast and filled with all kinds of life (DAPS) in which one can get lost instantly. Luckily, you got your trusted vessel, with advanced privacy technology and a killer U.I. (user interface, for the seniors among you). Well, the ship is called MetaMask and if you’re not on it, this might be a perfect time to hop on. Think of it as a fishing boat that helps you store all the cryptos you need on your crypto journey. But, this crypto wallet has a few questions hanging above its head. The most important one is: is the MetaMask wallet for Ethereum only?

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a browser plugin, plain and simple. It is also a hot crypto wallet based on the Ethereum network. If you now think I’m sexually attracted to a wallet or anything else confuses you, this blog post is for you. Well, when I say hot wallet I usually mean always connected to the internet, but that’s not the case with MetaMask. Your cryptos are kept nice and safe on your browser, but can also be accessed when you’re offline.

It’s very very secure. The only way to get your cryptos stolen is through your computer getting hacked and that’s mostly on you buddy. But, more importantly. Watch out for frequent MetaMask copycats who will message you and ask you for your crypto keys. So, go to their site and download MetaMask from there and you’re all set.

MetaMask and Its Compatibility with Ethereum

I have left out something important here. MetaMask is an Ethereum network wallet. You can of course store all kinds of ERC-20 tokens, but not Bitcoins. Now, that sounds limiting, but it really isn’t for two reasons. Firstly, there are billions of these tokens and some of them are even quite familiar to you. Ehm, ever hear of Cardano, Polkadot and Solana?

Secondly, there’s such a thing that is called wrapped tokens. Want to use BTC with MetaMask? Just use the WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin) token which is pegged to the value of Bitcoin. It’s basically like writing a check. Or, just connect the Binance network to your MetaMask account. Their transaction fees are a bit lower (especially on PancakeSwap). Now, if you don’t care about fees, just trade currency in MetaMask built-in exchange. But, if you think that’s all that is to this wallet you are well wrong.

Features Offered by MetaMask

A Crypto Tool That’s Easy to Navigate for Amateur and Seasoned Traders Alike

The sign-up process is stupidly quick. You might already have an account and not know it. Joking, but please know where you inputted your private keys. Once you input your key, no need to remember it any time soon. MetaMask covers everything you would usually want to do with cold wallets and addresses.

Users Can Access the MetaMask Mobile App With Ease

Now, this is for those gamers who love to live on the move. The MetaMask wallet app has all the functionality of the browser extension, but with added usability. I mean, don’t put a toddler in charge of your finances. But if it was, it would do an okay job at it (it’s that simple)!

MetaMask Has An Open Source Code

Open source is one of those things that seems like all the nerds are always raving about. But, all that an average person knows is that it’s a vaguely good thing. As a fellow nerd, I must say: of course, it’s god dang important! Did you know that you don’t own any software you bought over the web?

Yeah, you’re just renting it and the company that makes it has the final say on how it’s used. But, with the open source, you don’t own it and nobody else owns it also. In fact, everybody who contributes to the project owns it. So, big companies can’t pull with the project all willy-nilly. Also, you can always take a look at the code and see everything the program does! This brings us to…

Security and Customer Service

Let’s hear it straight from the horse’s (foxes) mouth.”MetaMask doesn’t collect keys, addresses, transactions, etc. It will never collect your complete IP address and never sell your data for profit!” Generally, from what I said, it has very active and caring customer service!

Some Additional Features

  • It can store NFT crypto art and other collectibles.
  • Saves space – you don’t have to download the whole protocol for the Ethereum network. So, it relies on other computers (nodes) to execute transactions.
  • A MetaMask account is free!

 Man, with all those high-tech features, I really want to use the MetaMask wallet. Like right now!

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  1. I have a metamask account but haven’t used it at all. I’m still new to crypto so I’m not sure on erc-20 tokens at all yet so this post is greatly appreciated, by me at least!

    1. We are glad to hear that! Our blog is the place for sharing information that can be useful for our players in any matter. Thank you for choosing Casino Extreme!

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